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You're watching the official live video for The Marcus King Band - "Goodbye Carolina" from Crossroads 2019. Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019 collection captures nearly four hours of highlights recorded live last year at the acclaimed charity music festival founded by the legendary guitarist. Get your copy here: https://rhino.lnk.to/Crossroads2019

Eric Clapton, one of the world’s pre-eminent blues/rock guitarists, once again summoned an all-star team of six-string heroes for his fifth Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2019. Held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, the two-day concert event raised funds for the Crossroads Centre in Antigua, the chemical dependency treatment and education facility that Clapton founded in 1998.

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Comments :

James Emerson

James Emerson . 6 days ago

I'm in Australia and trying to find some way to watch this concert. It is not available to buy ANYWHERE. For goodness sake why didn't they make a digital copy that you can purchase?! Absolutely fucking ridiculous and so annoying. Trying to pay money to watch it and can't even do that! Where can I watch this online? Happy to pay!


Ree . 3 months ago

After covid baby I'm coming to see you!!!

анри великий

анри великий . 3 months ago


Robby Arnold

Robby Arnold . 3 months ago

Fuck yes


otuzdortistanbul . 4 months ago

Marcus King sounds and plays like he has been around since the very first day the blues was invented. What a player!

David Harbron

David Harbron . 4 months ago

the crowd look like a bunch of cardboard cutouts

Dean Autry Sr

Dean Autry Sr . 4 months ago

...was there ...dig

michael myers

michael myers . 5 months ago

First time hearing this, Could you imagine a Tour with Trucks, Haynes, King and Billy Strings?

Ann-Marie Frank

Ann-Marie Frank . 5 months ago

This young man gained many new followers of his music at the Crossroads Festival. He is so talented. It was an amazing festival, this was one of several highlights. So glad I was there.

Mathieu Baker

Mathieu Baker . 5 months ago

I was there! MKB rocked the house down!!!

Adam Rector

Adam Rector . 5 months ago


Victor Silva

Victor Silva . 5 months ago


Patricia Pauline

Patricia Pauline . 5 months ago

It was late on Friday night, my daughter was falling asleep until Marcus King began performing and she jumped up and danced the rest of the evening. Never knew him before we saw him at Crossroads in Dallas, but now, I can't get enough.

Manfred Fuhs

Manfred Fuhs . 5 months ago

Echt klasse Gitarrist und Sänger mit Zukunft

Mary Beth Curran

Mary Beth Curran . 6 months ago

Love Love Love Marcus King!

Donna Byrd

Donna Byrd . 6 months ago

He sounds like he didn’t feel well. I still loved it.

Maxim Popov

Maxim Popov . 7 months ago

Peace Love and The True Spirit of Rock And Roll 💙♥️❤️


goatboy420 . 7 months ago

This gives me hope. Thank you... ❤️


JME WILLIAMS . 7 months ago

So good

Michael James

Michael James . 7 months ago

Look at that boring ass crowd. What a bunch of lame ass boomers

Austin Olson

Austin Olson . 7 months ago

Anyone have the new cd or blue ray Crossroads release and is this song on there? Couldn't seem to find a setlist on amazon and I know they omitted a lot. Thanks

S Yem

S Yem . 8 months ago

His voice is so pure. Talented! I have this song on repeat.

Harvey Shearer

Harvey Shearer . 8 months ago

We were supposed to see the Black Keys,Marcus King, and Gary Clark Jr before the pandemic!


TheParlay33 . 8 months ago



RespectEdits . 8 months ago

it sounds like someone added pitch correction to his voice but there's no need

Rob W

Rob W . 8 months ago

This guy is IT!


chuchiri . 8 months ago

I remember when Marcus started, a big, strong sound and an incredible voice; there are moments when listening to a band you are perplexed and that was one of those moments for me.

Tim Allbritton

Tim Allbritton . 9 months ago


Ibai Unanue

Ibai Unanue . 9 months ago

Kudos to the sound mixer

joan Jett

joan Jett . 9 months ago

Absolutely incredible experience with this one ..

Rational Thought and logic please

Rational Thought and logic please . 9 months ago

He still sounds good, but something is wrong with his voice. I'm assuming he is under the weather or has a sore throat or something. He's not hitting the howling notes he normally does in this song. Love MKB either way though 🤘

Shelly Allen

Shelly Allen . 9 months ago

God’s love 💗 strokes 💗 music 🎶 🎶🎤🎧

Michelle Haessly

Michelle Haessly . 9 months ago

Love 🎸🎶

Penny Littlepud

Penny Littlepud . 9 months ago

We were there. He was surely the show stopper that day!!! Spectacular weekend!

Ирек Мирсаитов

Ирек Мирсаитов . 9 months ago


123 456

123 456 . 10 months ago

Better than the original!

Luigi Cannizzo

Luigi Cannizzo . 10 months ago

Very Best Talent. .. Great Sound and Stuff ... 😊😀😁/💙💙💙/👍👌👏

Matthew Rhoades

Matthew Rhoades . 10 months ago

Dude needs to lay off the overdrive pedal or somethin

Alex Rudi

Alex Rudi . 10 months ago

Im keeping them high and tight! This is the first time i’ve ever heard a song by Marcus.... frankly he has a terminator gun and is keeping proto! Wow!! Unbelievable... if garth could give the families closure this evening would be complete

Ford Driver

Ford Driver . 10 months ago

Keychange issues @3:18? I don't know this song.

Aivar Uueda

Aivar Uueda . 10 months ago


Sam Gregory Johnston

Sam Gregory Johnston . 10 months ago

The Grand Ole Opry version that he did is so much better. Sounds like there's something wrong here

Humboldt Harry

Humboldt Harry . 10 months ago

I’ve never seen him nervous before but he was performing for Clapton and other guitar greats. Still awesome, I hope they release “The Well” from this show. It’s the best version I’ve seen.

Teri Sullivan

Teri Sullivan . 10 months ago

Saw Marcus King band at Big Blues Bender in Vegas 2018. Saw a lot of performers for the first time that long weekend, each band better than the last. Incredible longbweekend💙🎶💙🎶

Steven Frank

Steven Frank . 10 months ago

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Mj Moore

Mj Moore . 10 months ago

This is horrible. Please stop ruining songs.

Raymond Kelly

Raymond Kelly . 10 months ago

Can we get the Tom Misch set released?

Ken Poulson

Ken Poulson . 10 months ago

This guy is really great! Thanks for posting!!!

Pedro Romero

Pedro Romero . 10 months ago

I'm so glad i was there to see it live


blonei7 . 10 months ago

I've been listening to them since 2015 when the album Soul Insight came out. Been a huge fan ever since!!

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