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CYPHER: Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter & Tata (PART 2)
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On The Radar Radio

Published on 3 weeks ago



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onewayzy . 3 minutes ago

the mic movment was crazy fire
george androtsakis

george androtsakis . 2 hours ago

does tata and jen have a song for the last free style

Richard . 3 hours ago

4:54 when the beat drop with the JENN JENN JENNN!!
Yaya Julie

Yaya Julie . 3 hours ago

Pousete is crazy my nigga
Ethan Espinal

Ethan Espinal . 4 hours ago

What’s the name of the song thootie dead on the couch

💫Wyd.MD💫 . 5 hours ago

Every opp shot everything dead 4 1 shots to the head
Joshua Kaska

Joshua Kaska . 6 hours ago

They grow up so much😮
Julian Gore

Julian Gore . 9 hours ago

Why Tata so short

Jamal . 11 hours ago

Rico Savage

Rico Savage . 12 hours ago

This man is just putting ette in front of every wordette
JJ ToBeast

JJ ToBeast . 14 hours ago

What was the first song Tata was spittin shit fire
Dayonna Young

Dayonna Young . 14 hours ago

Has anyone seen how short tata looks compared to Kyle Rich

Bubba_gz . 14 hours ago

Tata on sum Rs in the beginning

KCITMSTUDIOS . 14 hours ago


GuiltGT . 18 hours ago

6:37 just making up word s at this point

wxlruz . 20 hours ago

this the jenn carter cypher not 41 ong
Rose Sonic

Rose Sonic . 21 hours ago

This shit puts W in Win
Maverik Cooper

Maverik Cooper . 22 hours ago

“I’m wit my brothers nigga fuck a friend” -tata
Maverik Cooper

Maverik Cooper . 22 hours ago

“I’m wit my brothers nigga fuck a friend” -tata


Nah Spanish drill crazy though

Jeffree . 1 day ago

jenn carter has more rizz than kr and tata 💀
Caleb Rijos

Caleb Rijos . 1 day ago

Jennnnnn Jennnn Jennnnnn
breanna martin

breanna martin . 1 day ago

What’s the songs ???? I need them !
Elizabeth Minaya

Elizabeth Minaya . 1 day ago

They were saying gibberish wasent even Spanish 💀

FITZ Matt . 1 day ago

Whats the song at 3:27

Carti2Live . 1 day ago

It’s gone sound wild but tata remind me of tory lanez when he rapping n tory got bars
bunzo 201

bunzo 201 . 2 days ago


しばイッヌ . 2 days ago

Aaliyah Prater

Aaliyah Prater . 2 days ago

To hard 🔥🔥
Emmanuel Adams

Emmanuel Adams . 2 days ago

tata had that meek mill flow for a minute

Shad.3bk . 2 days ago

Tata the best

Joshawn . 2 days ago


gniyah🩷 . 2 days ago

Tata ate it give meek mill
Brian Terranova

Brian Terranova . 2 days ago


TITO VISION . 2 days ago

Tata the best one ☝️
Nate D

Nate D . 2 days ago

They be going carzy 👿👿

onewithjamal . 2 days ago

5:13 best part of this cypher

jj . 2 days ago

These guys soaking that mic 😂

bartye . 3 days ago

Clipped by omar

Clipped by omar . 3 days ago

We're back again
Grrah, look

Right now I'm high up in the air, all my thoughts rotting my brain
My anxiety through the roof, I swear I hate the fucking plane
And I just hate it when it rain, where was you when it was raining on me?
I was in pain, all these niggas just kept—
Money attract the girls you want, struggle will attract the girls you need
I don't brag about this shit, but it's so much people I—
But where they at when I'm in need? Nowhere to be found, I'm by myself
I been barely fucking eating, I eat percs, I need some help
Fuck being rich, bitch, I need growth, D\drugs not good for my health
Every time mе and her fuck, I think about how she fucked somеone else
I think about it and I cry, I think about it, I get high
I think about it, how she lied, bitch, you said he was just a friend
Huh, I walk up in the club, I'm throwing 10
Huh, I'm with my brothers, nigga, fuck a friend
Every time when I get mad, I mask up and then I bend
Like, bitch I'm throwing up the dub, all these niggas follow trends
And I swear I got no friends, I did it by my lonely
Yeah, I do shit for niggas, but they don't owe me
I let it rip for niggas, that was the old me
Like, fuck this label shit, they tryna own me
And they know I'm one of a kind, swear these niggas cannot clone me
That's a fact, nigga, I don't talk, so I just rap, nigga
41, like, I put this shit on my back, nigga
And that's no cap, nigga, like, I be smacked, nigga

Only the real can relate, at the top we don't care 'bout your view
Fuck them bitches, I'm all about you, why do you treat me the way that you do?
If I went back to the bottom, is you really ridin' it through?
Like, why is you hiding the truth? Flexin' the shit I was buying for you
Everyone wanna' feel some love, Can't see my bro, he got limited visits
Know he good every crib that he been in, like, on the phone with unlimited minutes
And if the energy off, I'ma—
She get the drugs when we met at the function
80 degrees we can go to the beach, roll up a spliff while we watching the sunset
Like, lets have a talk, open up, let me get in your mental
I don't want you to see me for my money, like, I want the love to be real
Tryna see if she solid for real, mutual feelings, you feel what I feel (Grrah)
Like, if I crash is you grabbin' the wheel?
Keep it a buck bitch, what is you doin' for me?
Got myself, it ain't nothing I need, like, if I lose it, is you gonna leave?
Damn, I'm damaged, don't judge, heart broke, we can fix it with trust
Like—, like, damn, I miss you too, but she pretty, I can't get enough
[Verse 2: Jenn Carter]
Fuck this love, I can't tell if it's true, double back, she gon' times it by two
In the stu' with my tool I'ma talk in the—, and that bitch not a lover from my point of view
Grrah, where the fuck is you at? When I'm calling her phone, she not calling me back
This bitch on my body, she got me attached, fuck these feelings, I got in my—
We could go tick for tack, I would still never lack
On her body, she on timing, but I could tell it's a—
If she just want me for the bucks, then that dumb bitch is outta—
I keep my feelings in the cut, now that shit twinning with my gun
Grrah, mix Sprite with Tris
Come here, one more kiss, only feel safe with my hand on your hip
If they talking, I don't give a shit, like, said I don't give a fuck
If they—, but—, I don't know if it's love or it's lust

