It is our honor to represent the family and longtime assistant of Don Lewis. There is a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in his death. Call the tip line at (646) 450-6530 or our office at (800) LITIGATE. Learn more at

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Chris redtail

Chris redtail . 2 days ago

All jokes said aside I will say I am all in all supporting this I mean if you all haven't seen tiger king deffently reccomend watching it itll explain in depth why Carole 100 percent possibly had something to do with his disappearance and why the will was Forged

Taylor Loch

Taylor Loch . 2 days ago

Plot twist. Hes alive and well, went to another country and is living there peacefully and just laughing at the shit show that carole is in.

Justin Dixon

Justin Dixon . 2 days ago

Carole baskin

Vikki Bailey

Vikki Bailey . 3 days ago

I believe Carole Baskin is innocent. He regularly flew his plane to Costa Rica under radar because he didn't have a pilots licence. It's more likely he crashed the plane than being murdered.


Ca$hMoN3Y . 3 days ago

Joe exotic in there selling soups to call that number.


maliant16 . 3 days ago

Carole Baskin, killed her husband whacked him. Will emailing my routing number suffice to collect my 100k?

Hamilton Hamilton

Hamilton Hamilton . 3 days ago

Carol gets my vote to stay in the Dance show

Caitlyn Phillips

Caitlyn Phillips . 3 days ago

There was a scene where carole and her current husband were standing in front of a shrub with flowers and those flowers are poisonis

Taren Lynn Turocy

Taren Lynn Turocy . 4 days ago

I hope you get her.

Manuel Valdes

Manuel Valdes . 4 days ago

Yes. She’s on ABC. She seems to dancing. More details when you contact me. Hope to hear from you soon

kaitlin pfingsten

kaitlin pfingsten . 5 days ago

whos here from zane and heath 👀


FKOTW . 5 days ago

this is the biggest G move ever

yasio bolo

yasio bolo . 5 days ago

important of a cause....

Bish Bishone

Bish Bishone . 6 days ago

Joe: I know who killed him!!! Who? Joe:That bitch carol baskin 😂

Black Loves Matter MLM ALM

Black Loves Matter MLM ALM . 6 days ago

Free Joe Exotic!!.. You a murder Carol Baskine Free Joe Exotic


greimalkin . 6 days ago

Aw this is so sad, hope Carole Baskin gets caught we all know she did it

soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 6 days ago

omg this is savage!!! but i love it! yall know she knows something about his disappearance. and her dance, while the song was appropriate, she was terrible.

Shannon J. Brooks

Shannon J. Brooks . 6 days ago 10:46 Carole's dad was a private pilot for a Governor. He dumped Don's body in the gulf in his plane

dolimi jotoo

dolimi jotoo . 6 days ago

Such a hard left after just watching her dance terribly.


Earlenmeyerable . 6 days ago

is that Ted Cruz's son?

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer . 6 days ago

she might not have killed him but she knows what happen to him. a tiger might have got him and she just covering it up to get his money and not shut down.

bodoy euir

bodoy euir . 7 days ago

Why does his oldest daughter look the youngest 👀 But yes he does need justice


foodbychefty . 7 days ago

Carol? They comin' for you, baby.

vliduu zeeb

vliduu zeeb . 1 week ago

The fact they have this murderer on the DWTS is disgusting! If Don were still alive- he would have come back one way or another

milehigh above the rest

milehigh above the rest . 1 week ago

you guys arnt alone we feel the same as you guys do and its common sense look at the way carol reacts to this she is heartless cold blooded like her tigers she deserves life behind bars

cnmmd qiuoo

cnmmd qiuoo . 1 week ago


Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas . 1 week ago

If Carole Baskin wins, we riot.

Vince Marra

Vince Marra . 1 week ago

Yo donna ur 🔥 inbox me lol

Christopher Eckstein

Christopher Eckstein . 1 week ago

The ultimate troll job by the Lewis Family😂😂😂

Justin S

Justin S . 1 week ago

Alright, stop the cap. Because this is NOT the only case, we have of someone whose “gone missing.” We have a lot of children and adults who go missing everyday, and it’s sad day that they don’t have a commercial for each and everyone of them. 👌🏼

Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson . 1 week ago

Carol better run 🏃‍♀️


bigdaddyharlow . 1 week ago

We all know what happened to him and if Carol’s new sausage tucking husband was worth any money he would be fed to the tigers as well!!!! Poor girls need to know what happened to their father!!!

Lettuce Alvarado

Lettuce Alvarado . 1 week ago

This played before Carole danced

serdy ximi

serdy ximi . 1 week ago

omg this is savage!!! but i love it! yall know she knows something about his disappearance. and her dance, while the song was appropriate, she was terrible.

Doom Metal Lover

Doom Metal Lover . 1 week ago

“So the whole world's wondering, did you actually grind your husband up and feed him to there tigers so there's no evidence? I'm gonna show you some stuff that will put that right in your head.” — Joe Exotic , Tiger King, Season 1: The Secret

Jacob Howerton

Jacob Howerton . 1 week ago

The attorney looks like Dallas Roberts when he played Robert Armstrong Jr on Insatiable

Phil Matic

Phil Matic . 1 week ago

Donna is an absolute baddie

Essino Dub

Essino Dub . 1 week ago

I hope this gets solved.

drttyu liqm

drttyu liqm . 1 week ago

important of a cause....

Aries Warrior41

Aries Warrior41 . 1 week ago

I Bet Carole won’t be Dancing Behind Bars....


sharp19712 . 1 week ago

I swear this seems like a episode of Scooby doo and the mystery crew..... I am waiting to hear Carol say "I would of got away with it if it wasn't for you nosey kids" lmao!!! But seriously they will catch her if she did it..... KARMA CAN BE ONE HELL OF A BITCH.....


sharp19712 . 1 week ago

The 315 dislikes is Carol's supporters and her volunteers for her tiger farm.....

dutoiu hour

dutoiu hour . 1 week ago

God Bless You All, Especially those who've lost their mom or dad...


laundromat . 1 week ago

These women are legends for airing this during dancing with the stars. I hope they get some info.


MIKULsFUNCAKEparty . 1 week ago

Omg get over already! carole wins! 💖🤣♥️

Tyler Dunn

Tyler Dunn . 1 week ago

Hey you cool cats and kittens it’s Carole

deran faith

deran faith . 1 week ago

Innocent until proven guilty. Y'all are disgusting for assuming Carole killed him because of ONE documentary.

Kymberly P

Kymberly P . 1 week ago

I really, really hope this family get closure on what happened to their father, Don Lewis. My heartfelt thoughts go out to each and everyone of them.❤️ P.S. Shame on ABC for even putting Carole on DWTS. Viewership shouldn’t be so important to supersede the obvious missing of Don Lewis. Yes, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Where is law enforcement for this case?

Kiley Eileen

Kiley Eileen . 1 week ago

Yo I get that you guys miss your father but campaigning so heavily against someone who might not have even done it just makes this look like so petty

annag cocl

annag cocl . 1 week ago

The jokes that were made at their dads expense were sickening but not nearly as sickening as what this family has been through. Heartless.

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