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Did We Just Detect Life on Venus?
Cool Worlds

Cool Worlds

Published on 2 weeks ago

The announcement of the detection of a possible biomarker in the atmosphere of Venus has shook up the field of astrobiology and grabbed headlines across the world. Today, we explore why Venus could plausibly host life, how this detection was made, and whether it really means that we've finally found extraterrestrial life. Written and presented by Prof Kipping, featuring guest Dr Caleb Scharf.

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Thank-you to Kevin Clark, Tom Widdowson, Denny Smith, Stephanie Hackley, Mark Sloan, Laura Sanborn, Kolos Kantor, Patrick Herman, Abel Aganbegyan, Claudio Bottaccini, Daniel Brunk, Douglas Daughaday, Scott Fincher, James Kindred, Andrew Jones, Jason Allen, Steven Baldwin, Jason Black, Stuart Brownlee, Shivam Chaturvedi, David Denholm, Tim Dorais, Glen Downton, Eneko Urrestarazu, Gordon Fulton, Sean Griffiths, Peter Halloran, John Jurcevic, Niklas Kildal, Jack Kobernick, Wes Kobernick, Valeri Kremer, Marc Lijoi, Sheri Loftin, Branden Loizides, Anatoliy Maslyanchuk, Blair Matson, Ocean Mcintyre, Laini Mitchell, Jeffrey Needle, André Pelletier, Juan Rivillas, Bret Robinson, Zenith Star, Lauren Steely, Ernest Stefan-Matyus, Mark Steven, Elena West, Barrett York, Tristan Zajonc, Preetumsingh Gowd, Shaun Kelsey, Chuck Wolfred, David Vennel, Emre Dessoi, Fahid Naeem, Francisco Rebolledo, Hauke Laging, James Falls, Jon Adams, Michael Gremillion, Pierce Rutherford, Trev Kline, Tristan Leger, Lasse Skov & Takashi Hanai.

::Paper announcing the detection::
► Greaves, J. et al. (2020), "Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus", Nature Astronomy: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41550-020-1174-4

::Other references used::
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::Movies/TV scenes used::
► Roving Mars (2006) Buena Vista Pictures
► Exploring Venus (2019) Magellan TV
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::Other video footage used::
► ALMA timelapse by ESO/José Francisco Salgado: https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/Tn8Udphi6JA
► Venus UV footage by Akatsuki/JAXA: https://www.isas.jaxa.jp/en/topics/002099.html
► Bill Clinton footage form the Presidential Library & White House Television
► Galaxies fly through by SDSS/Miguel Aragon/Mark Subbarao/Alex Szalay: https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/08LBltePDZw

Music used is licensed via Creative Commons (CC) Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
► "Fusion" by Indive licensed licensed under a CC Attribution license: https://indive.bandcamp.com
► "Trace Correction" by Indive licensed licensed under a CC Attribution license: https://indive.bandcamp.com

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Comments :

timeless The Defective Time Core

timeless The Defective Time Core . 3 hours ago

We did it, we found the extraterrestrial beings


CGK Ty . 8 hours ago

6:52 loooool why is the first person referenced my year 9 physics teacher 😂😂.

Trent Richards

Trent Richards . 13 hours ago

15:44 "life on Mars one day"... pretty sure you mean to say life on venus?


dEvOnPhOeNiX . 13 hours ago

"you will be" - yoda

Duncan Solo

Duncan Solo . 15 hours ago

What? They have cloud bubble islands?

Duncan Solo

Duncan Solo . 15 hours ago

I thought the weather is too extreme!!!!!

haven oludawole

haven oludawole . 16 hours ago

I’m not convinced yet. We would need a lot more evidence to confirm life. Ideally we’d send a probe and take samples, and directly observe life. In today’s funding environment, though, it seems difficult if not impossible to do this.


