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Foreigner - Head Games (Official Music Video)


Published on 10 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Foreigner - "Head Games" from the album 'Head Games' (1979)

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Comments :

Robin Smith

Robin Smith . 10 hours ago

Head gamws usmyfavorite songfromforgneir

Chauncey McLoggins

Chauncey McLoggins . 2 days ago

Quick Marty, if we don’t go Back and get laid now it’s never gonna happen.

Ben L

Ben L . 2 days ago

This song is incredible. It transcends cheesiness, it's just fucking good.

Regis Speaks

Regis Speaks . 4 days ago

Who's here because they grew up with bands like Foreigner and not because of Cobra Kai

Visar Bilali

Visar Bilali . 1 week ago

This is childhood....only little could I know it’ d be a chorus for life !

Wyatt Burchell

Wyatt Burchell . 1 week ago

I’m actually here because I like this song,and this band

Rodrigo Manoel

Rodrigo Manoel . 1 week ago

De um som maneiro deste para sertanejo universitário é melhor beber!

Abel Suarez

Abel Suarez . 1 week ago

Cobra Kai song babys

Music lover

Music lover . 2 weeks ago


Juan Pablo Castano

Juan Pablo Castano . 2 weeks ago

I like the fashion from back than, it's practically what I wear every day.


faiclift . 2 weeks ago

"No time ever seems right, to talk about the reasons why you and I fight.".-Every relationship ever

Reacciona Memes

Reacciona Memes . 2 weeks ago

style of jhonny lawrence

Melissa Hunt

Melissa Hunt . 2 weeks ago

Playing head game

Hova Cruz

Hova Cruz . 2 weeks ago

Lou Gramm needs to be in the Hall of Fame. Whatever Cobra Kai is, that sounds like some little kids anime. This is rock not a stupid show @ all the people commenting about "Cobra Kai"

ariel Flores

ariel Flores . 2 weeks ago

no mercy ✌🏻

It's Always Something

It's Always Something . 2 weeks ago

Who is here because they are a Foreigner fan and think Lou is a vocal rock God?

Zach Mondragon

Zach Mondragon . 2 weeks ago

All these people talking about Cobra Kai lol whos here cause its a great song and they like Foreigner?

Esprit Arkitekt

Esprit Arkitekt . 3 weeks ago

i hate people who play head games! such a waste of energy & life!

The Commersh

The Commersh . 3 weeks ago

Ed Geins!

Cheryl Morton

Cheryl Morton . 3 weeks ago

Everybody plays head games

Tim Mirza

Tim Mirza . 3 weeks ago

Todays youth is doomed will never be able to know a good song if it hit them in the face this one especially when I had to corrupt a 13 and a 38 year on this song until they knew every single word to this damage done tim one them zero.

Mike Garrens

Mike Garrens . 3 weeks ago

Cobra kai never dies!!!

Jon McKenzie

Jon McKenzie . 3 weeks ago

Fox News, next is “ sports fishing 🎣 “! What do you know about love!

kevin lock

kevin lock . 3 weeks ago

Saw foreigner last year and cobra kai this year. Great times

The Fr3sh Brøthers

The Fr3sh Brøthers . 3 weeks ago


Hugo Galan

Hugo Galan . 3 weeks ago


bob Hertz

bob Hertz . 3 weeks ago

Great song and an even better album!

Mole Rat

Mole Rat . 3 weeks ago

works like "You're so Vain" when people like to listen to themselves...just subtly turn the radio on to this.



''But Sensei... - QUIET!!!'' :) !!




Matthew Romo

Matthew Romo . 4 weeks ago

Bro the bass player kinda look like William zabka

Sebastian Grossmann

Sebastian Grossmann . 4 weeks ago

It's you and me, baby! music from another galaxy!

Brian Smith

Brian Smith . 4 weeks ago

They knew how to rock in the seventies!

Gen Z rocker

Gen Z rocker . 4 weeks ago

Cobra Kai episode one I Can’t wait for season 3 🤘🏻

Glynis Jones

Glynis Jones . 4 weeks ago

That voice!!!!!!!!!!!......................2020

Liana Soares

Liana Soares . 4 weeks ago

The lead singer is handsome.

Liana Soares

Liana Soares . 4 weeks ago

My favorite lyric & tune in this song is “A day dream...for hours, it seemed. I keep thinking of you. Yea, thinking of you.”

Drum Fingerr

Drum Fingerr . 4 weeks ago

Johnny Lawrence while driving....

BErZErko 20

BErZErko 20 . 1 month ago

The singer looks like Joshdub

Ken W.

Ken W. . 1 month ago


red H

red H . 1 month ago

Damn he can sing

Mike Garrens

Mike Garrens . 1 month ago

Cobra kai

Fernando Vera

Fernando Vera . 1 month ago

Cobra Kai Never Dies🐍👊


thatonegirl . 1 month ago

Leave a thumbs up if your *NOT* here from Cobra Kai-

Fernando Henrique

Fernando Henrique . 1 month ago

Jhoony Lawrence forever, daniel larusso is true bad guy in the history. No mercy


*DARKVOID* . 1 month ago

Cobra Kai is the shit! Got me into 80s music forsure

Jeff Courtney

Jeff Courtney . 1 month ago

Nothing wrong with offensive martial arts.. Sometimes someone needs to get a beat down.. Muay Thai here!!!

S Allen

S Allen . 1 month ago

He has an incredible voice.

Manuel Langlois

Manuel Langlois . 1 month ago

Cobra kai☝️🤩🤟

Mr Drizzle

Mr Drizzle . 1 month ago

I’m love the 80s I use to listen to this when me and my buddies went around the city on our choppers dude

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