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John Prine - John Prine (Full Album)


Published on 8 months ago

"A brilliant storyteller of extraordinary wit, perception, social conscience, and deep humanity... John Prine will be deeply missed by his fellow artists and songwriters, and his many devoted fans across the globe." - Kevin Gore, Warner Music Group, President, Global Catalog

Track Listing:
1. Illegal Smile 00:00
2. Spanish Pipedream 3:13
3. Hello In There 5:54
4. Sam Stone 10:24
5. Paradise 14:39
6. Pretty Good 17:52
7. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore 21:29
8. Far From Me 24:22
9. Angel From Montgomery 28:03
10. Quiet Man 31:48
11. Donald And Lydia 34:41
12. Six O'Clock News 39:10
13. Flashback Blues 42:01

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Comments :


Jay . 4 days ago

@rhino. Fuck you.


鈴木哲夫 . 2 weeks ago

Nice Singer!

blue or gold

blue or gold . 2 weeks ago

Beautiful work of art

Joanna Sternberg

Joanna Sternberg . 2 weeks ago



mahalokid . 3 weeks ago

Im just hearing him for the first time right now. Jeez i think i missed out

Leo Kreimer

Leo Kreimer . 3 weeks ago

John.. go rest high in that mountain.. ( V.G. )


featherknife . 1 month ago

One of the first songs I ever learned how to play on the guitar was "Hello in There" right after this album came out. Learned it from a girl named Ashley. The Belle from Bowie.


KT123Caton . 1 month ago

Only just came across this guy unfortunately His music is brilliant.

Gyro Onesix

Gyro Onesix . 1 month ago

I still have his cassette, Prime Time. ‘72.

Gyro Onesix

Gyro Onesix . 1 month ago

191 are mentally brain washed....

Joseph Yates

Joseph Yates . 2 months ago

I shall always Love this man I have never met. My sister in law was a nun John. No shit. I hope I meet you in the next one. Sing a song to God for me and all of us her a still suffering.

Bill Heineman

Bill Heineman . 2 months ago

Happy Birthday in Heaven John

Dimitrios Kotsimpos

Dimitrios Kotsimpos . 2 months ago

i am listening to the greatest albums of all time according to rolling stones magazine

Terry Mclaughlin

Terry Mclaughlin . 2 months ago

John prince you brought sweet melodies to me for over 40 years. Its a shame I never got to see you in concert. I'm sure I would have loved it as much as I loved this album. Well a cassette anyway. I listened to it so much I wore it out and had to buy a new one. I know every word and every cord to this album. Your songs about life, you nailed right on the head. You definitely knew how to tell a tale and put it to music. John prince you will surely be missed by me and many others. RIP you very talented individual cause when I get up there I am going to want to hear you play. With all my respect, Terry McLaughlin

Al M

Al M . 2 months ago

I'm still in mourning for John and his voice is still in my head. I am a lover of social reailism, a poet and publisher of the Blue Collar Review, a journal of progressive Working Class literature. As such, I wrote this poem for John -- and for all of us who love and miss him -- Dear John Bury my heart in Muhlenberg county in a motel in Shreveport in the jungles of East St. Paul A poet who sang the soul of a better Americana jokes and tears in the nitty-gritty realism of life's long hard road Bury that part of our soul this soul that listened and sang along for years and years "that flow by like a broken down dam" Damn your soulprint still so large your voice so widespread your presence remains as if you're still among us and you are. Al Markowitz

Carol Duerig

Carol Duerig . 2 months ago

When I die I plan to join John Prine 5 miles from wherever I am. In other words, in Paradise!

Rena McVey

Rena McVey . 2 months ago

Never, ever will there be another John Prine! I love you and have for 35 yrs! God rest your soul , my friend.💙🙏

Anthony Pagano

Anthony Pagano . 2 months ago

Remember seeing him at the Cellar Door in DC in the early 70s with Bonnie Rait. They were great! Miss those days.

Charlotte Collins

Charlotte Collins . 2 months ago

hungry like the wolf

christopher j. ohlsen

christopher j. ohlsen . 2 months ago

I still remember picking this up, 20 years young in ‘ 72 after hearing Paradise on the radio, everyone that came over wanted to hear it. One great story after another. Who needed TV? Amazing .

Vicky Jordan

Vicky Jordan . 2 months ago

Mark, his dad Bob and I have loved John Prine for forty- to fifty yrs ..they're both gone only from this place..they will never be gone..I

Vicky Jordan

Vicky Jordan . 2 months ago

I've loved it that long too..my best friend Mark just passed

Jamie P

Jamie P . 2 months ago

Still listening Dad! I wish we were still camping, and most of all I wish you were still here. See you again one day! Love you.

roger watkins

roger watkins . 2 months ago

im 63 introduced a fellow worker to his music , the fellow worker was 23 he said i like all his songs , he said thanks for the introduction he was the one that actually told me john had the virus. rip great songs, great long ride

Edward clark

Edward clark . 2 months ago

This is like fine wine gets better with age,Thanks Johnny for helping me make sense of it all.