BlackGooGamer . 18 hours ago

Who cares! You can’t go there anyway. And even if you could, they would never let you land. Focus on what is happening on the ground here first. Earth needs fixing. Then we can worry about other planets. Sheesh

Aaron Mayhew 2.0

Aaron Mayhew 2.0 . 18 hours ago



Greg . 19 hours ago

There's probably more life in Your toilet after you push out that shit from Uranus lol than in the atmosphere of venus

Ray Ray

Ray Ray . 19 hours ago

Scott Morrison is offering $5,000,000 for the person that can find the owner of Reserve Bank of Australia. 02 6271 5111 (9 am to 5  Monday to Friday).  competition ends December 30 midnight.

Kelly FE

Kelly FE . 20 hours ago


Ayinde Murphy

Ayinde Murphy . 1 day ago

I am starting to think that we will find life during my lifetime

Darth Silver Sith

Darth Silver Sith . 1 day ago

I was your 1,000,000th view!

Michael Racancoj

Michael Racancoj . 1 day ago

Hold up. What if there was intelligent life on the planet, and because of things like politics on our world, could they have started a nuclear war which ended most life on the planet? I'd like to hear what people say please.

Mikashi 82

Mikashi 82 . 1 day ago

Very Informative. Great video.

Awais Raja

Awais Raja . 1 day ago

destroying earth nobody cares but finding impossible life on venus sounds stupid


Larph . 1 day ago

Venus being very inhospitable, I'm pessimistically optimistic.

Necrology -

Necrology - . 1 day ago

nice, thx. p.s. : ever heard of lies? massive collective gunpointed pocket full of money lies?


Vauldur . 1 day ago

We found life on Venus?! Holy crap we gotta go there and screw that place up too! Kiss my ass aliens!

Brice Day

Brice Day . 2 days ago

Well done.

Debra Thomas

Debra Thomas . 2 days ago

Valiant Thor...........Check your history!!!!


bennyjt88 . 2 days ago

Who had alien sky plague for 2020 bingo....

The Mean Liberal

The Mean Liberal . 2 days ago

Don't care if there is life on Venus or not. It changes nothing here.

༒ S̷Y̷R̷E̷X̷ ̷ ༒

༒ S̷Y̷R̷E̷X̷ ̷ ༒ . 2 days ago

1 tis. dislikes are from flat earthers (garbage society)


Paul . 2 days ago

Life.......er ......finds a way!

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan . 2 days ago

I'm cautious over this but hopeful as this will renew interest and open up so much new research in astrobiology. I'm currently looking at this announcement and extremeophiles as part of my access to science course assignment, so have been reading a lot about it. It's certainly making my unversity choice between astrophysics and astrobiology harder, unless of course I can combine them. Here's hoping life is confirmed Prof David Kipping @Coolworlds


Gediminas . 2 days ago

Only advanced aliens can survive there

interesting insights

interesting insights . 2 days ago

Fake alien invasion incoming!

Scientiae Magicae

Scientiae Magicae . 2 days ago

This kind of speculation is fun and its neat to wonder about this sort of thing, but to base your perception of reality off of this so called "science" is literal self delusion. No one knows what Venus was like 1000 years ago let alone millions of years ago. No matter what computer simulation you run. There is no computer in existence that can simulate reality. This is utter foolishness. Maybe there is microbial life floating around in Venus Atmosphere, Very very unlikely and if there is. It may be that it hitched a ride on a probe and got there from Earth just recently. Of course, Who knows unless you can get a sample of that life. Human beings, myself included can become very arrogant in our way of thinking, As a society we see the technologies that have been created over the last couple centuries and it gives us this impression that we know so much and can truly know how the universe came to be and how things were before we existed. The truth is. No one knows and there are so many things we miss even when it seems like our science is leading us to supposed indisputable cold hard fact there are many times where a few years or decades later what the majority of scientists regarded as cold hard indisputable fact turns out to be proven wrong. This is the problem with thinking you have it all figured out. The truth is we are all ignorant when it comes to knowing how the Universe was formed or what this or that planet was like millions of years ago, it is foolish to believe you can know for sure. You cannot. If you are someone who carefully thinks things through and does not just believe everything you are told by established authorities is indisputable truth, You take your time to analyze, study and decide for yourself what is true and false. Consider this: If you look into history you can see a very common trend in which A generation of a given time period would have beliefs or what they would consider to be common knowledge/fact during their time and after a few years, decades or centuries this common sense or factual knowledge they all knew was "true" would eventually be found to be utter foolishness by a future generation. (An example: The world having an edge and that if you sailed far enough you would fall off the edge of the world.) We all should humble ourselves and consider that maybe many things we hold to be true indisputable facts and believe could not possibly be wrong about may actually be untrue. To believe otherwise is only proof of a lack of humility and wisdom on the part of that person.

