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The Black Keys Let's Rock [Promo 11]
The Black Keys

The Black Keys

Published on 1 year ago

New album “Let’s Rock” out now ⚡ https://warnerr.ec/tbkletsrock

Sign up for the free The Lonely Boys and Girls Club here: https://www.thelonelyboysandgirlsclub.com

Catch The Black Keys on the "Let's Rock" Tour this Fall:

Directed by Bryan Schlam

Comments :

Ray Miller

Ray Miller . 6 months ago

There was an old commercial for this called Freedom rock and it is a pardy of that.
Marvin Acklin

Marvin Acklin . 12 months ago

I absolutely love their music...their creativity, great sound, their sense of humor, so relieved they are back...they rock.
Knight Fall

Knight Fall . 1 year ago

Francis.. I don't feel so good * turns into dust *

Chamiso . 1 year ago

whats the name of the first song 0:01 ?
yes no

yes no . 1 year ago

FREEDOM ROCK! I legit have what this is parodying on vinyl, it’s actually a pretty good compilation, much like ”let’s rock”

XUgrad . 1 year ago

Shout outs to the 740 lol
Rajat Rai

Rajat Rai . 1 year ago

Good old days are back🤩
Ferny Fresh

Ferny Fresh . 1 year ago


crush41ants . 1 year ago

So I called the number....
Bryan Paul

Bryan Paul . 1 year ago

Compilation album commercials for the win

Theragingcanadian7 . 1 year ago

reminds me of "the great white north" shorts
Max Huth

Max Huth . 1 year ago

That lava lamp is a nice touch
Nico M

Nico M . 1 year ago

Stop it . Stop it. I can't even listen to more . So good!!!!! Oh wait . Its tommorow!!!
Aubrey Klamer

Aubrey Klamer . 1 year ago

Am I getting a Twin Peaks reference? 🤟

GenryHennis . 1 year ago

So the story behind this album is that there was a death row inmate that chose the electric chair as his way of death, and as he was about to be killed, he said: "Let's Rock"

FirstStrikeStudios . 1 year ago

the new album is so good! love it

FlyByrd78 . 1 year ago

Nice shout out to "Freedom Rock"
Langdon Auger

Langdon Auger . 1 year ago

Call the phone number at the end...man you have to love Dan and Pat.
Joe Salerno

Joe Salerno . 1 year ago

For the record these promo vids definitely worked...preordered my first album in a few years
Julian Brany

Julian Brany . 1 year ago

Please, can some actually order the album by sending the money to a PO Box?
Brenton Bolderoff

Brenton Bolderoff . 1 year ago

Sounds awesome. 🤘
ForRest Blank

ForRest Blank . 1 year ago

24 hours left till release , it's just too long.I'm gettin' itchy
Henrique Matheus

Henrique Matheus . 1 year ago

C O M E TO B R A Z I L (e chega de promo)

Emili . 1 year ago

My fucking god yes
Nick Cooper

Nick Cooper . 1 year ago

Kirill Rozhkov

Kirill Rozhkov . 1 year ago


Spielmann . 1 year ago

Peteris R

Peteris R . 1 year ago

Shine a Little Light riff brought tears in my eyes and I havent cried for 15 years
Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem . 1 year ago

Love this promo
Kruthika N S

Kruthika N S . 1 year ago

I love how this'd fit right into 90s Nickelodeon.
Josh Greene

Josh Greene . 1 year ago

all of them sounded good but man "shine a little light" sounded fucking amazing"
Jeremy Fallecker

Jeremy Fallecker . 1 year ago

Has anybody called the phone number? Is it a joke line or will they actually let me order over the phone? xD

HOTBALLZ . 1 year ago

This album is going to be insane.

MrWheezyE . 1 year ago

Shut up and take my money already!!! I was due to see TBK in Aus back when Pat broke his arm and then they postponed the tour and then never came back together. I was so bummed. Hopefully now I can finally see them live!

RS9291 . 1 year ago

That phone number doesn’t disappoint.
Down-on-Luck 59

Down-on-Luck 59 . 1 year ago

Yes!! 🤘⚡️💀

simio1337 . 1 year ago

That last song at the very end... I NEED IT
Joe Salerno

Joe Salerno . 1 year ago

Shine a little light sounds like my favorite song already
Mitchell Gildea

Mitchell Gildea . 1 year ago

Can it just be Friday already?
Manuel Jiménez

Manuel Jiménez . 1 year ago

vaja resoluzión

vaja resoluzión . 1 year ago

esto está malísimo... tanta publicidad anuncia un fracaso :( lo siento.
Anthony Weintraub

Anthony Weintraub . 1 year ago

Such Worth the Wait!!! Gonna sound awesome on vinyl!!! But buying the cd tommorow Well Done Black Keys!!!!!👏👍👍👍🤘🤛🤟. Let’s ROCK!!!

Max . 1 year ago

Preordered it a month ago!
Grayice 666

Grayice 666 . 1 year ago

I absolutely adore this promotional series!

Mezmer . 1 year ago

I'm hyped, by now.
Vannia Nilo

Vannia Nilo . 1 year ago

Come to Chile please!!!

BigLadSubaru . 1 year ago

Shine a Little Light sounds literally godly
Isaac Jewell

Isaac Jewell . 1 year ago

Anyone else remember the 'Freedom Rock' commercial this is based on?
Santiago Elias

Santiago Elias . 1 year ago

i got a feeling that this is gonna be a great fucking album

Homeslicer . 1 year ago

tell me sweet little lies?

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