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New Radicals - You Get What You Give (Official Video)


Published on 10 years ago

Music video by New Radicals performing You Get What You Give. (C) 1998 Geffen Records

#NewRadicals #YouGetWhatYouGive #Vevo

Comments :

Randal Colling

Randal Colling . 2 hours ago

Reminds me of the 90's in Hollywood California. I miss those times.
Kendra Gaffin

Kendra Gaffin . 2 hours ago

God this shit is so 90s I LOVE IT
Marco Tonsi

Marco Tonsi . 2 hours ago

November 2019 and still thinking that the 90's was the best time for the music. I really missed these days!!

Ketterashley82 . 4 hours ago

Kid: What is that building? ME: A Mall where people shop Kid: You mean no Amazon? Yikes :(
Judy Bou

Judy Bou . 4 hours ago

Have loved this song since it first came out. Still do.

Denniz . 8 hours ago

How people thought the 90’s was in california.
Bob Vagene

Bob Vagene . 10 hours ago

This song and Float On by Modest Mouse are my two “life saving” songs. They’ve both picked me up in times when I was seriously considering ending it all. So I guess thanks for making great music.

JadedeaJade . 15 hours ago

i see you there jnco *wink*
Gabi Avilés Erices

Gabi Avilés Erices . 16 hours ago

Hold the click
Oppothumbs M

Oppothumbs M . 17 hours ago

This song makes me want to laugh till i cry. Friend? I can't find one. I can't get a thumbs up from anyone .. It will be ok, someone right behind? I got a lot of music in me, but i can't sing worth a damn. Got the singer's disease. Die cry. Wow what a voice he's got and a song with good production values. Too bad he stopped making records and became a producer.. not sure what else.

noein99 . 19 hours ago

I do. Jajajaja
carlos eduardo

carlos eduardo . 19 hours ago

Brazil 2019 🇧🇷
Evil Wins

Evil Wins . 20 hours ago

Just... Click.

YO MAMA . 23 hours ago

Deb Lopez

Deb Lopez . 23 hours ago

Looks like they had so much fun in the making of that Vid! :-)
Kathleen Anderson

Kathleen Anderson . 23 hours ago

Don't give up...you got a reason to live!!!
John Sabourin

John Sabourin . 1 day ago

Doesn't matter how old you are, if you dig music feelings, this one will do
The Metalhead Mafia

The Metalhead Mafia . 1 day ago

One of my favorite one hit wonder songs

themadrapper101 . 1 day ago

So nobody that's in this video gonna comment?
Nicolas Ballu

Nicolas Ballu . 1 day ago

Reminds me of Joe Jackson.
Enrique UP

Enrique UP . 2 days ago

november 18 in the 2019? nobody?
Alex Patt

Alex Patt . 2 days ago

The 90s man, a simpler time.
Musicfan71 Hawk

Musicfan71 Hawk . 2 days ago

I like this song, can't believe it is from 1998!! Didn't hear it much and don't remember ever knowing who sang it- similar to Mick Jagger with less accent. Definitely a good tune.
Joel Muniz

Joel Muniz . 2 days ago

Essa música é uma dessas que marcou minha vida!
margath 46674629

margath 46674629 . 2 days ago

Essa música é show salvando os animais das gaiolas
John Doe

John Doe . 2 days ago

The offical opening/ending credits song for every light hearted movie made between 1999 and 2007
Jon Doe

Jon Doe . 2 days ago

Love the positive vibes coming from this track. Bliss!
Vincent Alexandre Muambi

Vincent Alexandre Muambi . 2 days ago

This epitomizes the year 1999. I was thirteen and I fondly remember the year and decade. What a time.
Lisette Wijnants

Lisette Wijnants . 2 days ago

Still cannot sit down with this song and sing out loud...
Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim . 2 days ago

It is one of my favorite songs... It makes me feel good and feels everything is okay ...
Lynn Singleton

Lynn Singleton . 2 days ago

Love this song!
Ronier Acosta

Ronier Acosta . 2 days ago

Movistar brought me here.


Buona domenica alla famiglia Mendilicchio
Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor . 3 days ago

He's like a white Kel.
Ryan James

Ryan James . 3 days ago

I can smell a Cinnabon
Bob 1UK

Bob 1UK . 3 days ago

Hes not comfortable infront of a camera at all

アウラ . 3 days ago

Came from "Surf's Up". That movie is awesome, and the song is also (^-^).
Alex Shiva Botez

Alex Shiva Botez . 3 days ago

hopeless happiness
Luis miguel Torres Araujo

Luis miguel Torres Araujo . 3 days ago

Alexander Garcia

Alexander Garcia . 3 days ago

esto me traslada a los hermosos 90s
Juana Guadalupe Carreon Garcia

Juana Guadalupe Carreon Garcia . 3 days ago

Siempre la escucho hoy sábado 16 de Noviembre de 2019.

shinigamideathnoter . 3 days ago

I come back to this song everytime I need some type of boost when life gets really tough. We’ll always pull through no matter what happens.

adid_e . 3 days ago

Then felix cartal remake this music . 🙃🙃
Chris Sede

Chris Sede . 3 days ago

Came up in my suggested list. I completely forgot about this song. Think this was popular when I was in college.

KerazyJoe . 3 days ago


KerazyJoe . 3 days ago

Im scared robots will label this as free speech #love you
brandon roberts

brandon roberts . 4 days ago

so uplifting.

ADAMATIONS 2.O . 4 days ago

I remember listening to this in PBS Kids
Maya Lopez

Maya Lopez . 4 days ago

11/2019 anyone listening 👂
evoluX X

evoluX X . 4 days ago

Escuto até hoje mas alguém em 2019?

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