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Inspired to Inspire with Terrace Martin: Dolby x The FADER


Published on 4 months ago

Alongside the star-studded lineup of both emerging and established musical acts of Digital FORT 2.0, you’ll see Terrace Martin, a notable jazz musician and member of the new supergroup Dinner Party, inspired to inspire the next generation of artists and creators. As part of Dolby’s new “Get Inspired to Inspire” campaign, they’re hitting at the root of what it means to be a creator and helping you solve some of the major challenges along the way.

For starters, until recently artists have had to choose between recording quickly or with quality. With the free Dolby On app it’s easier than ever to instantly record amazing sounding songs and videos with powerful Dolby audio technology; right from your phone.

And what about getting your music heard by the right people? Well, Dolby’s thought of that too.

Starting today, The FADER has partnered with Dolby to create the “Inspired to Inspire" Artist Spotlight Talent Search aimed at giving one lucky artist or performing group the chance to have their original song and video debut in an Artist Spotlight Feature and Exclusive Interview on THE FADER, written by our award-winning editorial staff.

How to Enter
1. Download Dolby On (totally FREE - available here: https://dolbyon.onelink.me/68bl/addce8dd)
2. Record a video performance with Dolby On featuring original music
3. Fill out the submission form (https://bit.ly/DolbyInspiredToInspire) and link your video by 11:59PM EST on Wednesday, August 5th
4. Share the video on your social media using the hashtag #DolbyInspireToInspire
5. Check back on August 28th to see who’s the lucky winner!

With the “Inspired to Inspire" Artist Spotlight Talent Search, Dolby provides artists and creators the production tools and quality they need for the once in a lifetime opportunity to align with some of the biggest names in music. So don’t be afraid of having something to say and let your creativity come to the forefront.

All submissions must be made with Dolby On and be no more than 5 minutes in length, featuring 1x song only. Songs must not include samples or other music that will need to be licensed in order to be published. All songs must be the sole creation of those submitting their entry. Artists must be 18 or older to participate.

Additional terms and conditions apply: https://www.thefader.com/dolbytc

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Comments :

Dragon boi

Dragon boi . 3 months ago


Tommy Hodgman

Tommy Hodgman . 4 months ago

Saw this guy playing sax with Herbie Hancock a year ago in Chicago, dude’s awesome!

Lockstep Chris

Lockstep Chris . 4 months ago

The bass go boom boom really loud. I like

Tara John

Tara John . 4 months ago


Elijah Ide

Elijah Ide . 4 months ago

I wish i could like this video more than once! Smooooooooth. A true artist. A true inspiration. Touched by his philosophy and his music


Ramon DOMINGUEZ . 4 months ago

I love Jazz too


Joskun . 4 months ago

Wow, I just got inspired to inspire haha 😆. I love it 🙂! Dope producer right there mang

Darryl Bowman

Darryl Bowman . 4 months ago

I respect that


S.CProductions . 4 months ago



BrandinoPulidoLA . 4 months ago

This dude produced a couple songs on Yg’s “Still Brazy” album. This guy is highly underrated. Twist my fingas, Bool Balm and Bollective, those songs are my favorites that were produced by Terrace Martin.

S Ryburn

S Ryburn . 4 months ago

I feel you, brother. If you ever wanna jam/record, lets get it. I have alot of freedom in my life right now and my time is short healthwise. I saw this video and completely identified with you. .remember, it's about wavelength, frequency, vibration and the eternal hum. "Havin a horn kept me from getting killed," that hit me hard, man .Take care, my little brother and friend. Love to you and all of yours.


PatrickGregoryDaniels . 4 months ago

Lovely video...I don't know why I knew I'd like this video before it even started

Rennette Belidor

Rennette Belidor . 4 months ago


Rennette Belidor

Rennette Belidor . 4 months ago

Dontgivopmy son

Rennette Belidor

Rennette Belidor . 4 months ago



classoffrankster . 4 months ago

02:49 is pretty fly.

Mathias Lind Hansen

Mathias Lind Hansen . 4 months ago

Song at 0:44?

Eric Nengola

Eric Nengola . 4 months ago


the unknown 909

the unknown 909 . 4 months ago

How has this not got more views wtf

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