Sims Nabediya

Sims Nabediya . 2 days ago

The life there would be adapted just like us

ray jay

ray jay . 2 days ago

They found absolutely nothing on mars so now they want to go spend billions on venus. Stop the madness



Wasting so much money on outer space guess work... When we could fix our planet up and maybe even restore faith in humanity at the same time.


sentryogmixmaster . 2 days ago

oh oh...i know this one! No.


blayz . 2 days ago

I think it was just flight buying property

Johny Tan

Johny Tan . 2 days ago

finally a theory video without background music so i can choose my own favorite music while watching

Fat Tony

Fat Tony . 2 days ago

I heard Phosphine gas comes from 5g

Bryce McVay

Bryce McVay . 2 days ago

Nice knowing you all we are going to die because of this life but I mean it's the coolest thing ever

Brianna Alva

Brianna Alva . 2 days ago

I wish for once one of these we found life videos was a satellite passing by a moon or planet and some aliens were just chilling in lawn chairs and playing yawn darts waving at the camera. They’re like hey guys come on down yea we’ve been here for about 100 years

Emanuel Whitehead

Emanuel Whitehead . 2 days ago

Lol this is funny

Harsh Truth

Harsh Truth . 2 days ago

We don't even able to recognize life on Venus and we used to talk like there no life in universe

Dushone Walker

Dushone Walker . 2 days ago

Life on Venus..??... *My Brain* #DeathbySnuSnu

xmpmx13 0

xmpmx13 0 . 2 days ago

Dont tell america venus has oil bcz they would be there with ar15s by tomorrow

xmpmx13 0

xmpmx13 0 . 2 days ago

Sentient rocks ???


BabyRockerrr . 2 days ago

This is the turkey at the thanksgiving table, for 2020 being bad

Last Comment

Last Comment . 2 days ago

imagine how much time he spent in front of a mirror to make that hair curl upward on his right to pretend the wind just blew it that way , bro be a real man , you are smarter than those headshaking Bieber wannabe kids


Roope . 2 days ago

There is life every where in the universe. We have lied to so much its disgusting! Open your eyes people the information is here! Nasa photosohops its every picture for example of mars and every other planet! We have the tech to get Free Energy anti-gravity and everything like that but it comes down to money and oil this. All you have to do to realize that something is horribly wrong here is to look at our planet earth! We are going to destroy earth if people do not wake up! And see what is really going on we have been lied to so much it is ridicolous! We have the tecnology to cleam our water and produce Free Energy and transport but the goverments are hiding it cause they cant make money out of it or so they think i would pay for Free Energy for sure!

Nikolaos Skordilis

Nikolaos Skordilis . 2 days ago

I am cautiously optimistic this is a biomarker as well. Let's await the followup work and see..

Sleepless Studios

Sleepless Studios . 3 days ago

So.. Cloud City is possible?

Sarah Stuart

Sarah Stuart . 3 days ago

Baba vanga the psychic medium predicted, that in the future we would be living on airship's above venus.

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