Lucian Higginbotham

Lucian Higginbotham . 3 months ago

Your flag lapel pin won't get you into heaven anymore!!

Reggie Martin

Reggie Martin . 3 months ago

I was living in Louisiana and fresh out of high school when John Prine, Randy Newman, Bonnie Rait and a few more folks put on an outdoor concert. I was hooked on all three immediately. John had music that was controversial at times. Randy Newman went on to write music for movies and TV shows after he stopped touring. His music was not as controversial as John's so he got more air time. I'm not sure how Bonnie Rait fit in with this group but she also went on to have and still does have a fantastic career. Rest in Peace, John Prine. You are still remembered.

sharifah lateef

sharifah lateef . 3 months ago


Fran MacKinnon- Moulins

Fran MacKinnon- Moulins . 3 months ago

Enjoy the music 🎶


Rhettsy . 3 months ago

what overrated, samey folks BS, every song sounds the same.

robert romine

robert romine . 3 months ago

174 dislikes Some humans ain't human

Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell . 3 months ago

Youtube really raped the shit out of this album, half way through this fucker I already got called out for having yellow teeth, bad hair, being broke and ugly. I would like to drink in peace. I don't want to hear all those YELLOW barred advertisements. I wanna hear John Prine, fuck Reese's cups.

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson . 4 months ago

The man's just drinking his vodka and ginger ale while smoking his 9 mile long cigarette somewhere up there

Poramus Yensook

Poramus Yensook . 4 months ago

Great Album

Alvin Scholfield

Alvin Scholfield . 4 months ago

I AlViN RAY HATCHET HAND only enjoyment

Tamara Hamilton

Tamara Hamilton . 4 months ago

I truly loved his voice & music RIP you are one of kind Man!

Leanne Miller

Leanne Miller . 4 months ago


peter betts

peter betts . 4 months ago

The thougt just hit me . . .you didnt hear much Priney on the Radio , So if their not playing even a a few of this . . . What are they playing on Radio . Except what Illegal Smile , SAm Stone , mayby . Bruised Orange ive heard, but never heard round here . With the amount of Material that John has . . . What are they playing on the Radio . . ? I got this album in 1978 .


DannyBoy . 4 months ago

I'm just tryin' to have me some fun, Well done, Hot dog bun, my sisters a nun

Bob Barrett

Bob Barrett . 4 months ago

Always loved his music since the 1970's. I got to see him live at a Bluegrass festival in Va in 1976. he put up a good show as a solo act. Almost got see him again 2017 in at a festival in Tappan, NY but it was rained out .It was a few months before he passed. A great musician may he RIP. As well as Steve Goodman another great musician who had recordings with him who passed away way to early. I

The M.A.

The M.A. . 5 months ago

Since I'm about to go outside in a few minutes, I figured that I might as well stop putting off "John Prine". EDIT- 12:58 P.M.: *finishes album 50 minutes later* I almost didn't want this album to end. It was so good! 😢

Phuc Le

Phuc Le . 5 months ago

Rest in Peace, John. Your big fan from Vietnam

Meat Eater

Meat Eater . 5 months ago

I was a young punk wondering what the fuck my old man was listening to.. now I'm the old man and can't get enough of jonny

Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias . 5 months ago

i would appreciate the google community to erase the pictures of thumbs down. while they distribute a vote, which in Hong Kong, you will be Steve McQueen loved a Chinese sailor and watched while Hop Sing was tortured, until Steve shot him dead. Complete.

roger watkins

roger watkins . 5 months ago

a few weeks after a friend at work who i introduced to john prine to. he said a like all his songs, anyway he told me john had the virus i felt ill, he told me a week or so later he was doing better, i said great , then he told me he died i felt like i lost a brother , i still listen to his music but there is something hollow about it now

Dan Noble

Dan Noble . 5 months ago

Such great music! Thank-you John Prine!, thank-you for sharing!

Toberr Drawforc

Toberr Drawforc . 5 months ago

Ah, hell. You had to say “globe” in your tribute. Sad.

Jen Whitney

Jen Whitney . 5 months ago

I'm still destroyed this awful plague took you. I'm sorry we didn't have leadership, you have done so much for so many. Didn't deserve that. Please be hanging with Steve.


Moonskin . 5 months ago

j'ai cru que c'etait Bernard Minet


I P . 5 months ago

John Prine got me through so many hard times, thank you John Prine.

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