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Backfire GT2 Vs Boosted Dual Plus!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 10 months ago

We review the Backfire GT2 and compare it against the Boosted Dual Plus to find out if it's a good alternative for less than half the price!
Use code 'welcome30' to save $30 off your order https://backfireboardsusa.com/products/backfire_g2t_electric_longboard_2019?aff=79

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WaldenSpawn . 10 months ago

It’s the long term quality and support from the company that I’m curious about, otherwise I think the higher cost boosted makes the most sense. Performance looks good though 👍, great video

gtone339 . 10 months ago

Great to see you guys reviewing e-skateboards hehe! Anyway, you guys thought of reviewing E-bikes as well?
Univist Carbon

Univist Carbon . 10 months ago

Is it as good as the wowgo 3?
Gabriel M-F

Gabriel M-F . 10 months ago


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