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First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience


Published on 2 weeks ago

Finally - here’s a sneak peek at the PlayStation 5’s user experience! Watch our new video walkthrough to see new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social on the PS5 console.

Note: This walkthrough is set in a pre-production environment, so there may be some minor changes once the PS5 console launches in November.

Comments :


ToOnZ MoH . 36 seconds ago

The legend says that *Retards* will buy the ps5 of its amazing Graphics and play fortnite on it...


Sentru . 3 minutes ago

Coming straight back to this comment when the ps6 comes out

lil glokes

lil glokes . 9 minutes ago

Imagine rdr2 on that


GamingLANDLORD YT . 19 minutes ago

Person selling on purpose and teammates telling them to turn on mic My mic is broken for some reason.

ABayliss YT

ABayliss YT . 45 minutes ago

For the people seeing this is 2050 hi 😂


RG7621 . 46 minutes ago

Nothing will beat Alt-Tab

Markus Ruiz

Markus Ruiz . 1 hour ago

Gives me Xbox 360 vibes..

Justin's Cinema

Justin's Cinema . 1 hour ago


Justin's Cinema

Justin's Cinema . 1 hour ago



J L . 2 hours ago

It’s meeeeee. I’ll be here when the ps5 comes out. And again when ps6 comes out.

x- shift893

x- shift893 . 3 hours ago

“PlayStation 5th” in India

Tati Lemos

Tati Lemos . 3 hours ago

Ps now br

John Paez

John Paez . 3 hours ago


Milk Shake

Milk Shake . 4 hours ago

We want google app in it so we can download background for the screen

Rares Gagiu

Rares Gagiu . 4 hours ago



sinope . 4 hours ago

last year:“next year you can get a gaming pc” 2020: “Ok”

X oTron

X oTron . 4 hours ago

Anyone else get the PS4 UI reccomended after this was uploaded?

My Bytes

My Bytes . 4 hours ago

Im too old for this.. Proceed ordering my new PS5.


Ali . 4 hours ago

This looks like Xbox bruh

Abdullah Adal

Abdullah Adal . 4 hours ago

Crying in Turkish

Slimekidseth _

Slimekidseth _ . 5 hours ago

I’m gonna trade in my Xbox for some to buy this

Matt Joseph

Matt Joseph . 5 hours ago

discord on ps5!!!!!!!


1RV1N3 . 5 hours ago

Shut up and take my money!

Camo Crew

Camo Crew . 6 hours ago

hi future me, this is new

Admin House Official

Admin House Official . 6 hours ago



Layyin-_- . 6 hours ago

Can we send clips ???


2F4ST4YU0 . 6 hours ago

Will ps4 games work on ps5?


BUFF GAMER . 6 hours ago

*PS4 > PS5*

Enzo H. Teruya

Enzo H. Teruya . 6 hours ago

Better than the PS4`s User Experience

L vdB

L vdB . 6 hours ago

Imagine getting this recommend over 5 years lol


Patrick565 . 6 hours ago

We want discord on PS5!


D-8005 . 7 hours ago

Anyone else looking for comments from xbox fanboys?


Ilyas . 7 hours ago

Can’t wait to be here again after 5-7 years so hey future me

Thiago Oliveira

Thiago Oliveira . 7 hours ago

the dislikes are xbox users


eπaz . 7 hours ago

Can you pls add a feature that we can import a song from spotify to use on the home page

Rhys Saleem

Rhys Saleem . 7 hours ago

Hey future me,how’s the PS5?

FtwAnt ._.

FtwAnt ._. . 8 hours ago

i’m sticking with my ps4 for a couple more years


ItsNoahScott . 8 hours ago

Can’t wait to play my Wifi Router


Drewthegamingmaster . 9 hours ago

Man where is the ps3 demo they nvr released it

Tears of joy

Tears of joy . 10 hours ago

I wonder if the ps5 console comes with an HDMI 2.1 cable or if it'll just be 2.0

Makise Kurisu

Makise Kurisu . 10 hours ago

I'm hoping they fixed the hdmi problem. I don't think I was the only one who burnt through a bunch.


KnownTasnimTM . 11 hours ago

Hi everyone is 8 years


ImaSkid . 11 hours ago

Ouuu the Xbox people gonna be mad when they see the same homescreen layout


MiER1633 . 11 hours ago

Can’t wait anymore Ogod this is dope

Uğur Özçelik

Uğur Özçelik . 12 hours ago

Yada 0.75 le izleyin gerçek ses ortaya çıkıyor

ajith kumar

ajith kumar . 12 hours ago

We buy for free for poor families PlayStation 4 please sir please please please please 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Marco Piccirilli

Marco Piccirilli . 13 hours ago

For some reason I started crying at 5:53. Sony did the magic trick again.


McCrabby . 13 hours ago

PlayStation Dev: GREAT GAME GG! Toxic Kids: UR TRASH KID!


KenPlayz . 13 hours ago

Add discord or else I'll buy a Xbox


Sameregotdrip . 13 hours ago

I'm super hyped for this

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