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What it’s like on the fixed income trading floor


Published on 2 years ago

Watch this "day in the life" interview to find out what it’s like on the fixed income trading floor at Vanguard. Andy Maack, a Vanguard financial analyst, offers his perspective.

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M A . 2 weeks ago

Spooky that future geezers are entrusting thier future retirement to glorified gamblers.... More spookier that these suit-&-ties are replacing bookie-slang-terms with glorified important sounding terms.

E.S Anoop

E.S Anoop . 4 weeks ago

Great vdo. I always wanted to be an Institutional trader, pls explain how can I be one.


Mr.Mystery . 2 months ago

What should I major in for this job

EyeSeeYou 33

EyeSeeYou 33 . 3 months ago


elwin egbert

elwin egbert . 4 months ago

The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision

Ram Pandey

Ram Pandey . 5 months ago

I would like to join you're company iam from Nepal


ECONOMICS . 5 months ago

0:58 - that board with currencies is epic - that is where all the fake money ends - in FIAT cemetery.

Yan Soleto

Yan Soleto . 5 months ago

where is all the cocaine and hookers?


JN . 6 months ago

Buy this Now / Sell this Now = Not hard at all

Amiel Garcia

Amiel Garcia . 7 months ago

So basically these are the guys who hunt our stop losses hahaha! Glad I learned about liquidity and order blocks

Pete Scar

Pete Scar . 7 months ago

So main point is how they save money on the trade fee. So many trades with the lowest cost. People who invest and pay high fees for an asset usually make out the best. Something to think about and find

Dusty D

Dusty D . 7 months ago

Snooze fest

Jerry west

Jerry west . 7 months ago

why would someone be fixed income in trading lul


iunnor . 7 months ago

1:07 Ah yes, the degen desk. Sign me up


CarS2drive . 7 months ago

fixed income trading is so boring, vix & stocks is the real fun !

Jim Bob

Jim Bob . 7 months ago

This is actually a pretty cool video. Thank you

Arvin From The Other Side

Arvin From The Other Side . 8 months ago

One of my dream jobs is to possibly work at Vanguard, managing index funds. Making money for investors. <3


nonamime . 8 months ago

1:02 is that a phone below the monitors

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal . 8 months ago

What's that device between the keyboard and the monitors? That is on every traders setup! Never seen it.


HedgeConnectFX . 8 months ago

Most have said “ costs “ like a hundred times

Med B

Med B . 8 months ago

Jordan Belfort would fall asleep in there.

SA00ll Telegram

SA00ll Telegram . 8 months ago

The Fed controls the costs.


Zach . 8 months ago

Now this is exciting.


희진맨TV . 9 months ago

Thanks. Very useful information. 😃👏

Kelvin Yau

Kelvin Yau . 9 months ago

Do you need these guys anymore? There is a computer to take orders now LOL!

Jeff Grant

Jeff Grant . 9 months ago

Yea, that's why their fees are sky high.


StonkSlayd . 9 months ago

So many words. So little content/talk.

Marc LeFebvre

Marc LeFebvre . 9 months ago

Awesome to see some of my Level III CFA candidates putting theory to practice at Vanguard’s fixed income trading desk #LevelUp


encompassvideo . 9 months ago

Containment of costs and indexing are part of the story. I generate a significant and growing annual income by investing in dividend paying stocks and other cash-generating investments (preferred stock, junk bonds, emerging bonds, etc). Capital growth via indexing is pleasant enough but cold cash dividends are far nicer.

Hotpocket Moutaindew

Hotpocket Moutaindew . 9 months ago

And then Gamestop arrived and said. From whence you came, you shall remain. Until you are complete again. And, the vanguard brokers said. This, is good. Come to us oh flock of sheep.


Bangzae . 9 months ago

this video is very helpful, thank you ... always successful in its activities


Bryleefy . 10 months ago

And you cant even see one candlestick chart on their screens. While retail traders go crazy about all the indicators.

jason gentry

jason gentry . 10 months ago

Looks super depressing to be in there for 8hrs


Ressuu . 10 months ago

Very informative, thank you.

Christopher Walsh

Christopher Walsh . 1 year ago

those traders will soon be replaced by A.I. and algorithms!


ahojahojish . 1 year ago

Great video Vanguard, thank you for giving us a sneak peak on how it works from the inside. I have one question though. What do you think about retail trading strategies. You know the price action patterns like pin bar, head and shoulders and other technical analysis. Should I be focusing on those to get better at trading or is it all fundamental analysis that the "real" professional traders use to make a trading decision? I am searching for an answer to this question for years, but I cant find an answer. Is it even possible to make money in Forex daytrading? Thanks.

David N

David N . 1 year ago

What are the programms they are using for the charts etc?

Gugi Sagara

Gugi Sagara . 2 years ago

as a former bond dealer, i worry whether automatization / algorithm will streamline the fixed-income dealing room lol...


Max . 2 years ago

Execution sucks

bzba z

bzba z . 2 years ago

More vids like this would be great, very helpful to young people

Investing with Kurt

Investing with Kurt . 2 years ago

That's a really cool video, most of us have no idea what it's like.. so we get a glimpse 😊

Pac Z

Pac Z . 2 years ago

(Lizzie Warren must've given this the "thumbs down".)

Juli Grlee

Juli Grlee . 2 years ago

I wish there were good Vanguard books to read to help Vanguard customers have more knowledge about terms used and about how to best ways to know the companies they are investing in. I know, 60%/40%, and and I know, read quarterly reports but basic foundational knowledge I do not know. I have at least a dozen books on investing in my house but I do not know how to best connect with traders or how to get up to date information needed for wise investing. I know lots of people invest in popular instruments but that too is not enough to understand the markets.

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