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Watch Mulatto recall how mistaken identity led to her wrongful arrest


Published on 11 months ago

With her massive eyes and buttery voice, Atlanta rapper #Mulatto is a figure who’s hard to forget. Like a doll brought to life, watching one of the Rap Game winner’s videos can be like watching someone grown in a lab to reach ‘iconic’ status as fast as possible. Still, this distinctiveness means that she’s visible from a mile away — as was the case when she was wrongfully arrested for theft and incarcerated. In her Remember That Time, the rising musician — who recently netted her first Billboard Hot 100 hit — recounts the strange saga of her arrest and release. It’s a harrowing tale for sure, but the way Big Latto tells it, you may not realize at first.

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Comments :

Joséline Starlilly

Joséline Starlilly . 2 weeks ago

The actual reality of it makes me pissed asl but the way she was describing it was so funny😭😭


KahVera . 2 months ago

She’s a lot more lighthearted than her music cuz her music makes me wanna slap people for looking at me 😂 she definitely using music for her therapy.


The2Oneals . 3 months ago

Ain nothin wrong with cussing but she cuss way too much. It's not lady-like. And she try way too hard to be hood.


FRANÇOIS PELLETTE . 4 months ago

she can literally sue that police officer in federal court

TTG Montanna

TTG Montanna . 4 months ago

Queen Lotto


freakyflow . 6 months ago

What most people dont know is most lawsuits You cant talk about them afterwards

Terrance Roach

Terrance Roach . 6 months ago

Ooh. Hell nah. Pine St. Smh .

Bradley DenHerder

Bradley DenHerder . 7 months ago

Damn! That’s so crazy. She’s so funny and she’s so fabulous! Love her!

CT Burton

CT Burton . 8 months ago

I would have been in jail after all that for being so pist off about wrongfully being arrested.

Rish Mc

Rish Mc . 9 months ago

I came from the chief keef interview anyone else?

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar . 9 months ago

She looks like she could be Faith Evans daughter !!!!..... wow 🤩 IJS So pretty & funny proud of her!

Bosslady A

Bosslady A . 9 months ago

I love her and the music she is putting out is banging she’ll be bigger than Meg thee Stallion in a few. However, this story is a Whole lie. I’m sorry it does sound like you lying sis . Girl I’m a whole flight attendant for a major airline. If your getting arrested in the airport it’s something serious & not a damn warrant out for your arrest for mistaken theft🙄. 1st off do you know how many ppl successfully fly with warrants!? A LOT!!!!... You need to be on a terrorist list, the do not fly list, on homeland security list, or on customs & border protrols , fbi, cia, list for them to even stop you. Then you got mistaken for prostitution 🤣🤣🤣 bruh the type of shit that you were describing that got stolen. Sounds like the victim was a high profiled business person so let’s just say hypothetically speaking this story is some what true. those type of men with power and money usually use a “escort service” were its really profitable & Professionally ran. They don’t want to run the risk of getting caught with a regular prostitute. Last but not least how did you mistakenly get identified as the suspect enough for them to find what airline, what airport, what gate & what departure time you were leaving. Girl that information would be for the FBI or CIA considering your a USA citizen. So let’s say they did arrest the right girl, it’s still not enough probable cause to arrest you at the airport. There is no way “Airport police is going to arrest one for theft that did not happen at the airport or is not posing flight risk, and then a warrant from a month ago . Just doesn’t work that way babe! Moral of the story G, your ass cap asf with this storyline. You better be like JT(from city girls) & just own up to your theft. Mfs will still fuck with you I know I will your talented. Mistaken identity does happen I’ve been a victim myself & it sucks. Cut this bogus ass story though! Bcs you straight lying 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣


Reine . 9 months ago

She should’ve sued that’s ridiculous.


Y O . 9 months ago

1:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Acer . 10 months ago

Is this the girl on that show


PRIYAH 7 . 10 months ago

I've heard about the bend and cough and still don't know what the fuck is necessary for still and I believe it's stupid.

Tawana Turner

Tawana Turner . 10 months ago


Caitlin L

Caitlin L . 10 months ago

I died at this shit omg

The Pinkprint

The Pinkprint . 10 months ago

please sue

Magatha Ebai

Magatha Ebai . 10 months ago

Latto should have sued them.


sunnykwan111 . 10 months ago

Watch out guys! The FADER is an alt-right channel operated by edgelords! Don't watch their content and risk becoming a brainwashed conservative! Armed with their primary weapon, the DMCA Takedown, they are unstoppable!


KhiyahJade💟 . 10 months ago



Aladi1st . 10 months ago

The police dept would have been sued


Ceelyn . 10 months ago

Damn. No wonder she said eff Sgt. Reed! Eff her for real!!


*SweetLisaJohnson* . 10 months ago

My sister pulled this shit.. we look alike but different tattoos.. anyways she got pulled over 5 charges and used my name cus she had other warrants next thing u know im driving and they pull me over saying i had warrant ran my plates..not jokin... im like ohhh hell nooo.. we figured it out but it was a mess. The mug shot they took of her got me free.👍 cus she was 20 pounds heavier and my tats were different 😊😆

ashanti babes_

ashanti babes_ . 10 months ago

I literally love her


Kadericka . 10 months ago

That’s fuc*ed up 😭😭

Hayaa Hhf

Hayaa Hhf . 10 months ago

She a good story teller


Marissaaa . 10 months ago

The edits make it more funny😭

El Ñigleto

El Ñigleto . 10 months ago

hope she sued the living daylights out of them

MyiaGoingInsane B

MyiaGoingInsane B . 10 months ago

Yooo I would love to chill with Latto, like I'm sitting up here laughing like me and you on the phone🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 you are hilarious!!!!!!!

Syerra Patton

Syerra Patton . 10 months ago

That was funny you going with us nah I’m bout to get on this plain

Willie Waters

Willie Waters . 10 months ago

I’m sorry but she is so fucking fine I was zoning out her whole story just looking at her

Venus Mercury

Venus Mercury . 10 months ago

If you didn't sue you crazy what if you got hurt for something you didn't do.

Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer Edwards . 10 months ago

I love latto

Jenae Smith

Jenae Smith . 10 months ago

That Sargent was lucky! 😉😏

Danielle shanell

Danielle shanell . 10 months ago

Wow and people were so quick to say she a the was a thief without the facts smh

Tuity 33

Tuity 33 . 10 months ago

They should be sued

Tuity 33

Tuity 33 . 10 months ago

Wow...perfect record...system down...this girl is jailed for 3 days and she had a perfect record that’s unacceptable!


Kayla . 10 months ago

Strip? Butt naked?? I know them ladies was enjoying the show 😂


LL GRANDSON THE GOAT . 10 months ago

She funny asf😂😭

Kia the CEO

Kia the CEO . 10 months ago


Gabrielle Durham

Gabrielle Durham . 10 months ago

I can’t believe she didn’t sue the department

Gabrielle Durham

Gabrielle Durham . 10 months ago

You didn’t call your lawyer?!

Tha Missiz

Tha Missiz . 10 months ago

No refunds, bixh you better be suing.

Kimy Pooh

Kimy Pooh . 10 months ago

Wow thats so fucking sad

Antonio Johnson

Antonio Johnson . 10 months ago

She is a good storyteller

MudHERO Media

MudHERO Media . 10 months ago

She definitely was the one that stole his shit she just got away with it

La Guisela

La Guisela . 10 months ago

She growing on me 😅

Ashley Sosa

Ashley Sosa . 10 months ago

she said made my first day out song 😭🤣

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