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L'Trimm - Cars with the Boom (Official Music Video)


Published on 6 months ago

You're watching the official music video for L'Trimm - "Cars with the Boom" from the album 'Grab It!' (1988). "Cars with the Boom" was featured on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest hip-hop songs of all time.

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Comments :

its Chris

its Chris . 4 hours ago

Oml the mini trucks yess lord


X BOG HEAD . 8 hours ago

That music be like : 1:09 wE lIkE tHe CaRs ThAt gO lIkE bOoM aNd tIgRa BuNnY AnD wE aNd We LiKe tHe BoOm

Lulu Gacha

Lulu Gacha . 10 hours ago

_I think I am in love..._

t0m N00k

t0m N00k . 1 day ago

we need to time travel to 1970-1988


LIBERII . 1 day ago

gfodhyuhguhgbsdfgudyfgbdybfydbyfbydbfydbygbdfytbygygtdrdegwdtrdsrzdsrtfrytfduhireijorgdyhferijuhirgfuhejgiorryhetdgdjyuhrgijdgirogiohnrouhgrninouinrfhhionfhriojmndhghg HI SISTERS

Rantaro Amami

Rantaro Amami . 1 day ago

how did we all only find out about this song this year??

anna oop

anna oop . 2 days ago

this was back in my mom time PURE BEAUTIFUL

CactusDog iTbItMe

CactusDog iTbItMe . 3 days ago

m c w h e e z i n g t o n

Mr Piggsvin

Mr Piggsvin . 3 days ago

When tik tok give you songs, you look att youtube

Florentina Mcleod

Florentina Mcleod . 3 days ago

Beautiful girls. I wonder why most of the American ppl don't look healthy bodies.

Laldampuii Chhangte

Laldampuii Chhangte . 3 days ago

Me:*thinks this is made on 2016 Sees it's made on 2020* 👁️👄👁️


AGRForReal . 3 days ago

I'm getting a car that goes boom now

nosso mundo

nosso mundo . 3 days ago

Essa música é uma delícia


CatiiMB . 3 days ago

they're accent are just my everything, oh and 80 and 90 years should do a comeback, I mean, look at this, this is art, this is story.


Hawaii . 4 days ago

We like the freaking cars that go boom

𝕄𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕦 シ

𝕄𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕦 シ . 4 days ago


Vladimir Marquez

Vladimir Marquez . 4 days ago

This is amazing I love it its my new ring tone


KEILANY NUNEZ . 5 days ago

tiktok ruined this song

Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia . 5 days ago


Ghost Lover

Ghost Lover . 5 days ago

what month was this made in? ;-;

Cheezeburger Walrus

Cheezeburger Walrus . 5 days ago

Time machine straight back to freshman year, holy crap!

Camila Guerrero

Camila Guerrero . 5 days ago

Who came After hearing This from Tiktok Than Me going We Like The Cars The Cars That Go BOoM 🤣

Ariel 86

Ariel 86 . 5 days ago

Cancioncita de mierda todos como pendejos haciendo sus tiktoks con esta cancion que irritante


C M . 5 days ago

My mom told me to be like them

Para & Dise

Para & Dise . 6 days ago

well the cars go boom

Sub’s Storm chasing

Sub’s Storm chasing . 6 days ago

Kill me


wwjudasdo . 6 days ago

They rap like white people.

Danial Bradford

Danial Bradford . 6 days ago

dude this like the first-ever made music video

A Space Fry

A Space Fry . 6 days ago



monique . 7 days ago

This is so [email protected]$!#;&&%good


Razzbeariツ . 7 days ago

Is anyone else just procrastinating and instead of working just singing this

Gourmet chicken nuggets

Gourmet chicken nuggets . 7 days ago

This song makes me want to crimp my hair and wear huge earrings

Mickia Major

Mickia Major . 7 days ago


Abrar Alghurazy

Abrar Alghurazy . 7 days ago

1:06 tik tok has joined the chat 1:26 tik tok has left the chat

Francis Abelarde

Francis Abelarde . 7 days ago

Am I the only one here who came from the Need for Speed movie?

Grace Kihumba

Grace Kihumba . 1 week ago

the song is now a dank meme


難jasmine難 . 1 week ago



SAEMIN IMNIDA . 1 week ago

this feels like 80s even my mother love this she said she feels like she was still in high school.

Cute Love

Cute Love . 1 week ago

Who is here bcoz they heard it from Tiktok Like 👍 Comment ... Down there

unicorn cam

unicorn cam . 1 week ago

okay okay so a lot of comments are on how cute their accents are but what kind of accents are they-?

Emmakatherine Abshire

Emmakatherine Abshire . 1 week ago

Freaking adorable voices, gotta love the 80’s lol u was born in 2008

Lafayeet On a Bageet

Lafayeet On a Bageet . 1 week ago

This gives me 2000s/90s vibes istg


Clubhouse97 . 1 week ago

Were they from Miami ? They kinda sound like they are from Newyork lol


Ophelia . 1 week ago

You can only like if you didn't come from tiktok

Amber N

Amber N . 1 week ago

Jlo and Leah led me here

Bub diary

Bub diary . 1 week ago

This is the best song ever its my favorite!

Ct Owo

Ct Owo . 1 week ago

This was from this year.. Y'know idc, i love this song too damn much


Gemstone . 1 week ago

the likes are form the bOoM eRs

iiCloud CookiesxX

iiCloud CookiesxX . 1 week ago

My sister trying to sleep: Me:wE LiKe ThE CaRs tHe cArS ThE CaRS tHAt gO BOoM

lay シ

lay シ . 1 week ago

i wish i was born in the 70’s so i could be a teenager in the 80’s

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