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Altered images live Let's Rock Liverpool 2019 full show 4K


Published on 1 year ago

The always joyful Clare Grogan set at Let's Rock Liverpool, on the 27th of July, on a rainy and muddy day, that spoiled what could be a great festival. Setlist:
00:13 - I could be happy
04:19 - Don't talk to me about love
08:51 - Change of heart
13:10 - Happy Birthday

Comments :

Manu Lux

Manu Lux . 1 month ago

just like my drunken mum doing the kareoke

stephen gomme

stephen gomme . 1 month ago

Sex on legs is our Clair. Energetic great performer in our hearts forever bless you x

Sam Mencia

Sam Mencia . 2 months ago

Still relentlessly cheerful, upbeat, and energetic.


dazza . 2 months ago

Still got a crush ❤️


dazza . 2 months ago

Fantastic 👍

J St Anders

J St Anders . 2 months ago

Aww she's still a beautiful girl. A wee pocket rocket. Glad she's doing well, healthy and happy. X

Martin Takacs

Martin Takacs . 3 months ago

Of course


andrea . 3 months ago


Darryl Stubbs

Darryl Stubbs . 4 months ago

Nicely shot bit of video,clare looking and sounding great,thanks for filming and sharing .


Mastergreywolf . 4 months ago

Guaranteed to get ya up shakin yer stuff


P2/L1 . 5 months ago

Remix, the audio vocal-band mix is very wrong

Alan Binnie

Alan Binnie . 6 months ago

Never knew Kris Boyd played drums.


richardnz100 . 6 months ago

She's a great performer. She looks as though she's enjoying herself on stage, has good rapport with the audience, and moves well too. She must be very physically fit to be so active while on stage! All on top of great singing. It's a real joy to watch and listen to her. Thanks for posting.

Doron Ron

Doron Ron . 6 months ago

Still adorable all these years later, not quite so dainty and a few more dimples, but still just as cute as ever. All those years ago, Clare was a thief. Yes, she stole my heart!


andrea . 7 months ago


funny stuff

funny stuff . 7 months ago

Hot hot 😨😍😍😍😍


petertweet . 7 months ago

fab...yep still gorgeous...I was at the Hammersmith Palais gig in '83 when the Smiths were supporting (crap) and the PA broke down for a while x

Jose Dueñas

Jose Dueñas . 7 months ago

Grandes recuerdos ochenteros...buena musica


andrea . 7 months ago


Derek Wallin

Derek Wallin . 7 months ago

1:51 pervy photographer 😂

Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller . 7 months ago

Clare and the Human league still look great. Great pop music.

tony keggin

tony keggin . 8 months ago

great girl.


Hectic . 8 months ago

Awesome. Great to see her still carrying on and great video quality as well. Thank you.


seaney53 . 9 months ago

She is still beautiful,and can still rock.

Ryan C

Ryan C . 9 months ago

Awesomeness 😍 What a live wire she is!

Steve Cattani

Steve Cattani . 9 months ago

"...all of these things I do..."

Sarcastically Deranged

Sarcastically Deranged . 11 months ago

Her voice is being drowned out by the music which is way too loud.


markbamchelt . 1 year ago

Can anyone tell me where I can find the live tourments for Altred images

The Replicant

The Replicant . 1 year ago

Superb quality video, thank you

Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson . 1 year ago

Still gorgeous

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