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Can I Eat $14,000 of A5 Wagyu in 5 Minutes?? (ft. Guga Foods)
Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie

Published on 2 weeks ago

Check out Guga Food's Video!! - https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/ymzJxuith-g

One of the MOST EPIC Challenges I've ever done!!! I teamed up with the one and only Guga Foods to attempt to set 3 Wagyu Beef records. He did the preparing, I did the eating!

Full disclosure, I couldn't find a 100% reliable source on the calorie count, but they say it's 677 per 4oz, so thats crazy!!


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Comments :

Guga Foods

Guga Foods . 2 weeks ago

Matt that was EPIC! You are a Beast my friend! Can't wait to do it again soon.

John Doe

John Doe . 11 minutes ago

His body build is like that of Dana White's


OUR TRAVELS . 54 minutes ago

N Kobe 😈😈😈

jupiter marketing

jupiter marketing . 60 minutes ago

there are some indians watching u so the indian pray cow


any4003 . 1 hour ago

Man I want that steak

Norman Rass

Norman Rass . 2 hours ago

the guy at the store will get rich with the cost of the food's that matt will pay his insane!!

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers . 3 hours ago


Drake Drones

Drake Drones . 3 hours ago

Well that’s what I paid for my used Honda car 👁👄👁

dis pater

dis pater . 4 hours ago

The fact this guy didn't drop dead on the spot from eating too much meat is amazing

Bob Fromsales

Bob Fromsales . 4 hours ago

Matt will remember this night for the rest of his life. Such a cool collaboration video.


ryan . 5 hours ago

matt just ate someones income in a matter of minutes

Sabin Figaro

Sabin Figaro . 6 hours ago


Sabin Figaro

Sabin Figaro . 6 hours ago

If anyone can...it would be Stonie.

Jake Hunter 88

Jake Hunter 88 . 6 hours ago

Those Japanese cow 🐄 farmers are crying watching this video lol. All that hard work they put into raising those cattle just got destory. #JakeHunter88

Daniel Bienenwald

Daniel Bienenwald . 7 hours ago

Matt where do you put that man?? amazing


Arche . 7 hours ago

Easily deserved a sub, great video and great quality

Mohammad Fawzi

Mohammad Fawzi . 7 hours ago

You just ate a kia man🤣🤣


ReLoaDit . 7 hours ago

I don't see the point of the masks outside lol... All the celebs can gather together in hugely crowded and very close quarters with no masks for their award shows, but the regular people got to mask up outside lmfao. Anyways.. Still a great video, love your stuff. God bless.

Eric trujillo

Eric trujillo . 9 hours ago

What of waste ! That food you're are suppose to savor every piece.. he's just swallowing it with water without barely tasting it..

De Mans

De Mans . 9 hours ago

One day you will regret doing all this nonsense... just watch.


Xeras . 10 hours ago

theres more than the daily recommended calories... in one steak, thats just beautiful.

Phil Latella

Phil Latella . 12 hours ago

Sorry dude but there are people out there with less than 200k subs that would have destroyed that in 5 minutes

Jay Remi

Jay Remi . 12 hours ago

Wish I had 14 grand

幸 【こう】

幸 【こう】 . 12 hours ago

Matt: "Can I eat..." The answer is always YES!!!

Martin Drol

Martin Drol . 12 hours ago

The collab we neededdd


ArtisticRodent . 13 hours ago

Loved this, you 2 should collab more often!


FlubbedCorn . 14 hours ago

Dude....Matt Stonie hard AF

Jose Dasilva

Jose Dasilva . 15 hours ago

Best collab

Devin Norman

Devin Norman . 15 hours ago

It actually hurt to watch him not enjoy that wagyu

Doink ios

Doink ios . 15 hours ago

Thats just savage.

Nothing To See Here

Nothing To See Here . 16 hours ago

If that chunk of beef costs that much, how much would it cost to buy the cow that it came from? 🥴 I'm not paying 6 figures for a cow I'm sorry 😂


Elly . 18 hours ago

Careful that steak isn’t meant to be eaten in large quantities.

Legendary Ocelot

Legendary Ocelot . 18 hours ago

Now blend the steak and get badlands chugs to drink it.

Master chief

Master chief . 20 hours ago

He will get indigestion.

Valentina Likmeta

Valentina Likmeta . 23 hours ago

You eat so much food and you are not fat


Lt.Boomer . 1 day ago


Terrell Postell

Terrell Postell . 1 day ago

All you do is eat all the time

Robert Waggoner

Robert Waggoner . 1 day ago

In your quest to discover whether you could, you failed to ask whether you should....lol

Just Some Guy with a Curse

Just Some Guy with a Curse . 1 day ago

i saw 14k dollars and wasnt phased because i thought “yeah hes ate this much before nothing much” and the realization went “oh its dollars not calories”

Raheena Moosa

Raheena Moosa . 1 day ago

Do you know hatim shuhaib

Soumya Ranjan Biswal

Soumya Ranjan Biswal . 1 day ago

Damn bro. 😂 You are a beast. Respect 🙏

Alerta 11 11 oficial

Alerta 11 11 oficial . 1 day ago

Why the mask?


Avery . 1 day ago



Summer:) . 1 day ago

First ever callable


PhatMAGZ . 1 day ago

So. Much. Protein.


zeusify . 1 day ago

Honestly for Matt this is probably the best but worst meal he doesn’t even get to enjoy this 14k worth of wagu he has to fork it l down his mouth how can you enjoy thst


zeusify . 1 day ago

“I’m just munching off of eating his meat” what do you mean by that Matt????

Saad Amin

Saad Amin . 1 day ago

50$ per second!!

Luca Camino

Luca Camino . 1 day ago

Can somebody tell me how this guy can be so thin? I mean 21k kcals in 5 minutes is about 9 days of full eating

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