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Backfire GT2 vs Boosted Dual Plus!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 4 months ago

We review the Backfire GT2 and compare it against the Boosted Dual Plus to find out if it's a good alternative for less than half the price!
Use code 'welcome30' to save $30 off your order https://backfireboardsusa.com/products/backfire_g2t_electric_longboard_2019?aff=79

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WaldenSpawn . 4 months ago

It’s the long term quality and support from the company that I’m curious about, otherwise I think the higher cost boosted makes the most sense. Performance looks good though 👍, great video

gtone339 . 4 months ago

Great to see you guys reviewing e-skateboards hehe! Anyway, you guys thought of reviewing E-bikes as well?
Univist Carbon

Univist Carbon . 4 months ago

Is it as good as the wowgo 3?
Gabriel M-F

Gabriel M-F . 4 months ago


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