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Michael Jackson - Rock With You (Official Video)


Published on 10 years ago

"Rock With You" was Michael Jackson's second short film, filmed in 1979 for the second No. 1 hit single from 'Off the Wall.' The Bruce Gowers-directed short film, featuring Michael dancing in a sequined jumpsuit and matching boots against a set of shimmering lasers, was ranked No. 6 on a list of Michael's 20 greatest videos by Rolling Stone.

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Written by Rod Temperton
Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
From the album Off the Wall, released August 10, 1979
Released as a single November 3, 1979

Director: Bruce Gowers
Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California

Although all of Michael Jackson's music videos are referred to as short films, the short films for Off the Wall, Michael's first solo album for Epic Records, are more classic "music videos," as they are performance clips rather than scripted stories. Michael's short film for "Rock With You" was the second of the three short films produced for recordings from that album. The single reached No. 1 in the United States in 1980, topping Billboard's Hot 100 and Hot R&B Singles charts and reaching No. 4 on Billboard's Year-End Hot 100 chart that same year.

"Rock With You" was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on February 14, 1980, and Platinum of February 14, 1989. The song was ranked No. 82 on Rolling Stone and MTV's list of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs in 2000. In his 1988 memoir Moonwalk, Michael called "Rock With You," written by Rod Temperton, "the sort of thing I was aiming for" in creating an album to his vision.

The short film featured Michael performing the song on a plain stage in a sequined jumpsuit and matching boots, a set of shimmering lasers illuminating his outfit from behind. Director Bruce Gowers praised Michael as "an absolute professional" in an interview with Rolling Stone. In 2014, the magazine would rank "Rock With You" No. 6 on a list of Michael Jackson's 20 Greatest Videos.

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Comments :

Rafael Kun

Rafael Kun . 2 hours ago

2020 still michael jackson
Ana Marques

Ana Marques . 3 hours ago

We Will Always love u ❤
mayte bogarin

mayte bogarin . 4 hours ago

Lewis Painter

Lewis Painter . 6 hours ago

Me and my wife had our first dance to this song. Pure Magic !
Chocolate Diva

Chocolate Diva . 7 hours ago

His smile is so adorable, my heart- <33
Frenchy Hoffy

Frenchy Hoffy . 7 hours ago

The GREATEST!! Stil here 2020 ❤️
Estalin Granizo

Estalin Granizo . 8 hours ago

Genial el video
Johnny Johnstone

Johnny Johnstone . 10 hours ago

RIP Michael.
Vainly_sam Valid

Vainly_sam Valid . 10 hours ago

I wish I could see Michael Jackson he died before I was made.

YellrFellr21 . 12 hours ago

Why does youtube want me to listen to this so bad
Succ Papi

Succ Papi . 12 hours ago

I like to imagine that the budget for this video was $100
James Crane

James Crane . 13 hours ago

If you do the math for the likes and dislikes, less than three percent of the people who liked, hit the dislike button

x . 13 hours ago

Валера Березовский

Валера Березовский . 14 hours ago

Sueli Motta

Sueli Motta . 15 hours ago

Ashna Tabassum

Ashna Tabassum . 15 hours ago

This is not a song This is an intoxication that never ends no matter how much I listen this.
Carrie Sato

Carrie Sato . 15 hours ago

Don’t mind me I’m just here from that video of that black dude dancing in a Paris street

GunnerBloodclat . 16 hours ago

Play the video at 1.5x Your welcome
Cj the best

Cj the best . 16 hours ago

This is how many people loved michael jackson and wished he never died. Who here in 2020

Vxbes . 17 hours ago

The bad part is when it ends..
Cd Piff

Cd Piff . 17 hours ago

Long Live The KING
Bintang June

Bintang June . 19 hours ago

Anak disko mana suaranya

KING B . 23 hours ago


Joey CCAM . 24 hours ago

I wished micheal would have stayed like this....his amazing self no surgeries or things to change himself he was literally perfect r.i.p micheal wish u were still here 😢
Elaisa Grace

Elaisa Grace . 1 day ago

You know that love survives ... so we can rock forever ... yeah, baby. I see a Madonna/MJ concert, whaddya think ? 🙏🏽👑👑😘
Sharkface 2.0

Sharkface 2.0 . 1 day ago

When it’s 12:17 AM and you have a cold that keeps you from sleeping but you straight vibin’ to Michael Jackson
Totally Not Something

Totally Not Something . 1 day ago

what I dont understand is how he can literally turn men gay by blinking at them.
Shawn Carter

Shawn Carter . 1 day ago

Check out Kent Nishimura's cover of this. It's AMAZING. The skill that guy has with a guitar making it sound like an entire band is surreal.

