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What's Wrong With Being Uncircumcised?!
Daquan Wiltshire

Daquan Wiltshire

Published on 3 years ago

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Comments :


OmarsDad . 4 hours ago

Your shit looks like the end of a sweet potato~LongbeachGriffey 🤣🤣🤣🤣

TiTaN PlAyS . 2 days ago

Pull back gang

THE ASMR . 4 days ago

Goid luck with the cock cheese

Singleverse . 2 weeks ago

Jack Hoff

Jack Hoff . 2 weeks ago

This man spitting facts
Deana Garnett

Deana Garnett . 2 weeks ago

I swear I love you! You sooo crazy!
Tom Colucci

Tom Colucci . 2 weeks ago

Respect ✊🏼
Yaran A

Yaran A . 3 weeks ago

my nigga i got phimosis so I cant pull my shit back make me hella insecure lol

RyanNicolasInQuarantine . 4 weeks ago

As someone who is circumcised I do not give a damn whether or not you are circumcised or not since you got a deck and you can use it
CJR Salinas

CJR Salinas . 2 months ago

LOL The Pull Back Club🤣🤣🤣
Black Skeletor

Black Skeletor . 2 months ago

bro there are so many women who are so disrespectful to circumcised niggas, like bro they call them mutilated dicks like bro mutilation means that shit dont work
Thomas Hernandez

Thomas Hernandez . 2 months ago

I'm a male. The smell of uncut is stanky.
Cesar Cabrera

Cesar Cabrera . 2 months ago

Yo this man got me weak
Cesar Cabrera

Cesar Cabrera . 2 months ago

Pull back gang shit outside all the time pull up fuck all the oppz
No Name

No Name . 2 months ago

My girl ded said she glad I’m not cut
fat guy ninga

fat guy ninga . 2 months ago

Foreskin tattoo sounds dope as shit
[ Za1b3rr0 ]

[ Za1b3rr0 ] . 2 months ago

Thanks this helped alot
Felix 4Now

Felix 4Now . 2 months ago

I like to call it the mutilated club. And the natural club

Gohanblanco . 2 months ago

When in doubt wip it out

ira2581 . 3 months ago

"Proud nigga of the pull back gang" XD BRUH, PULLLLL BACKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coruto Of The Akatsuki

Coruto Of The Akatsuki . 3 months ago

Jonathan Castro

Jonathan Castro . 3 months ago

red x17

red x17 . 3 months ago

Most Europeans are natural, I'm suprised so many Americans are circumcised. I'm natural and cant comprehend how you can allow the sensitive part touch everything

jx14aby . 3 months ago

Great rant. But do you have to drop so many "N" bombs?
Leechi Scott

Leechi Scott . 4 months ago

Thx mynigga
Kwintyn Essex

Kwintyn Essex . 4 months ago

So is it bad to be circumsized? Cause I've been reading these comments and there's some serious hate

63586jonathan . 4 months ago

Pull Back Gang. Love this shit

Stephanie . 4 months ago

Wash Yo Dam Nuts!😅 https://youtu.be/7Q7RStifurs

iPolyBoy . 4 months ago

1:42 funniest shit
Unpredictable_One_ UFC

Unpredictable_One_ UFC . 4 months ago

Let's talk about that roast beaf between most womens legs. How bout dat
Frogo's Player 1

Frogo's Player 1 . 4 months ago

Circumcision is uncommon in my country so it's weird to think of a guy not having a foreskin... feels like seeing someone missing their face...
Malachi Townsley

Malachi Townsley . 4 months ago

Reasons to circumcise: 1) God 2) It's pretty Reasons not: 1) idk it's warmer?
Lieum Charity

Lieum Charity . 4 months ago

Whats wrong with leaving it natural? I don't get what people trippin over

NXH3M!AH ! . 4 months ago

wtf nigga still here
Deena C Cohl

Deena C Cohl . 4 months ago

I still remember the smell. Ugh yuckity

THE KGB . 5 months ago

Turtle neck gang
The King

The King . 5 months ago

I don’t understand why either matters. It’s cool to be natural. I’m not lookin at ya dick so why should I care? Same with being circumcised. I’m circumcised, but I’m not sitting here rallying for either side because it is what it is. If you got circumcised as a baby. Good for you. If you didn’t... good for you.

Gabriel . 5 months ago

Pain, bleeding and infection comes with circumcision.
Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams . 5 months ago

CBC 00

CBC 00 . 5 months ago

Wind 35

Wind 35 . 5 months ago

Pull back gang

ARMANDO GARNICA . 5 months ago

I am circumstance

Clikstan . 6 months ago

I'm un-cut, and sometimes times get shit for it, and I dont get why, it has perks, never ever needed lotion in my life bro

Polo . 6 months ago

If a girl says to you sorry “I prefer someone that’s circumcised” just say to them “sorry I prefer a girl with big tits and ass” or if they’re chubby just say I want someone that’s not fat. So they know how it feels when someone says that shit to them.
Matt Ruth

Matt Ruth . 6 months ago

I'm insecure for being circumcised.
Tyrone Makentire

Tyrone Makentire . 6 months ago

Pull back gang
Lebum james

Lebum james . 6 months ago

Jay jay

Jay jay . 6 months ago

Look at this fat ass nigga😂😂
Beast mode gamer

Beast mode gamer . 6 months ago

Nikola Malkovich

Nikola Malkovich . 7 months ago

Hell yes! Love this dude’s videos lol I’m proud to be intact

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