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Among Us: The Incredible Story


Published on 2 weeks ago

Hi im back with another incredible sotry


my twitterr: https://twitter.com/ChrisShwafer
#AmongUs #Animation

Comments :


ChrisShwafer . 2 weeks ago

Oh my god I didn’t expect it to be trending rn LOL

Alpha Tea TwT Fan

Alpha Tea TwT Fan . 14 minutes ago

The card thing is pretty anoying


민TV . 2 hours ago

고생고생하지말고 여기 한국어댓글 있어요

Seth Jones

Seth Jones . 2 hours ago

Ew oranges a cannibal?


MI IX . 2 hours ago

Theres a 3D version of this

Keisha Adya ningtyas

Keisha Adya ningtyas . 2 hours ago

I knew it,purple is the impostor-

lusli_ rustarshu

lusli_ rustarshu . 3 hours ago


Adriel Ferdianto

Adriel Ferdianto . 3 hours ago

That impostor is a hacker. He has no kill cooldown.

Wojciech Rosłoniec

Wojciech Rosłoniec . 3 hours ago

Hey i have an idea for animation. "The heavy is dead but it is in among us

Mazi Mayaz

Mazi Mayaz . 3 hours ago

Piemations and sr Pelo did a among us animation it would look like this Nice work man

Nooby Blok

Nooby Blok . 3 hours ago

Is it okay if I use a part of the video as a thumbnail? I mean like this is amazing don’t worry I’ll give credit Edit: reply if I can

MA64 - Random Videos, Blogs, And More

MA64 - Random Videos, Blogs, And More . 5 hours ago

"damn! This slAps!"


Slippery_noodlez . 6 hours ago

0:18 I laughed at this

basti igop

basti igop . 6 hours ago

White was impostor.. he just fisted cyan to death

Nazri Rapaai

Nazri Rapaai . 6 hours ago

“how many memes you put?” ChrisShwafer:”YES”


Ihzaack . 7 hours ago

The thumbnail gives me a bfb kind of Design

Zero the lazy boy

Zero the lazy boy . 8 hours ago

Lol orange

Princeofthe Lilim

Princeofthe Lilim . 8 hours ago

0:42 dude this is just by far the best Among Us Animation of all time🤣


ItzHillman . 9 hours ago

Me: swipes card correctly on first try Everyone: 👁👄👁 h o w d i d y o u d o t h a t??

Foi Doi

Foi Doi . 10 hours ago

Plez mak mor

Ivens Lima

Ivens Lima . 11 hours ago

0:47 fingers:9 😥

Colin Superstar!

Colin Superstar! . 12 hours ago

The animation here is too similar to BFB. It’s perfect.

Bintang aryasatya

Bintang aryasatya . 12 hours ago

You are same with another video

Among us Gamer cat cat

Among us Gamer cat cat . 13 hours ago

kinda funny i laughed a lot


Zeschuroux . 14 hours ago

Top 10 anime battles

Suomi ja Eesti

Suomi ja Eesti . 15 hours ago



sweetbutsourtothetaste . 15 hours ago

Lol poor Cyan.

Hailey Turner

Hailey Turner . 16 hours ago

Oh jeez smooth animation

Mixreaper -Return

Mixreaper -Return . 16 hours ago

I love that yellow trips on a mushroom and dies

Mixreaper -Return

Mixreaper -Return . 16 hours ago

Me playing the first time as impostor be like:

XxBIRDSxX call me birb シ

XxBIRDSxX call me birb シ . 17 hours ago

00:47 *wait I call my dad Baba*

Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez . 17 hours ago


Ankit Mahto

Ankit Mahto . 17 hours ago


Angelina Vasquez uwu

Angelina Vasquez uwu . 18 hours ago

Suscriptores: *28K* Likes: *82K* Esta invertido :v Tranquilos,yo me pregunte 😎

John Cardenas

John Cardenas . 18 hours ago

0:00 XD wtf


spinel . 19 hours ago

Purple is imposter purple guy

cat the impostor

cat the impostor . 19 hours ago

who left a chunk of meat here


Eggdumbhead . 20 hours ago

Best among us video NA

Someone Pew-diepie

Someone Pew-diepie . 20 hours ago

okay so Orange is a cannibal that’s confirmed


DERICK SERRANO . 21 hours ago

2M views.... enough said.


GW SJ ARMY . 21 hours ago

0:18 lol i also do that when someone is following me 🤣🤣

Mattia Schirosi

Mattia Schirosi . 22 hours ago

Omg the yellow dude with the card it's me

Wolfy54 4555

Wolfy54 4555 . 23 hours ago

So funny :)

darinc the doomguy

darinc the doomguy . 23 hours ago

Rip cyan


EchoDoesEdits . 23 hours ago

What program did ya use for this fantastic animation?

Yusril Atfan

Yusril Atfan . 23 hours ago

among us, but it's animated by a bfb animator *_GONE INCREDIBLY ANIMATED_*

Marco Gcardenas

Marco Gcardenas . 23 hours ago

(0:41) This isnt BFB isnt it?

Vrylle Julien Carlo Daileg

Vrylle Julien Carlo Daileg . 24 hours ago

Baby shouldbe ded

joy h

joy h . 24 hours ago

where are the subtitles? ничего не понимаю


Black . 24 hours ago


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