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How I Tie My Bandana
James Brent Isaacs

James Brent Isaacs

Published on 6 years ago

Bananacubs! I have taught you one of my best kept secrets. What will you do with this power?

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Comments :

Oiram Sanchez

Oiram Sanchez . 1 month ago

I need one I’m sweating!

Marquez Powell

Marquez Powell . 1 month ago

Idc what you say you bangin ⭐️😁


Mildred . 1 month ago

you look like Peter Parker

Roxane Lauzier

Roxane Lauzier . 2 months ago

Thanks man, it was really helpful!

Email Account

Email Account . 2 months ago

Thanks for the video. Going to wear red bandana this week to honor 9/11 victims

Ahmet arif Ayaz oğlu

Ahmet arif Ayaz oğlu . 2 months ago


Scoopti Scooptiwoop

Scoopti Scooptiwoop . 2 months ago

I actually did it

Emilja Sutovic

Emilja Sutovic . 2 months ago

l am from future and l will tell ya that you will have some c0r0na shiț

laura .2

laura .2 . 3 months ago

Valeu, bgduh

Gacha_ Cutee.785

Gacha_ Cutee.785 . 3 months ago

Harry potter?

angel daza

angel daza . 3 months ago

I just had Quizizz flashbacks. The music

kounneang luot

kounneang luot . 3 months ago

Thanks bro

Survivals Horror

Survivals Horror . 3 months ago


Fire lord Zuko

Fire lord Zuko . 4 months ago

Wtf this is actually easy


Andreea . 4 months ago


Abril Orellana Ruiz

Abril Orellana Ruiz . 4 months ago


NexusKillz Official Gaming

NexusKillz Official Gaming . 4 months ago

Thanks dude super simple and easy to do never knew that was that easy really just did it today looks good

Артур Бегелов

Артур Бегелов . 4 months ago

Сенкью вери мач

Sarina Kempski

Sarina Kempski . 4 months ago

Used to wear it exact the same way. And sometimes I make it different, so that one edge of the Bandana is pointing up along my arm. So it’s edgy. It’s hard to explain but looks cool so I hope you know what I mean :D


HARI NAIDU . 4 months ago

I know that


BLVD DDD . 4 months ago


Curtis Washington

Curtis Washington . 4 months ago

A good video. He was funny but now i can use my bandana as a bracelet. Something so simple and a funny video

katrina. elson x

katrina. elson x . 4 months ago

any outer banks fans? 😂😭 | V

Bin’s Stories

Bin’s Stories . 4 months ago

Watched this whole video thinking this was Shane Dawson


Freestyler213 . 4 months ago

let’s go i got ittt

Racheal Parker

Racheal Parker . 4 months ago


lyla tomlinson

lyla tomlinson . 5 months ago

i’m here because of outerbanks

cobalt blue66

cobalt blue66 . 5 months ago

5 years later I see it again😳

Иван Кириченко

Иван Кириченко . 5 months ago

thanks so much!

megan klose

megan klose . 5 months ago

who’s here bc of outer banks

merrrick mauff

merrrick mauff . 6 months ago

You look like the guy from Shameless

iOS Gaming Ahmed

iOS Gaming Ahmed . 6 months ago

Explain how u got the first bit

Rise Above Deception Music

Rise Above Deception Music . 6 months ago

Thank you so much! I needed this for a style idea I'm working on. I just made a bandana choker and now I have cuffs. All in Golden Yellow.


burkeizoid . 6 months ago

Thanks man! great video. Needed the help for all this Covid craziness. Perfect excuse to go back to the 80's.

Angel G

Angel G . 6 months ago

*gets shot for wearing gang colors*

Blakely McFall

Blakely McFall . 6 months ago

is anyone else here because they just finished Outer Banks

Cherry Pun

Cherry Pun . 6 months ago

outerbanks vibes 🤙🏽

Kelin Mamani Terán

Kelin Mamani Terán . 6 months ago

It's easy!!! Thanks

Alonso bro

Alonso bro . 6 months ago

I tried it with a couple of my bandanas

Dark Skys00

Dark Skys00 . 6 months ago

Ghost Busters in the Background

daniel baker

daniel baker . 7 months ago

Thanks that was so helpful


DAMIAN CUPRYCH . 7 months ago

Thanks 🤠

Md Shafi

Md Shafi . 8 months ago


Md Shafi

Md Shafi . 8 months ago


Trevor Eagar

Trevor Eagar . 8 months ago

Lol 90% of people are here because the reason he said he wouldn't be here


J32 . 8 months ago


Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly . 8 months ago

.cant believe it's that easy.very cool!

Farah Salah

Farah Salah . 9 months ago

Harry Potter 🤚👏👏👌👌

Herbalmite 97

Herbalmite 97 . 10 months ago

Sweet, I bought a bandana and I had no idea what to do with it


timmy1337 . 10 months ago

F’in amazing thanks man 👍🏻

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