Outkast's Big Boi and Sleepy Brown drop in to talk what new music they have in the works and their Dungeon family brotherhood.

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Big Boi & Sleepy Brown On New Music, Dungeon Family Brotherhood, New School Comparisons + More

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


Comments :


DRE LOCO . 2 days ago

Big Boi hasn’t aged a day

ReD ReaVeR

ReD ReaVeR . 2 days ago


Aristotle Warbuck

Aristotle Warbuck . 2 weeks ago

"Raw D!&k and Netflix"..Lol..classic

christal cephas

christal cephas . 3 weeks ago

"Free your mind.... and do what's right."

Frederick Ormsby

Frederick Ormsby . 3 weeks ago

I had some songs I wrote and Sleepy was gonna check them out back in 07-08. Couldn't make it happen but it's good he bounced back.

joshua hardegree

joshua hardegree . 3 weeks ago

The sheep dont see the wolf until they swallow em. ⛪ church


LILSNUPERIP . 3 weeks ago

we need 3000 up there make it happen breakfast club!

Justin Cluj

Justin Cluj . 4 weeks ago

had the privilege to watch Big Boi and Sleepy perform live in concert easily the best show i have ever seen PERIOD. these guys give it their all energy, hype, entertainment and actually show love, respect and appreciation to the fans. Sleepy is the ultimate hype-man, Hook singer and back up dancer!

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen . 4 weeks ago

Been down with OutKast since Southernplayalistic and Sleepy Brown since The Vinyl Room...

Oswald Williams

Oswald Williams . 4 weeks ago

The south ain't look back since .. real shit c da God

Oswald Williams

Oswald Williams . 4 weeks ago

Proud of big boy & OutKast . Dungeon family 4life

Dingolay Star

Dingolay Star . 4 weeks ago

Did ya'll catch that? Sleepy Brown's father is a member of Brick. Wow, no wonder he's a good singer.

music gods

music gods . 4 weeks ago

Andre 3000 was seen in a film trailer https://www.instagram.com/p/B1KWk7DDzpm/?igshid=1uzb41lus957g

Chad Stein

Chad Stein . 1 month ago

"I Love The Way You Move" is a classic, but that "I Can't Wait"...I put that joint higher on my list.

Krajis KOON

Krajis KOON . 1 month ago

ATL low key a hood classic. Menace To Society for the WEST, Belly for NEW YORK, and ATL for the SOUTH. Got the star power, the sick quotables, you name it...just straight classic man.

Aswan Aswan

Aswan Aswan . 1 month ago

C-port in the house!!!!

MoonShine GodIs

MoonShine GodIs . 1 month ago

I forgot Envy was there.

Geo Cyo

Geo Cyo . 1 month ago

Yo he got to be proud as shit. A wife that's really on his team, kids pursuing their dreams, a revered career... this is what 'having it made' is.


JerrenB . 1 month ago

this interview wasn't long enough I love these guys man lots of good advice

Mekia Malone

Mekia Malone . 1 month ago

I love big boi

Judah 94

Judah 94 . 1 month ago

Can we get ATL part 2?

superwisewomen Stanley

superwisewomen Stanley . 1 month ago

Glad i save this.

superwisewomen Stanley

superwisewomen Stanley . 1 month ago

Wow independent thinker. Wow .

caliboy music

caliboy music . 1 month ago


Jack Nolen

Jack Nolen . 1 month ago

Big has always been wiser than his years. Great interview. OutKast is everlasting.

Bruce Profits

Bruce Profits . 1 month ago


DeeJae Aim High

DeeJae Aim High . 1 month ago

I need an Outkast album asap!

Brian Turner

Brian Turner . 1 month ago

Future came up under the OutKast and the dungeon family

Brian Turner

Brian Turner . 1 month ago

Big boi is a underated lyricist.Being in a duo with 3 stacks he got over shadowed


OhMyItsAry . 1 month ago

Booooooi stahhhhhhp

Sanford Lanham

Sanford Lanham . 1 month ago

Just was Bumping West Savannah Last night


wculler6 . 1 month ago

Sleepy Brown has an album called "Sleepy's Theme- The Vinyl Room". If you're a player, you know about it. If not it's a underground classic! You should listen.

Mr. Latham

Mr. Latham . 1 month ago

I still don't understand why Andre 300 not working with Dungeon family??


jhale0314 . 1 month ago

Funniest part of this interview slanging raw d and Netflix lol then the part still hansome with a strong back 😵 💀 😆 😂 😝


jayblack3c3 . 1 month ago

I wonder what it’ll be like to have both Sleepy Brown and Trae the truth in the same room lol.


TimeAintNoGame . 1 month ago

Big Boi got a health wiz, a psychologist and an architect in the making. And he's one of the greatest emcees known to man. That's peace.

Derek Dalton

Derek Dalton . 1 month ago

Intentions song slap!!


GR8 GR8 . 1 month ago

😂😂😂 Big Boi that funny Southern uncle that’s with the shit if it goes down and can rap too

OnlyWay2DoIt Ent

OnlyWay2DoIt Ent . 1 month ago

Good ass interview

Blacc Feather

Blacc Feather . 1 month ago

Wtf is andre tree towelsand

Mocha Monroe

Mocha Monroe . 1 month ago

I love a chocolate man like Big Boi 😩😩😍😍

On the Shoulders of Giants

On the Shoulders of Giants . 1 month ago

Anyone who thinks Big Boi didn't hold his own with 3000 is a dumb ass.


80STRATOCASTER . 1 month ago

Love Outkast

Ivan Cohen

Ivan Cohen . 1 month ago

The Dungeon Family was the greatest collection of musical talents over the last 35 years!!! Salute to these bruthas for making timeless music✊🏿


MsFears . 1 month ago

BET needs to honor OutKast and the Dungeon Family.


MyaFan443 . 1 month ago

Living legends.

Elle Deeyen

Elle Deeyen . 1 month ago

Sleepy Brown | Sunday Morning 💖💖💖

Leon Summers

Leon Summers . 1 month ago

Am I the only one who didn't think that woman was trying to be disrespectful

D'Meat Roberson

D'Meat Roberson . 1 month ago

Definition of a legacy starts at 4:15 .

William Mckinney

William Mckinney . 1 month ago

Atlanta works together unlike other cities. Baltimore full of haters.

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