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Doja Cat - Juicy/Say So/Like That (BBMAs Performance)


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

Eva Dalmaijer

Eva Dalmaijer . 4 minutes ago

okay but the fact that she did the say so tiktok dance 😍

Ja Roza

Ja Roza . 8 minutes ago



semiroblox . 15 minutes ago

guys this isht good this is just autotune this is not her real voice

I'm having a stroke

I'm having a stroke . 17 minutes ago

have u even seen a woman so beautiful u starting crying-


rosbin . 18 minutes ago

2:33 yeet

Chrissie Buchanan

Chrissie Buchanan . 24 minutes ago

I love how the Kardashians have spent millions to look like Doja Cat and she just over here like "I eat that lunch". GET IT.

Jazara Martin

Jazara Martin . 26 minutes ago

The fact that this still sounds good without the audience🤩.


sunny . 28 minutes ago

love this version of say so!

Yliana Sergeevna

Yliana Sergeevna . 39 minutes ago

Да, круто, слов нет!!

Saoirse Oakhart

Saoirse Oakhart . 42 minutes ago

I love the Chicago reference ❤️. DOJA CAT IS MY RELIGION


julia . 52 minutes ago


Marko Ferguson

Marko Ferguson . 54 minutes ago

OMG this performance was beautiful. More more more. I wanna see more energy from the cat next time.


RLV . 58 minutes ago

I hear Broadway calling

Eduardo Vasconcelos

Eduardo Vasconcelos . 58 minutes ago

The Roxie Heart references are just on point

donald nathan

donald nathan . 1 hour ago

This is like my 50th time watching this video, it's so epic. Rock on sis!

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown . 1 hour ago

This honestly needed to be like an hour long, I need mooooorreeee

Sheryllee Gray

Sheryllee Gray . 1 hour ago

I looove this so much


latinacrush . 1 hour ago

Dx3=Doja did dat!!!!!

Awkward Marina

Awkward Marina . 1 hour ago

Roxy Heart vibes!!!

Top Tomot

Top Tomot . 2 hours ago

I need this remix on Spotify!!

piz rux

piz rux . 2 hours ago

Almost every artist lip sinks when they are supposed to dance so this was pretty incredible

Lubaina Mubasheereen

Lubaina Mubasheereen . 2 hours ago

I want official audio of this version!!!

Tamara Barbera

Tamara Barbera . 2 hours ago

I keep rewatching 🥰

Random Stranger

Random Stranger . 2 hours ago

I love the hair !

Jakub Checinski

Jakub Checinski . 2 hours ago

these awards, what a farce


LecheFressa . 2 hours ago


latasha brown

latasha brown . 2 hours ago

Yep she did that 💪❤❤❤🎊🎉

Dureza 10Mohs

Dureza 10Mohs . 2 hours ago

Im here after hearing Motive

Macarena Pilar

Macarena Pilar . 2 hours ago

Es hermosisimaa Lpm ame la coreografia muy linda la presentación todo 😍💞💖

Hannah Lussenden

Hannah Lussenden . 2 hours ago

When women 😍😍🤤🤤

katelan stone

katelan stone . 3 hours ago

I feel like I'm watching a musical and I LOVE ITTT

Heather Cassidy Faith

Heather Cassidy Faith . 3 hours ago

Doja as a Ginger is everything 🖤👩🏽‍🦰🖤

Aidana Adilkhan

Aidana Adilkhan . 3 hours ago

U r amazing girlllll🥺🥰

Bilge Günlü

Bilge Günlü . 3 hours ago

Chicago vibes...

Lova Miss.,

Lova Miss., . 3 hours ago

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XrheaX . 3 hours ago

What a superstar

Richie G

Richie G . 3 hours ago

She’s in era of artists with lot of talents. Dance, sing, perform, emotion, yes Dojii, you do it and you do it well.

Skylar Huff

Skylar Huff . 3 hours ago


Hadi Beaini

Hadi Beaini . 3 hours ago

she is clearly influenced by Lady Gaga, and there's nothing wrong with that!


Manilove223 . 3 hours ago

I realized at near the end lot "like that" that the dancers are wearing masks, yes, be safe while dancing 👏🏽😌 this performance was beautiful and I really enjoyed without the audience since the music was clearer

Evie Bowers x

Evie Bowers x . 3 hours ago

That say so dance has come so far. It started in Hayleys bathroom and now dons is doing her dancing

Isabela Michaud

Isabela Michaud . 3 hours ago

I WANT HER DRESS someone please tell me where to get her dress and her body and her voice and her personality and her dancing abilities aaaannnnd the liiiiist goes onnnn and onnnnn

sulamita anna Angulo saravia

sulamita anna Angulo saravia . 4 hours ago

It was unique I love doja cat ❤️❤️ #hotpink

An African Child

An African Child . 4 hours ago

The fact that the dancers were wearing masks is the sexiest part of this show

Alya Nabila21

Alya Nabila21 . 4 hours ago

She litterly dint use autotune in her music videos Her voice is the same i-

Manel kh

Manel kh . 4 hours ago

What a talent 💙


Sophie-Louise . 4 hours ago

I love this performance with every fiver of my soul

Chloe H. A.

Chloe H. A. . 4 hours ago

i’m so obsessed with her live performances


Elis . 4 hours ago

I cant stop rewatching this. I think about this performance so many times during the day.

Kezia Hendi

Kezia Hendi . 4 hours ago

hai anyeonghaseyo 5,1 K people whats wrong?

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