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Europe - Let the Good Times Rock


Published on 10 years ago

Europe's official music video for 'Let The Good Times Rock'. Click to listen to Europe on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/EuropeSpot?IQid=EuropeLTGTR

As featured on Europe: Super Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/EuropeSHiTunes?IQid=EuropeLTGTR
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You say that you want me
I hope that you do
Cause tell me just where I would be in this world
Without someone like you

When you say that you need me
Like only you can
Oh baby you don't really know what you've done
To the heart of this man

So baby tonight we will celebrate
And talk of the times til it gets real late
Yes baby tonight we'll appreciate
Just what we've got
So let the good times rock

Comments :

David Vitullo

David Vitullo . 1 week ago

Europe is a great heavy metal rock band, Kee Marcello is one of the greatest guitar players, far as,led Zeppelin they were good but way overrated, Joey Tempest has one of the greatest voice in heavy metal rock
Simo-Pekka Sunila

Simo-Pekka Sunila . 1 week ago

Matthew Finch

Matthew Finch . 2 weeks ago

There's only one Rob Plant and Jimmy Page and although I like and I've seen Europe live many times,they are no where near the same level as the Zep and this cover is an embarrassment to all Zep fans.
HelenC Cremer

HelenC Cremer . 2 weeks ago

Europe, Warrant, Nelson, Extreme.....just to name a few!😁
natalie apaza

natalie apaza . 2 weeks ago

si q son muy hemosos
Gilmar C. figueiredo

Gilmar C. figueiredo . 2 weeks ago

2020 Brasil
Daniel Reis

Daniel Reis . 3 weeks ago

alguém curtindo em 2020 ??
Sami Dargham

Sami Dargham . 3 weeks ago

Gianluca Zanatello

Gianluca Zanatello . 1 month ago

Patricio Hermosilla Lara

Patricio Hermosilla Lara . 2 months ago

gaye rose

gaye rose . 2 months ago

holy shit this is GREAT
Graciela abeldaño

Graciela abeldaño . 2 months ago

Mis. grandes. ídolos. desde. Los años. 80 los. escucho. para. ti mi Niña. te recuerdo. quieto. te extraño mucho mucho recuerdo tu Música que tanto te gustaba. 😥😥😥💔💔💔
Heath Wolfe

Heath Wolfe . 2 months ago

Most Excellent Song. Has a really catchy beat and a Most Excellent sound.
Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar

Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar . 2 months ago

Joey(Tempest):Agaain,Hello!!,HiHiHi...with"yourLYRICS":Wooow,Oki?="UNDEERSTAND"you"AAll",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Oh,"Baby",youDon't"REAALLY" "KNOW"What?you've"Done"to"theHEAAART"of"ThisMan":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...you're"Right",Oki?,HiHiHi=Didn't"KNOW"about you3:Buuu,Oki?=NoBody"BELIEVES"you"SomeThing"Like"This":uy,Oki?=Either"myOwnFAMILY":uy,Oki?=Neither"myOwnMOM":uy,Oki?="BELIEVED"me"CRAZY":uf,Oki?...&x"Seveeral"Years:uf,Oki?...So,"DIS-APPEARED":uf,Oki?...Then,1'was"DIS-COVERING"Ricky:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi...2'was"DIS-COVERING"Enrique:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi...&3'was"DIS-COVERING"you,Joey:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Wanna"EXPLAAIN"you+:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi=Only x"LaastTIME":Huuuf,Oki?&Then,you"DEECIDE",Pleaase:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi..."MET"you in1990:Wooow,Oki?=you were"Anglo" n'1!!World:DoubleWooow,Oki?=So,+"SHY",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Then,"MET"Ricky in1993:Wooow,Oki?=withOnly"2 ALBUMS",Oki?&Still,Only in"Spanish",Oki?=So,+'"PERSONALITY",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Then,"MET"Enrique in1997:Wooow,Oki?=withOnly"1 ALBUM",Oki?&Also,,StillOnly in"Spanish",Oki?=So,,Also+"PERSONALITY",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&have"WRITTEN"them"AAll" "myINSPIRATION"orAAll"myIDEAS":Huuuf,Oki?...&x+26Years:uy,Oki?...&Both,,Became toBeLatins n'1!!World:DoubleWooow,Oki?...have"LOOOVED"them+than"mySelf":Wooow,Oki?&it hasBeen"myMISTAAKE":uy,Oki?...Now,Ricky:"MARRIED":uf,Oki?&with"aMan":uf,Oki?...&Also,Now,Enrique:"2CHILDREN-TWINS"withAnnita:uf,Oki?...&Obviously,Now:"FEEL"aGREAAT"DECEEEPTION":Sniiiiif..."MOMMY",Said"myPuppy":"yourOthersBBs"("Latins"&Also,"Anglos"):Still,"RETUURN"x you:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Also,"DisneyRadio":Still,"DEDICAAATE"x you:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Joey:Also,WeHad"MuutualLOOOVE"at"FiirstSIIGHT":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&you've"RETUURNED"x me x"SeveeralTIMES":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...haveBeen"aSTUUPID"with you:uf,Oki?=butDon'tWannaFollow"BEEGGING"you"FOOORGIVE"me,Pleaase:Huuuf,Oki?...OnlyWanna"KNOW"if youWanna?Be"myActualDUPLEX",Oki?,HiHiHi=or"myActualBB-Man" "INVITED"&Also,"COONFIRMED",Oki?,HiHiHi...Also,would"GIIVE"you:"INSPIRATION"or"IDEAS":Huuuf,Oki?&x"EVEER":Wooow,Oki?...Only+"SHOWS"Soon,Here,Pleaase,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Still,Can"WAAITT"UntillTomorrow,Thursday,Oki?,HiHiHi=orEven,UntillPastTomorrow,Friday,Oki?,HiHiHi...causeDon't"KNOW"ifNow:you're"MARRIED"?:uf,Oki?&Also,with"CHILDREN"?:uy,Huuuf,Oki?...&Don'tWanna"ILUSSIONAAATE"+me"inVAAIN":Sniiiiiif...&"KNOW"youWon't"FAAKE"me"LOOOVE":uf,Huuuf,Oki?=Still,TRUUST"in you:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...💖💗💝💟💓💕💔💋:""myDinosaur"Sends you"AAll" "hisCARTOOONS",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...PS1:"INSPIRATION"or"IDEAS":Huuuf,Oki?=Now,+"ORGAANIZED",",myBBs"("Latins"&Also,"Anglos"),Right?,HHiHi...PS2:Ricky&Enrique:Already"KNOOW",Right?,HiHiHi...PS3:&Also,Chayanne,Right?,HiHiHi...PS4:Only"LACKS" "myActualDUPLEX",Oki?,HiHiHi=or"myActualBB-Man" "INVITED"&Also"COONFIRMED",Oki?,HiHiHi...PS5:"WIISH"CouldBe you,Joey:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi=cause29YearsAfter:Still"REMEEEMBER"you:Wooow,Oki?...PS6:&xTooMuch"WRITTING":uf,Oki?&Also,,xTooMany"Years":uy,Oki?=So,So"TIIRED":uf,Oki?=or+"SLOOW":uy,Oki?,HiHiHi...PS7:"ACCEEPT" "myINVITATION",Pleaase:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi=WhenWe"MET"was"WONDEEERFUL":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...
Graciela abeldaño

Graciela abeldaño . 2 months ago

Gracias son los mejores 2019
Jadraka Koskar popušić

Jadraka Koskar popušić . 2 months ago

Opet nešto novo?
Raphaela Oliveira

Raphaela Oliveira . 3 months ago

Hdfydhhud o mesmo que seja a minha candidatura ao lugar certo pois utilizamos o senhor me pediu não sei como funciona o que a minha conta e lacrado e em Justin Bieber no meu e-mail mudou para o dia de trabalho que o senhor me passou seu e-mail para a minha conta no Bradesco e Itaú que eu não tenho mais de fábrica de móveis planejados e e e RT de Yi It on YouTube não tem o que não tinha visto a mensagem foi exibida no Itaú e em anexo a minha conta e lacrado e original preta que não tem como você me passou seu contato para que o senhor me passou que a partir das não tem como me enviar o boleto para pagamento da taxa condominial do mês passado e que a minha conta corrente para que possamos nos encontrar na sexta

DENIS DEMEY . 3 months ago

3:50 😮👍👍
Rubel Ahmed

Rubel Ahmed . 3 months ago

Who's still watching this 2019?

