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What the HELL is Caroline? (A TERRIBLE Coraline Ripoff)


Published on 2 weeks ago

This is one of the WORST RIPOFFS I have ever seen. Why ripoff Coraline?! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

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Comments :


Saberspark . 2 weeks ago

No joke, this one really hurt to watch lmao

carl Wheezer

carl Wheezer . 1 hour ago

Brujerias means witchery in spanish

Alpha Rhos

Alpha Rhos . 1 hour ago

Brujerias means witchery in spanish iirc


Bill . 2 hours ago

Yo! Review the animated Babes in Toyland movie by MGM.

Aesthetics Loves

Aesthetics Loves . 2 hours ago

I’m legit being coralline for Halloween That’s how much I love this movie

Neko Birdy

Neko Birdy . 3 hours ago

Brujetías is spanish for witches/witchcraft.

Franklyn Diaz

Franklyn Diaz . 3 hours ago

its spanish like witch or bitch


Showtime . 3 hours ago

it's spanish

Sergio de Udaeta

Sergio de Udaeta . 4 hours ago


Tomodachi Justin

Tomodachi Justin . 4 hours ago

Oh dear lord that fanart at the end


FrancisGaming . 4 hours ago

Caroline: "Evolve? Like a Pokemon?" Me: You hear that? I think I hear the Copyright sirens!


aLwE17 . 5 hours ago

Based on my Filipino language that is heavily influenced by Spanish, Brujerias is pronounced broo-he-ree-yahs, with root word Bruja for 'witch'.

Zodiac Cosplays

Zodiac Cosplays . 5 hours ago

This hurt me to watch because you kept saying Caroline instead of Coraline


koi . 6 hours ago

this movie rlly isnt a coraline RIP-off. far from it. but the movie is still hot garbage.


TheChocolateDingo . 6 hours ago

You should check out a Netflix series called Carmen Sandiego honestly think its pretty good

Azúl the Protogen

Azúl the Protogen . 7 hours ago

Do a video on kipo season 3

Cheese Powder

Cheese Powder . 7 hours ago

for everyone who doesnt know, Coraline was a book by Neil Gaiman, so go check his stuff out for other weird books like Coraline


MINORI CHAN . 8 hours ago

Saber can you pls review RUSTY KNIGHT it's an odd movie

Daijah Thomas

Daijah Thomas . 9 hours ago

I’ve actually watched that

Yeitza Rivera

Yeitza Rivera . 9 hours ago

Brujería is witchery

zomber zoom

zomber zoom . 9 hours ago

brujeria is witchery in spanish

Tide Clima

Tide Clima . 9 hours ago

Im spanish and actually embarrased of this lmao

Fly Shades

Fly Shades . 9 hours ago


Dimitris Tsekeris

Dimitris Tsekeris . 9 hours ago

I'm not Spanish but I'm pretty sure "Brujerías" is pronounced like "Broo-he-ree-as".


KanbeiKS7 . 10 hours ago

That Karen hair tho...

John the Gamer dude

John the Gamer dude . 10 hours ago

Oh thats the movie dad typing meme

0 degree

0 degree . 11 hours ago

Hey. I have a recommendation of a incredibly horrible movie that's called "Jurrasic Galaxy" It's very bad in all aspects. The story is very bland and sometimes copy scenes from Jurrasic Park, amination is straight-up bad and not laughable (the Dinosaurs didn't blend in the scenery and EVEN THE FIRE IS CG and it's godamn bad too), also the cast and acting is ridiculous because of reasons (all characters of the movie has no actual emotions caused by poor acting)

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams . 11 hours ago

hey saberspark if u want this bad taste out ur mouth from this ripoff then reviw a new netflx movie cald over the moon

Creamcake Coffee

Creamcake Coffee . 11 hours ago

Coraline is one of my favorite movies! Since 2018

Mr. VinceC

Mr. VinceC . 11 hours ago

Can you review a Filipino movie called RPG Metanoia?

tal ion

tal ion . 11 hours ago

I can't get past the face noses


VoxlKnight . 12 hours ago

I dont even know Spanish and i cringed at that pronounciation. How in the fuck do you not know that "j" in Spanish is prouncing like "h"!?!

Felipe Riva

Felipe Riva . 13 hours ago

"brujerías" is like sayng some things about witches (wItch is bruja un spanish) like witcherias

Zed Cumming

Zed Cumming . 14 hours ago

How is this a rip-off...?

Shvntell r

Shvntell r . 15 hours ago

That Patrick clip caught me so off guard, I literally choked 😂😂😂

_ ASleepyDragon _

_ ASleepyDragon _ . 15 hours ago

Netflix probably has it. They messed up so badly (Cuties lost them billions) that they decided to scape the bottom of the barrel for more B movies. Those were too expensive so C. no. D. no. Continue until YZ

Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander . 15 hours ago

Ngl the scariest part was Saber as Mr Krabs


Cloxcity . 16 hours ago

100% Wolf is removed?

Vav Aryeh

Vav Aryeh . 16 hours ago

He said portuguese :,)

Jacob Bergmanis

Jacob Bergmanis . 17 hours ago

Bird boy: the forgotten children

Jacob Bergmanis

Jacob Bergmanis . 17 hours ago

Watch Bird boy

Jacob Bergmanis

Jacob Bergmanis . 17 hours ago


Le Gachi Blossom

Le Gachi Blossom . 17 hours ago

“Brujerías”yes means witchcraft but in Spanish

María José Giraldo

María José Giraldo . 17 hours ago

3:38 that's not spanish... but ok haha

cristian luna

cristian luna . 18 hours ago

Brujeria losely translates to witchcraft.

Water WolfyxX

Water WolfyxX . 18 hours ago

original: Coralline Ripoff: Carolline

The internet idiot

The internet idiot . 18 hours ago

Saber have you heard of alpha and omega?

frosty emeraldgirl6

frosty emeraldgirl6 . 18 hours ago

I thank my elementry school education for my at least a little bit of knowledge of how to read and speak spanish.

Henry Carmichael

Henry Carmichael . 19 hours ago

Can you do a video on DiC animation? Madeline and Liberty's Kids?

Sydney Hammer

Sydney Hammer . 19 hours ago

When I was seven I told my mom I wanted to see coralline. She accidentally rented Caroline and the magic potion and I always thought that was coralline up until about three years ago.

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