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The Replacements - Can’t Hardly Wait (Official Music Video)


Published on 2 months ago

PLEASED TO MEET ME (DELUXE EDITION) is now available as a 3-CD / 1-LP boxed set and digitally. Features the newly remastered classic album along with 29 tracks of unreleased material, including demos, rough mixes, and outtakes. Get your copy here: https://Rhino.lnk.to/pleasedtomeetme

The making of Pleased To Meet Me was a transformative journey for The Replacements, one that began with the combustible Minneapolis combo on the brink of collapse and culminated in one of the definitive albums of the band’s career. That transformation is chronicled in-depth on the group’s latest 3-CD / 1-LP boxed set, PLEASED TO MEET ME (DELUXE EDITION).

More than half of the music (29 of the 55 tracks) on this Deluxe Edition set has never been released, including demos, rough mixes, and outtakes as well as Bob Stinson’s last recordings with The Replacements from 1986.

The music is presented in a 12 x 12 hardcover book loaded with dozens of rarely seen photos along with a detailed history of the Pleased To Meet Me era written by Bob Mehr, who authored The New York Times bestseller, Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements. Mehr, together with Rhino’s Jason Jones, produced this new collection.

Pleased To Meet Me was recorded over three months at Ardent Studios in Memphis with legendary producer Jim Dickinson before it debuted in April 1987. The collection opens with a newly remastered version of the original 11-track album along with a selection of B-sides and a version of “Can’t Hardly Wait” that was remixed by Jimmy Iovine. All of the music included in this boxed set has been remastered by Justin Perkins, who remastered the band’s widely acclaimed 2019 boxed set, Dead Man’s Pop.

The second disc explores the creative process behind Pleased To Meet Me with 15 demos, 11 of which are unreleased, that were recorded at Blackberry Way Studios in Minneapolis during the summer of 1986. The first seven of these demos represent the last recordings made by all four original members of The Replacements. After those demo sessions stalled out, singer/guitarist Westerberg, bassist Tommy Stinson, and drummer Chris Mars made the painful decision to part ways with lead guitarist Stinson after recording five albums together.

The disc’s remaining eight demos feature the band as a trio and include “Shooting Dirty Pool,” two versions of “Kick It In,” and “Even If It’s Cheap,” whose opening line (“Pleased to meet me/the pleasure’s all yours”) would ultimately inspire the title of the album.

The collection’s final disc features 13 previously unreleased rough mixes by studio engineer John Hampton that include the majority of the album along with non-album tracks like “Election Day” and “Birthday Gal.” These rough mixes are also featured on the 180-gram vinyl record included in the set.

Rounding out the collection are several unreleased tracks (Westerberg’s “Run For The Country” and “Learn How To Fail,” Stinson’s “Trouble On The Way”) along with a selection of outtakes (“Beer For Breakfast” and “I Don’t Know”) that debuted on the 1997 compilation, All For Nothing/Nothing For All.

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Comments :


amanrob . 1 day ago

Always liked this song. I might be in the minority however in saying that the Tim version is better.

Deano Emons Jr

Deano Emons Jr . 1 day ago

This oddly enough made me kind of sad.............sure miss those days!

Bare Foot

Bare Foot . 4 days ago

Detroit, giggle giggle

Bare Foot

Bare Foot . 4 days ago

You got Metallica to say, we'll come tomorrow

Bare Foot

Bare Foot . 4 days ago

Giggle giggle, hey, you Metallica

Orson Olson

Orson Olson . 2 weeks ago

The Mats HATED doing publicity. Chore to em. It shows here!

Eric N

Eric N . 3 weeks ago

Never knew there was a video for this. Now that I have watched it I can see why it was rarely played on MTV. Nonetheless a great song and purists be damned. I still love Pleased to Meet Me and Don’t tell a Soul. From Let it Be to Pleased to Meet Me this was the best band in America.

Raimy Winter

Raimy Winter . 3 weeks ago

I miss you Jessie. Take it easy . i will see her again one day. Till then .🤘🏻🎱

Barry Smith

Barry Smith . 3 weeks ago

the first note takes me back to a great time in life.

Grey Angel

Grey Angel . 3 weeks ago

Sounds like they ripped off the GooGoo Dolls.......haha

Hope jackson

Hope jackson . 4 weeks ago

This song reminds me of hanging out at Crossroads Mall and The Tilt arcade and drinking my dad's booze I snuck out of his liquor cabinet Oh I can't wait to relive thoughs days again.

Jay Freeman

Jay Freeman . 4 weeks ago

Never was a Bob Mould or Hüsker Dü fan - just couldn't get into them. And I CAN'T STAND Semisonic, but, I LOVED Trip Shakespere. With that said, for this Minnesota native anyway, The Replacments will always and forever remain the best f'ing Minnesota band ever. Ok, Prince, is Prince, he's a friction' genius! I get it. But as far as a regular 'ol rock and roll/pop/punk band - it's the 'Mats for me.