Viper . 3 months ago

Oh yeahhhh

JoseitoEdlVodao . 3 months ago

Lol and all this time I thought this record was John Norum....the magic of isolation and lack of access to information. And no clue about how bands really work ;)
Max Bird

Max Bird . 3 months ago

I love wild rock styles in bands.
Ирина К

Ирина К . 3 months ago

Красавчик! Огонь! 🔥🔥🔥🎆💓💋
camelia b

camelia b . 4 months ago

Joey spreads energy!!!!!!!!
lalalala 111

lalalala 111 . 4 months ago


jilmarit . 4 months ago

Oh my lord... just watching this in Yokohama, bought the album from Tokyo today. Was riding train, looks familiar! Europe was big in the 80’s - my sister had this as a vinyl back then.
Lady Stardust

Lady Stardust . 4 months ago

Yeah sa c'est du hard rock !
Annamária Gurin

Annamária Gurin . 4 months ago

Eternal rock =Europe!!! 👍😃
Emetal Madman

Emetal Madman . 4 months ago

sweden greatest rock export!!!!
Lisa Tabrin

Lisa Tabrin . 4 months ago

Europe group attracted so many fans not only with beautiful lyrical songs, but in most cases due to the guys ’external data, I like to look at their beauty in the videos
Tempesta Digioia

Tempesta Digioia . 4 months ago

Awesome Joey....OMG💖💖💖⭐⭐⭐
Gesiel Rodrigo

Gesiel Rodrigo . 4 months ago

Alguém Do Brasil ?

daydrxam . 4 months ago

3:03 same girl
Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar

Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar . 4 months ago

Joey(Tempest):Follow,Oki?,HiHiHi...xNow:TooMuuch"BOOKS":Wooow,Oki?...&Also,xSo"Maany"Years:uy,Oki?...Ricky,Enrique&me:"RIGHTS AUTHOR":Huuuf,Oki?=they"PROOTECT" "theirCARRERS",Oki?,HiHiHi&Also,"CARRERS" "their+CLOOSE",Oki?,HiHiHi...&me:"PROOTECT" "CARRER" "myActualDUPLEX",Oki?,HiHiHi=or"myActualBB-Man" "INVITED"&Also,Now"COONFIRMED"by"Instagram",Oki?,HiHiHi...&"myOthersBBs"("Latins"&"Anglos"):Then,"SING"x"yourOfficialCOUPLES",Pleaase,"myBBs",Oki?...butNow:Still,"TOGEETHER","myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Joey,in"yourLYRICS":Wooow,Oki?=you're"RIGHT",Oki?,HiHiHi=have"Neever" "FORGOOTTEN"you:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...you're"myActualDUPLEX",Oki?,HiHiHi=or"myActualBB-Man" "INVITED"&Also,Now"COONFIRMED"by"Instagram",Oki?,HiHiHi...So,"WRITTE"This,Pleaase,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...8199 ToltenStreet/Commune:"LasCondes"/BetweenLosDominicosAvenue&ColonAvenue 8200 High/Few+High"AtenasRound"...+56950299971 or +56975904213 or +56953069730("myInsideAppartment",Behind)...+56222112956 ("myMOM"sHouse,in theFront)...&"myMail": [email protected] "myPersonalDATA",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...x"WRITTING"AlmostAAll"myLIIFE":Huuuf,Oki?=Too,Too"TIIRED":uy,Oki?=Almost zzzz,Oki?,HiHiHi=Can?"WRITTE"+x you,"EveryNight"(Here,Oki?,HiHiHi)=SinceTomorrow,Thursday,Oki?,HiHiHi....💖💗💝💟💓💕💔💋="myPuppy"Sends youAAll"hisHEAAARTS",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Also,,AAll"hisMuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacks",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...PS1:&KNOOW it's"theLaastTIME"you"RETUURN"x me:Buuu,Oki?=Wanna"SEE"you,Agaain:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi=Don'tWanna"LOOSE"you:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...
Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar

Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar . 4 months ago

Joey(Tempest):Hello!!,Agaain,HiHiHi...withRicky&Also,withEnrique:No+"HOOOPES":uf,Oki?...Huuuf...So,,Already,Said"GOOD Bye"to them:uf,Oki?...Huuuf...TooMuuch"PAAAIN":uf,Oki?...Huuuf..."MOOM",Said"myPuppy":"yourOthersBBs-Men"("Latins"&"Anglos"):Still,"RETUURN"x you:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Also,"DisneyRadio":Still,"DEDICAAATE"x you:Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...youHave"toReCOOVER","MOOMMY",Said"myDinosaur":Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi..."myEnglish"is+"SLOOW","myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi...Said"LOOOVE"at"FiirstTIIME":Oooops,Oki?=InsteadOff"LOOOVE"at"FiirstSIIGHT":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...OOnly"3TIIMES"inAAll"myLIIFE":1'with you,Joey(in1990):Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Then,withRicky(in1993):Wooow,Oki?...&Then,withEnrique(in1997):Wooow,Oki?...butRicky:Now"MARRIED":uf,Oki?&with"aMan":uf,Oki?...&Also,Enrique:Now,"2BBs-TWINS"withAnnita:uf,Oki?...&Either,theyDon't"RETUURN"+x me:uf,Oki?...Huuuf...EvenSo,EachOne ofUs:+90?"BOOKS"Letters:Wooow,Oki?...&Also,,xSo"Maany"Years:uy,Oki?...TREMEENDOUS"EFFOOORT":uf,Oki?...atLeast,x me,Oki?=myLaast"ENEERGIES":uy,Oki?...Joey(Tempest):xStill,"RETUURNING"x me:Wooow,Oki?=you'veBeen"SUUUPER",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Just"1LETTER"+,Pleaase:Huuuf,"myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi...
Adriana Sousa

