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Queen Loft Bed with Desk for a Small Bedroom
Specific Love Creations

Specific Love Creations

Published on 3 years ago

How to make a Queen Loft Bed with Desk for a Small Room

A friend of ours recently purchased a new home for his family. The floor layout is nicely done, but the bedrooms are a little smaller than they are use to. So they asked if I could build their daughter a loft bed that would hold her Queen-size mattress.
This is a total custom design that fits their needs and can be easily copied and modified to fit your needs.


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Comments :

Joy Bird

Joy Bird . 2 weeks ago

Creat idea for the desk & shelves!


sonsofsparda22 . 1 month ago

Would this be viable for an adult with a studio? What if I were to have company in the same.bed?


mickinoz2005 . 1 month ago

Would u share the sketchup drawing?


I_bombhills . 2 months ago

Y didn't he make plans 😤

Share The Word Of God

Share The Word Of God . 3 months ago

⚠️HEY DON'T IGNORE THIS⚠️God loves you, turn to him today and Repent Your Sins And Believe That God Died For Your Sins.God Bless🙏🙏ii


NT . 3 months ago

This is so so cool, I would love to have this, it'd save so much space!

Crimson McKnight

Crimson McKnight . 3 months ago

HOw come none of these DIY videos list the wood/materils needed?

Petrisor Serdaru

Petrisor Serdaru . 4 months ago

Nice video.May I know the thickness and the width of the wood where slats are standing on , the side rails? Thank you.

Jas D.Mata

Jas D.Mata . 4 months ago

beautiful work!


Jaytlee2k . 4 months ago

How tall is this

George Brandt

George Brandt . 5 months ago

keep on builder bro...

Saint Cloud Nursery

Saint Cloud Nursery . 5 months ago

I would totally be happy to pay for the plans to make this bed, if they are available can I get a link?

The Misadventures of M & J

The Misadventures of M & J . 6 months ago

We made a queen size bed too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJVvYh-AdQM&t=2s

Dan MacDonald

Dan MacDonald . 6 months ago

Thanks for posting this vid. Just created one for my daughter using your method. I would say that for the slats, upgrade to maple as they're much stronger and won't flex like pine.

Fitness Journey

Fitness Journey . 7 months ago

Ceiling fan is kind of dangerous there i would take it out.

Alex Pisocky

Alex Pisocky . 8 months ago

I’m concerned with that fan near the bunk bed

zachary Goodwin

zachary Goodwin . 8 months ago

Can't get out the window if there is an emergency.

Charles Potter

Charles Potter . 8 months ago

So was that really a queen mattress with slats spanning 60 inches with no central support? I thought that a central support would be required, No?

mawata sheriff

mawata sheriff . 8 months ago

I l

Walter De Schepper

Walter De Schepper . 9 months ago

Thank you for the info, just what I need and I can adjust it to the size of the mattresses no need for a plan.

Eric S

Eric S . 9 months ago

Do you have plans anywhere that I could download and use for a build?

Precediha Dangerfield

Precediha Dangerfield . 9 months ago

It was great to see a project that did not require drilling into the wall!


TDRup . 9 months ago

Would you be able to share the plans?


mar1ann8 . 10 months ago

Thanks for this! I want the project but for an adult. What wood would be great?


jenboltalt . 12 months ago

cam you roll off the bed.ive bean beging my mom for a loft bed.so cole.can a kid make a loft bed?

Yacob Outdoors ®

Yacob Outdoors ® . 1 year ago

Spoiled blonde......



Nice build BUT the placement of the bed is extremely dangerous in case of a fire the child has no way of exiting the room if unable to exit though the door

Snejana Ivanoska

Snejana Ivanoska . 1 year ago

Fyi ... blocking the window it's a safety issue. Most people don't think about it but you need that full window accessible for egress and for fireman.

Adam Parker

Adam Parker . 1 year ago

Is there a materials and dimensions list? I am trying to build this exact bed for myself

Scrappy ChildHood

Scrappy ChildHood . 1 year ago

if brought this to market I would price it @ 800$.


AdiTube . 1 year ago

U r awesome


MedcalfHardwoodFloor . 1 year ago

no dimensions... not helpful at all

Elizabeth Baker

Elizabeth Baker . 1 year ago

It blocked the window, aslo if the frame was one colour white or pink... It's a great bed frame, looks strong and well made.

Nick Young

Nick Young . 1 year ago

Seems a little risky to have a ceiling fan that close to where you're laying. Hope they don't actually use it or change it out for a plain ceiling fan.

Linda Williams

Linda Williams . 1 year ago

Why didn't you stain the side rails.

Its_Karla_Rae Yup

Its_Karla_Rae Yup . 1 year ago

She doesn’t use the fan right??


Coyote . 1 year ago

Kinda looks dumb not having all the wood stained.Should have left all of it untreated.Also why did you need side rails and post so high since it's not a toddler sleeping on it would only need one rail.

Wendy's World

Wendy's World . 1 year ago

And who’s going to make the bed?

Jhon cristhian Velasco costa

Jhon cristhian Velasco costa . 1 year ago

No me gustó la escalera y mientras la niña tenga esa estatura no hay problema.


DrLeroyGreen . 1 year ago

What's that jig @ 2:07, please?

Rick R

Rick R . 1 year ago

How much clearance from mattress to ceiling? I'm short, but I hate to bash my head first thing in the morning.


D A . 1 year ago

Nice build for a bigger room, but for a small room with one window the window shouldn't be blocked. I know fire safety is not on everyone's mind especially when we think it won't happen to us, but please folks keep an egress in every room, especially bedrooms.

joel 27

joel 27 . 1 year ago

I already got an idea. Build them bed. get a blanket and nail it on the bed put a tv under the bed with a chair and make a mini theater


Chewie316 . 1 year ago

Very nice, but I think a full size bed would've gave a little more access to the window but I understand fitting what was already available.

Яков Козлов

Яков Козлов . 2 years ago

Обладая таким набором инструмента сделал такую фигню, даже лесенку нормальную не сделал. Я на выходных дочурке кровать замутил из говна и палок и то лучше получилось. Скоро видео скину.

Chloe ES

Chloe ES . 2 years ago

when he said u need a ton of money i ended the video


Icy . 2 years ago

Kid has a queen sized mattress, me in my mid 20s still sleeping on a double.

Tobias The Cat

Tobias The Cat . 2 years ago


Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez . 2 years ago

what software do you use to design these projects

Christian Aaron

Christian Aaron . 2 years ago

Incredible bed. Do you have a website or somewhere I can get the dimensions? I have a small bedroom and this bed would be perfect to build. What's an estimated cost for this loft bed?

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