Heidi Karns

Heidi Karns . 4 weeks ago

That is so goddamn cute the brothers


kamuelalee . 1 month ago

Amazing band, great to hear after all these years.

Andrea Tibbo

Andrea Tibbo . 1 month ago

Ah brings back nice memories...f*ck 2020!

Patrick Au-Yeung

Patrick Au-Yeung . 1 month ago

Never even knew there was a video for this song. Uh. First time seeing this after listening to this song for more than 30 years. Wtf.

Kamran Diamond` Darrell

Kamran Diamond` Darrell . 1 month ago

jesus rides beside me


mitocondriaUAU_1600 . 1 month ago

Hello does anyone know in which series does this song appear???? I looked for like two hours, didn't find anything but I'm pretty sure

Brian Turner

Brian Turner . 2 months ago

Fuck, I needed this in my life right now. Thank you!

Cory Pedigo

Cory Pedigo . 2 months ago

I hear a Springsteen influence.


calcio777 . 2 months ago

Jesus rides beside me - He never buys any smokes... :-) ...

Philip Dallmayr

Philip Dallmayr . 2 months ago

Love the Mats, but still think this song is much better without the horns and strings/synths. Shit, shower and shave version rules.

John Baldwin

John Baldwin . 2 months ago

I waited.

Euan Lloyd Morgans

Euan Lloyd Morgans . 2 months ago

I love the band and I love the movie classic late 90s highschool party movie

Steven Frank

Steven Frank . 2 months ago

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Dan Aguirre

Dan Aguirre . 2 months ago

Proper for sure

Jonathan Pratt

Jonathan Pratt . 2 months ago

Could be my favorite thing


redhectormusic . 2 months ago

What's the street date? For the extra super duper deluxe box set of 10,408 bonus tracks from the eighties, on that 10 track album you paid too much for in the first place? Can't hardly wait!

Laurie D.

Laurie D. . 2 months ago

Hurry up hurry up...I love this band forever and ever. So many great songs.

Joni Moroni

Joni Moroni . 2 months ago

The video is underwhelming, as expected.🤟


treatmentbound . 2 months ago

2:06 - Chris Mars doing his best Keanu from Bill &Ted.


pjbigss . 2 months ago

Slim had the silver spray painted shoes, nice.

Leonard Ferrara

Leonard Ferrara . 2 months ago

The Goo Goo Dolls are these guy's cover band, but since I simply love their "sound", I love me some Goo Goo too, damn it.

Ahab Gaddis

Ahab Gaddis . 2 months ago

Honestly, I prefer this to music to ones since like 1998-present. I like simple productions of the many videos in the 80's and early 90's over today where they do too much, so much gloss


RAVINES PUNK ROCK . 2 months ago

A better late than never video from 30+ years ago that sums up how most of us are living through 2020.

Matthew Tomich

Matthew Tomich . 2 months ago

<3 The Blue Note - Columbia, MO.

Jeff Vickers

Jeff Vickers . 2 months ago

I swear I have this same video on VHS from many years ago.


Dakatis MOONBLADE . 2 months ago


Scott Pelarski

Scott Pelarski . 2 months ago

This is the video you make when you care about the music and not marketing the music. Art over commerce.

Treatment Bound

Treatment Bound . 2 months ago

Glad to see the boys made a brand new video for this!

Slow Neutron

Slow Neutron . 2 months ago

Westerberg : More important than Dylan. I'd add the 'FIGHT ME' thingy that all the clones are doing but I don't give a shit whether or not you agree. MATS


Mightywings . 2 months ago

Thx for your unwavering uploads RHINO ;)

Edward Nieto

Edward Nieto . 2 months ago

Great song! Here, i thought it was going to be a new video. What the hell was I thinking?? This video has been used for other songs. Such a Mats' thing to do.


handymandan100 . 2 months ago

The shot hits the fans!


かっぱちゃん . 2 months ago

I Couldn’t Hardly Wait!! I Love this song and Pleased To Meet Me!! Pleased to meet YOU The Replacements!!

Get Off My WiFi!!

Get Off My WiFi!! . 2 months ago

Lol. Wasn’t that just the Alex Chilton video but with less parts? Hahaha! I mean, I would expect nothing more...or less.

Seth Schiller

Seth Schiller . 2 months ago

iam somewhat familiar with the replacements they had a couple of breakthrough hits including ill be you which mtv gave a major push and radio followed but unfortunately the group split up and started doing solo projects

Mohammad Ahmad Qayyum

Mohammad Ahmad Qayyum . 2 months ago

This idea for a music video has gotten rather old. Nuff of it. A let down after the countdown. A video with a retrospective treatment would have been a much option. Looking forward to the remaster though. Can't hardly wait.

Dominic Brady

Dominic Brady . 2 months ago

Loving the video!

William Gelfand

William Gelfand . 2 months ago

@QNTKKA dox anyone today? Remember, doxxing isn't cool. FYI.

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