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Published on 1 month ago

Swizz Beatz new mansion (00:08)
DK Khaled expecting anotha one, second child (01:23)
Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna talking about her boyfriend (01:52)
Adele files for divorce (03:05)
'Girlfriends' reunion on 'Blackish' (03:40)

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Tracee Ellis Ross Announces 'Girlfriends' Reunion On The Set Of Black-ish

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


Comments :


JuzyGaming . 2 weeks ago

Girlfriends needs to be on Netflix with a new season.

King Phenom

King Phenom . 2 weeks ago

DJ Envy is infuriating. “What’s girlfriends?”

Ulysses Smith III D-Uce Life

Ulysses Smith III D-Uce Life . 3 weeks ago

I remember watching the ending of girlfriends and it was a slap in the face how they ended it. This one of the few times I completely agree more than charlemagne, we sure do need closure. I hate how they ended certain black shows without a proper ending and closure.

Ulysses Smith III D-Uce Life

Ulysses Smith III D-Uce Life . 3 weeks ago

Called it, I knew this would eventually happen just thought it would before season 6. I bet they're playing girlfriends on the episode 😉

Sweets RH

Sweets RH . 3 weeks ago

For real!!!!! I'm so ready for girlfriends!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤


killjoevolume1 . 3 weeks ago

1:54...when you leave home girls spot but forgot to make sure she took that Plan B

robert dre

robert dre . 4 weeks ago

Even tho it ended randomly, as a massive fan of Girlfriends I can give you many reasons why it ended in a way that can give you some closure with the characters. A proper goodbye would be nice tho

Sandy D

Sandy D . 4 weeks ago

We need more girl friends!!!

Alisha Seer

Alisha Seer . 4 weeks ago

No joke I had to mark in my calendar when Blackish is airing, Im not missing this season for nothing!!

Valerie Moss

Valerie Moss . 1 month ago


Samuel Bunbury

Samuel Bunbury . 1 month ago

OH HELL YES !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Reign Lhyt of Gratitude

Reign Lhyt of Gratitude . 1 month ago

*I LITERALLY CRIED TEARS OF JOY IMMEDIATELY!!! Like the tears started running down as soon as Joan, I mean Tracee, I mean Bo started panning the camera to the other ladies of GIRLFRIENDS....... They all look so beautiful. I can't wait☺😘☺😘☺😘❤💚💜💙💛*

MArie Livingston

MArie Livingston . 1 month ago

OH HELL YES!!!!! 🎶My Girlfriends there thru thick n thin🎤💁💁🙎🙎😀😘😍 Lol! CTA is just as confused as Malik😁

Candis Carnegie

Candis Carnegie . 1 month ago

1:05 What on earth is Envy talking about??? The house has OCEAN VIEWS!!! That house is in Cali NOT Arizona. It's located in a city just north of San Diego. Why would two of the most prolific music artists, from New York, all of a sudden up and move to demon hot Arizona?

Elshawna Jenkins

Elshawna Jenkins . 1 month ago

Please bring girlfriends back. It was a really good tv show. Yes I am all for a mini series or a movie on the big screen using the original cast. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss.

Aka Showtime

Aka Showtime . 1 month ago

Maya was my favorite 😍😍 I loved her. Golden brooks was so beautiful and still is


SuperFunkykool . 1 month ago

House in Arizona, just watched his BC interview he said it's in Cali


toomuchfourU . 1 month ago


Chris Peplinski

Chris Peplinski . 1 month ago

I really hope the reunion leads to some kind of girlfriends continuation.

Joseph Gibson

Joseph Gibson . 1 month ago

It’s in California not Arizona

J Thomas

J Thomas . 1 month ago

Chile I'm so happy I got tears in my eyes...Yes!!!!!!!! Girlfriends!!!!!!

Spring Green

Spring Green . 1 month ago

T. Ross needs to sit her high yellow rich ass down! And give that job to a (Her gfs co stars) deserving actress who works her butt off tryna get in the door, and all Hollywood and black holly wood do is treat her ugly yellow spoil self like a queen, she didn't even earn it!!! like the greats as Halle, Kerry, Viola; plus her last name is really not `Ross`, it's the same name as her millionaire dad, why she didnt use her real last name🤔oh that's right, so she can get these roles she didn't earn or deserve!!!!!!! Apple don't fall far, thats why Mary Wilson nd the others has beef with her ma, step on whoever 2 make it to the top.. Smh

Adrienne Duvall

Adrienne Duvall . 1 month ago

Envy... What's Girlfriends?🤔🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

iij20091985 iij20091985

iij20091985 iij20091985 . 1 month ago

Girl friends reunion 👏👏now where is living single reunion at

Ashley Franklin

Ashley Franklin . 1 month ago

Yes it’s coming back on

Rachel Scruggs

Rachel Scruggs . 1 month ago


narhema arzola

narhema arzola . 1 month ago

Yessss please bring Girlfriends back Asap....!!!


11thWoods . 1 month ago

Don't google Swiss' house if you strugglin' rn.. Take my word for it. That shit CRAZY!!!! And Envy you buggin', that shit in SoCal.



Looking forward to the Girlfriends episode on Black-ish! 😄

S Palm

S Palm . 1 month ago

Where Angela Yee been at?


Tipp2cool . 1 month ago

Girlfriends 🙌🏽❤️ they all still look stunning 😍


19nvo . 1 month ago

dj envy is so materialistic


amirmylove10 . 1 month ago

I clicked on this cause I new Charlamagne would get excited

Quality Con-trolling

Quality Con-trolling . 1 month ago

That house is close to LA not Arizona

HipHopWest TV

HipHopWest TV . 1 month ago


Un defined

Un defined . 1 month ago

🤦🏽‍♀️No DJ Envy “The Razor House” is NOT in Arizona, it’s in La Jolla, California. 😆

Melva Antoinette

Melva Antoinette . 1 month ago

20 mil for a house? Wow.


Amir . 1 month ago

At least Tracy Ellis Ross was straight up when she it was going to be a feminist episode. Hard pass for me.

Sparks Armstrong

Sparks Armstrong . 1 month ago

Envy is talking too much. I’m not used to this. Ugh. 😑 😑 😑


Abdullah . 1 month ago

Get Angela a new mic! Why does she sound like I’m on a three-way call with her?!


ryzahara06 . 1 month ago

I literally saw the camera move and saw rainbow turn into an ex im just not over yet...we putting up where we left off

renee Williams

renee Williams . 1 month ago

Yes honey i am here for the girlfriends reunion

Jeannettea Crowder

Jeannettea Crowder . 1 month ago

Yesssss Girlfriend I'm so happy for you guys.

Chris S

Chris S . 1 month ago

DJ Envy is a D*ck Ryder for real.

Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson . 1 month ago

oh helllll yes!!!!!

Alicia Dasilva

Alicia Dasilva . 1 month ago

Black don't crack


harleiux12 . 1 month ago

Bad parenting, on full display

Vision L

Vision L . 1 month ago

DJ Envy needs to have a better research team working for him... The report stated Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz have purchased the Razor House for $20.8 million. Nestled on a cliff in La Jolla, California. Not Arizona???

Darren Moore

Darren Moore . 1 month ago

Please Girlfriends come back and give us closure!!


mdooms76 . 1 month ago

I'm for a Girlfriends reboot!!! Not just one finale episode. I love that show!!!!!

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