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School of Rock Cast Reunion | Jack Black, Brian Falduto, Robert Tsai
Fifteen years since its release, School of Rock still holds up as a classic rock comedy for the ages. From the stage-diving antics to long insane solos by lead guitarist, Dewey, it is a real-life alternate persona of Tenacious D’s Jack Black. The talented comedian and musician brought the joys of Rock and Roll on screen and introduced rock music and history to a new generation. Find out what the cast of School Of Rock is up to nowadays.

0:00 School of Rock Cast Then and Now
0:27 School Of Rock Immigrant Song
1:30 School Of Rock The Highest Paid Child Actress
1:55 School Of Rock Joey Gaydos Jr. as Zach Mooney
2:31 School Of Rock Robert Tsai as Lawrence aka Mr. Cool
3:02 School Of Rock Kevin Alexander Clark as “Spazzy McGee”
3:30 School Of Rock Reunion
3:41 School Of Rock Rebecca Julia Brown as Katie
3:36 School Of Rock Sweet Revenge
4:15 School Of Rock Brian Falduto as Billy
4:54 School Of Rock Angelo Massagli as Frankie
5:17 School Of Rock Ned Schneebly
5:45 School Of Rock Ned Schneebly Brad’s Status
5:54 School Of Rock Sarah Silverman as Laura
6:30 School Of Rock Joan Cusack as Principal Mullins
7:04 School Of Rock Joan Cusack Toy Story 4
7:10 School Of Rock Jack Black as Dewey Finn
7:53 School Of Rock Jack Black Tenacious D
8:10 School Of Rock Tenacious D Post-Apocalypto

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