2Paranoid . 1 day ago

Anyone else play this at 1.25x?
Larry Turner

Larry Turner . 1 day ago

The 28k dislike has no taste in music

YaBoiMagic . 1 day ago

The Perfect Human
Diane Simmonds

Diane Simmonds . 2 days ago

Michael Jackson was and will ALWAYS B THE BEST!!!!! His music will live on FOREVER! And the only saddest part about Michael Jackson is, there will b no more music written or/sang by him. Continue to sleep peacefully MJ 🙏🌹🙏🌺🙏🌷. My granddaughters r 9 & 2, and they both r in love with Michael Jackson's music, they can't get enough. My 9 year old, knows all the words to his songs, and even has some of his dance moves down pat. Definitely a tragic lost to the music world.
Dulce Cabrera

Dulce Cabrera . 2 days ago

Wao todos son buenos me encanta todas su música
helado de vainilla

helado de vainilla . 2 days ago

Girl, close your eyes Let that rhythm get into you Don't try to fight it There ain't nothin' that you can do Relax your mind Lay back and groove with mine You got to feel that heat And we can ride the boogie Share that beat of love I wanna rock with you (all night) Dance you into day (sunlight) I wanna rock with you (all night) We're gonna (rock right) rock the night away Out on the floor There ain't nobody there but us Girl, when you dance There's a magic that must be love Just take it slow 'Cause we got so far to go When you feel that heat And we're gonna ride the boogie (Share) share that beat of love I wanna rock with you (all night) Dance you into day (sunlight) I wanna rock with you (all night) We're gonna (rock right) rock the night away And when the groove is dead and gone, yeah You know that love survives So we can rock forever, on I wanna rock with you I wanna groove with you I wanna rock with you I wanna groove with you I wanna rock (all night) with you, girl (sunlight) Rock with you, rock with you, (all night) yeah (Rock right) dance the night away I wanna rock with you, yeah (all night) Rock you into day (sunlight) I wanna rock with you (all night) (Rock right) rock the night away Feel the heat, feel the beat, (all night) hee! Rock you into day (sunlight) I wanna rock (all night) (Rock right) rock the night away
z3rah !

z3rah ! . 2 days ago

David Fuller

David Fuller . 2 days ago

This song hit number one 40 years ago this week.
Kika Tita

Kika Tita . 2 days ago

Michael tinha o sorriso mais doce e lindo que eu já vi.
Lana Boston

Lana Boston . 2 days ago

My brother
Mike Caputo

Mike Caputo . 2 days ago

#1 hit for 4 weeks, 40 years ago today on January 19, 1980! Rest in Peace Michael.

fikouvitch . 2 days ago

Like Today, 40 Years Ago ...This Title Hit N°1 in The Billboard Hot100

COLLA GREENZ . 2 days ago

a real nigga jam
Eros Ravera

Eros Ravera . 2 days ago

Artists capable of managing brass instruments have disappeared from the radar. In this song Michael does it very very subtly, only a few notes, but in others... Wow!

J B . 2 days ago

Forever 👑👑👑👑👑
Anthony Machado

Anthony Machado . 2 days ago

Bro this shit slaps
Anthony Machado

Anthony Machado . 2 days ago

Bro nooo I am going too cryyy😭😭

Otakushinobi14 . 2 days ago

0:00 f##king aliens
Alicia Manda

Alicia Manda . 2 days ago

A few decades have passed..still this sound so fresh...(apologize my bad Englis)

JNT PAUSE . 2 days ago

Mj was so stunning he didn’t know
Anthony Ogans

Anthony Ogans . 2 days ago

#1, 40 years ago today! 1-19-80 RIP
Ham Burger

Ham Burger . 2 days ago

I hope people find out about him in 2020. Great new artist👍

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