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Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman (Official Music Video)


Published on 6 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Chaka Khan - "I'm Every Woman" from the album 'Chaka' (1978). "I'm Every Woman" was her debut solo single and first solo hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and was covered by Whitney Houston in 1992.

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Comments :

Kristine Mickels

Kristine Mickels . 2 hours ago

NO ONE CAN TOP CHAKA KAHN with I'm EVERY Woman.When You've Got the Best Performing a Great Song, why would you serve up second Best??. This ANTHEM is for ALL Women and WE deserve to have the Best Sing our Praises for ALL of Our Hard work during our Lifetime.

carl benson

carl benson . 11 hours ago

Although a young Whitney Houston's voice can be heard on this track as a backup studio singer...this is the version that should be remembered.

Betty Henderson

Betty Henderson . 1 day ago

Bomb body....


VolatileStuff . 2 days ago

im terry wogan

Atl Stephens

Atl Stephens . 3 days ago

Fun fact: Whitney Houston & Cissy Houston did backgrounds & shared some lead vocals on this song. Whitney was 14.

Leoma Mofokeng

Leoma Mofokeng . 6 days ago

Honestly Whitney killed this song...she actually owned it...I Love both versions though...that's why I'm here...

Joe Blow

Joe Blow . 6 days ago

Who in the world is Whitney's voice........?

Wanda Lopes

Wanda Lopes . 6 days ago

Chaka Khan é atemporal! Maravilhosa!! Amooo!!! SP/ Brasil

Jasmin Galicia

Jasmin Galicia . 7 days ago

The 40 year old virgin anyone?


flashatrno . 1 week ago



Valleyguy . 1 week ago

Patty Loveless dancing to this, and Tracy Chapman, in her "48 hours" piece. ( also on YOUTUBE ) Dancing in her tour bus. Pretty cool.


GORF . 2 weeks ago

Eat your heart out Whitney.... no disrespect...but Chaka......wow!

Vilma Lugay

Vilma Lugay . 2 weeks ago

How slim & sexy she was here,the best R &B / soul singer. Still listening to this Nov 18,2020

k Clay

k Clay . 2 weeks ago

Did know but now i see that she couldnt dance either. Mary J Whitney Shaka....all great women but dance like me

inès lanneluc

inès lanneluc . 2 weeks ago

A real queen ✨🥰❤️

Alexander Rivera

Alexander Rivera . 2 weeks ago

Hola de que año es la canción? Gracias


MILDRED HENSON . 2 weeks ago


Evgeny Newsettler

Evgeny Newsettler . 2 weeks ago

Уитни Хьюстон хуже. Оригинал натуральнее.

euaniiinha jujuba

euaniiinha jujuba . 3 weeks ago


TharnType Season 2

TharnType Season 2 . 3 weeks ago

I am a male asian but I really sceam this song like a black woman.

Davide Telesca

Davide Telesca . 3 weeks ago

Magic years

Nuna G. B.

Nuna G. B. . 3 weeks ago

Bye Trump. See you never again.

Dream Dolliez

Dream Dolliez . 3 weeks ago

this is one of the best songs of all time


mandandi . 4 weeks ago

The background vocals of a young Whitney in this song. Chaka's song.


Nibsin . 4 weeks ago

Here before a random movie uses this song in the movie and the song gets 100 million views.


lockzzz101 . 4 weeks ago

Lol well she is the creator of this song nothing can beat the original

Kathryn Ashford

Kathryn Ashford . 4 weeks ago


Gerald Simmons

Gerald Simmons . 4 weeks ago

I just want the woman she singing about

Daniel Buval

Daniel Buval . 4 weeks ago

Thank you very much darling

Andreia Neves

Andreia Neves . 4 weeks ago

Essa música é linda 😍

Tiffany Mcrae

Tiffany Mcrae . 4 weeks ago

They sound a like to me

I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!

I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!! . 4 weeks ago


It’s Tera

It’s Tera . 4 weeks ago

Wow , didn’t know she originally sung this



A deserved tribute to all women !


VemonGamer . 4 weeks ago

i love this ong

joemar neal

joemar neal . 1 month ago

Chaka is wifey material


IsraeliteHebrewAGCY . 1 month ago

she is the ORIGINAL woman... alota greats, but she looks, feels, and sounds like heaven above!

Turiddù Marri

Turiddù Marri . 1 month ago

Backup singers including a young Whitney Houston ! ;-)

Eugene Moses

Eugene Moses . 1 month ago

Damn. First time hearing this, always thought Whitney made it. Chaka definitely did it. But Whitney right behind her on this one. Very rare the original isn’t the “hands down best”

Renee Taylor

Renee Taylor . 1 month ago

Chaka i love your voice you hit them high notes


concars1234 . 1 month ago

Black Queen

Sasha Hannah

Sasha Hannah . 1 month ago

God even still to this day she is so gorgeous some people never age


santi . 1 month ago

seriously Whitney’s cover its awesome but this is unique

mrs Macca

mrs Macca . 1 month ago

Still my fave DIVA!!!!

ana perez

ana perez . 1 month ago

Esta canción es todo lo que necesitaba en la vida es increíble, gracias rupaul drag race xd


D M . 1 month ago

Oh wow 😍

Eumin Kong

Eumin Kong . 1 month ago

I'm in Abercrombie

Felipe Mizael

Felipe Mizael . 1 month ago

Whatever you want Whatever you need Anything you want done baby I'll do it naturally Cuz I'm every woman (every woman) It's all in me It's all in me I'm every woman It's all in me Anything you want done baby I'll do it naturally I'm every woman It's all in me I can read your thoughts right now Every word from A to Z (woh woh woh) I can cast a spell Secrets you can't tell Mix a special groove Put fire inside of you Anytime you feel danger or fear Then instantly, I will appear I'm every woman It's all in me Anything you want done baby I'll do it naturally I'm every woman It's all in me I can read your thoughts right now Every word from A to Z (woh woh woh) I can sense your needs Like rain unto the seeds I can make a rhyme Of confusion in your mind And when it comes To some good old-fashioned love I got it, I got it Got it got it baby I'm every woman It's all in me Anything you want done baby I'll do it naturally I'm every woman It's all in me I can read your thoughts right now Every word from A to Z (woh woh woh) I ain't braggin' Cuz I'm the one Just ask me Ooh it shall be done Don't bother to compare I got it got it Got it got it baby I'm every woman It's all in me Anything you want done baby I'll do it naturally I'm every woman It's all in me I can read your thoughts right now Every word from A to Z (woh woh woh) I'm every woma I'm every woma Hehehe my girl!


Parzifal . 1 month ago

*Blended anyone?*


NIKKI BABy . 1 month ago

Fashion in here yasssss💙💙💙💯💙💙

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