Adriana Sousa . 4 months ago

there was really the best times rock 😜
ha? hakdog

ha? hakdog . 5 months ago

Who's still watching this 2019?
ha? hakdog

ha? hakdog . 5 months ago

Who's still watching this 2019?
Asen Terziyski

Asen Terziyski . 5 months ago

For me EUROPE and MR.BIG are the biggest hard rock bands ever. The biggest!
Tiffany Wolford

Tiffany Wolford . 5 months ago

Joey tempest is so damn sexy
Елена Шеленкова

Елена Шеленкова . 5 months ago

Слушаю их песни перед сном.
Daniel Lekardal

Daniel Lekardal . 5 months ago

Dat Solo Though.....!!!
Anil Bhate

Anil Bhate . 5 months ago

Great song & Video! \m/
Leona Henry

Leona Henry . 5 months ago

This is truly good. I can really feel this music. This is what makes it so good. They know exactly what they are doing to connect with us. Not every band cut the grade, but Europe not only cut the grade, but they excelled beyond that point!!
Saad Nabil

Saad Nabil . 6 months ago

Yes! Europe!
Marcus Antonius

Marcus Antonius . 6 months ago

Let the good times.. Roll👌
Nigel Tempest

Nigel Tempest . 6 months ago

Big in Japan
Lutfil Akim

Lutfil Akim . 6 months ago

Ilov you Europe
Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar

Yoly Domino Fuenzalida del Solar . 6 months ago

Joey(Tempest):in1990,WeHad"LOOOVE"at"FiirstSIIGHT":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi....&in1993:withRicky:Wooow,Oki?...&in1997:withEnrique:Wooow,Oki?...withRicky:+15Years:Huuuf,Oki?...&withEnrique:+10Years+:Huuuf,Oki?...Only by"MutuaalLetters":Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi....&Now,them:Others"OfficialCOUPLES":uf,Oki?...&Either,theyDon't"RETUURN"+x me:uf,Oki?...Now,"my3'DUPLEX"Have toBe you,Right?,HiHiHiHiHi....butNow,"my3'DUPLEX":Chayanne:Since5 YearsAgo:Huuuf,Oki?...&Still"RETUURNS"x me:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi....you"SING"me I'm"BAD"with you:uf,Oki?...but if"my3'DUPLEX"Is"GOOD"with me:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi...Have toBe"GOOD"with him:Huuuf,Right?,HiHiHi...ifNot?,Yes!!wouldBe"BAD":uf,Right?...ifNow,Haven't?"3'DUPLEX"=you'dBe"my3'DUPLEX",Oki?,HiHiHi=or"my3'BB-Man" "INVITED"&Also"COONFIRMED"by"Instagram",Right?,HiHiHi....cause"myEyes"Didn't"LIED"you,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...you,Ricky&Enrique:haveBeen"the3Men"+"HANDSOOOME"thatHave"SEEN"in"AAll" "myLIIFE":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...Even,were"TREEMBLING",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...&Then,Sent you"aLETTER":Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHi=but"yourADDRESS"was"WROONG":uy,Oki?...&Even,"CRIEED"x you:uf,Oki?....if"Neever"Have"FORGOOTTEN"Those"MAAAGICAL Moments":Wooow,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi...."PROOOMESS"me that you'llBe"WEELL",Pleaase:Huuuf,Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi....👥👣👫💏💑🚴🏊🏄🛀🌜🌛💦💫💌💝💟💓💕💗💖💔💋👌👍👐👋👏...."myPuppy"Sends you"his+NewCARTOONS",Oki?,HiHiHiHiHi....PS1:&x"myOthersAnglo-BBs":"myInstagram"Now,Is"BAAD":uy,Oki?..."EXPLAAIN"you+ inChayanne's"Videos","myBBs",Oki?,HiHiHi...
Vicky L. Arias

Vicky L. Arias . 6 months ago

Buenisimooooooooooo! 🎶🎸💗🤘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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