Grrah, grrah, grrah
Inside I be hurt, put the pain in the vocal, I got money, still try to be noble
Make some mistakes that I ain't had to go through, like, I'm not in the can
Still alive, I thank God, he almighty, said, "Be careful with each of your mans"
Read red signs, I ain't taking them lightly, like, damn
I got money by being myself, why everybody keep taking my flow?
Like If I die they gon' call me a GOAT, don't wanna die so I walk with a ghost
Can't be happy, my niggas in pain, 'cause I still be feeling the same
Real nigga not looking for credit and if it's beef then I don't wanna get it
Thootie, Thootie, dead on the couch
I'm tryna—, what the wetty about?
I don't put trust, don't put faith in these bitches, they just want the life that I'm living
Pray to God everyday, I be sinning, like, begging the Lord for forgiveness
[Part IV: Jenn Jenn Jenn]

Grrah, it's a lot of these bitches that diss way, way more than me
And they still wasn't shaking with niggas
They on my dick 'cause I'm different, I like that
You can tell I be breaking up bitches
I do this shit 'cause the love for my—
You can tell I'm the realest, that's word to my mother
Like, niggas drid 'cause we road to the riches
I won't sell my soul, I can't give them my—
Like, stop jacking, I ran on the bros, got it on every trip, if you know then you know
Niggas done ran on they dead, but they stay on my dick, 'cause I got on my bros

The fuck?
And this nigga keep moaning my name up on Live, I think that he DL
Wasn't you just getting shiggy to deuce? Like, I remember the details
Niggas ain't putting no pain and it shows, I can't use none of my brothers to spice up my—
Like, together we aim for the top, I won't ever be happy until gang is on froze
And they mad 'cause we really got talent, I been lit since I mentioned Thee Stallion
Can't compete, it won't ever be balanced, these niggas rap like they mentally—
This not a race, it's a different commute, when I walk in the—, all I hear is the deuce, like (Jenn, Jenn, Jenn)
Jenn, Jenn, oh, I get it, deuce on my dick now you wanna act cool
Sip-sip wock, no, I cannot improve, I'm done beefing with kids that ain't graduate school
Suck dick, I don't mean to be rude, grrah, I'm really tougher than—
Said the love that I got from my brothers is—
And the bitches start shaking they hips to this rhythm
Too-too tact, I cannot slip, like, and they mention my name 'cause I'm lit
It's a couple of niggas, they bitch on my—, I don't pay them no mind I be off of the Tris

[Intro: Tata]
Huh, ha, bitch
Huh, every opp shot, everything dead, huh
41 shots to the head
Huh, look, grrah

Star B with the G, don't miss, like, everyone suck my dick
Like, Preme, dump that shit, no, I won't send the addy, can't trust that bitch
Like, I throw up the four and the dub, that's a fact
Bitch fire, her pussy is wack
Why she keep dissing? That bitch is a bum
Like, I make Jenny hit her with the strap
Bitch, and I keep the Glock-ete
Like, she tryna swing the puss-ete
And I'm all in her—, like
When I back out this knocker, he better run-ete
Bitch, and I keep the Glock-ete
Like, she tryna swing the puss-ete
And I'm all in her—, like
When I back out this knocker, he better run-ete

SV, know that he too clutch
Move back, I got my ruger
That bitch a dummy, go hop in the Uber
Stupid bitches be fucking my mood up
Like, I told Tata he can't leave a trace
'Cause bullets be spraying like mace
Hollows gon' hit 'em and make 'em erase
Like, and the beam on his face like a lace
Grah, and I keep a Berre-te
I got all the dootetes
Walk in the party, I'm starting a frenzy
I got a baddie, this bitch a brunette
I cannot misplace it
D's on my body, we go on a race
It's a G in the V, we don't stop for the jakes, bitch, grrah
We don't stop for the jakes, bitch

Every opp shot
Grrah, grrah, boom, nigga
Fucking Carter, dickhead (41 shots to the head, bitch)
Grrah, grrah, grrah, grrah
Grrah, grah
Kendra Sanders

Kendra Sanders . 3 days ago

That shit was fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Exruka . 3 days ago

Davonna Salmon

Davonna Salmon . 3 days ago

Y'all killed keep going this fire
Costi Enic

Costi Enic . 3 days ago

Shittttt this just turned my fav song in sec no wayy
Marquis Kinney

Marquis Kinney . 3 days ago

Tata part go hard on god

iSATV . 3 days ago

5:49 why tata sound like a retarded cartoon character
Gun Smokers

Gun Smokers . 3 days ago

5:50 so hard

eXxtr0 . 3 days ago

5:49 tata is crazy
Corey Boi

Corey Boi . 4 days ago

This hard too 🤣🤣🤣
David Sheriff

David Sheriff . 4 days ago


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