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Best Accessories For DJI Mavic Air!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 2 years ago

Review of the 8 best DJI Mavic Air accessories including cases, ND filters, landing gear, Katana holder and more! https://techwewant.com/best-accessories-for-dji-mavic-air-2e97be39a9fc

$10 Remote case- http://geni.us/remotecase
$17 Car Charger- http://geni.us/maviccarcharger
$40 Multi Charger- http://geni.us/multicharger
$14 Landing Pad- http://geni.us/landingpad
$16 Tablet holder- http://geni.us/mavictablet
$79 ND Filters PolarPro- http://geni.us/mavicndfilter
$20 ND Filters FStop- http://geni.us/fstopnd
$50 Katana Holder- http://geni.us/katana

Music "Celebrate" by Joakim Karud- https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/celebrate-strawberry-drizzle

Comments :


warsmanus . 1 week ago

Very unique 👍 . I have one Mavic Air.
Aden Tube

Aden Tube . 4 weeks ago

Who is waching in 2020😜 and who just bought a Mavic Air?
Chris Troutman

Chris Troutman . 2 months ago

Everyone of them are very nice!

WDines417 . 5 months ago

Why do I want to win? Well actually to be honest . I believe in taking care of my equipment. As safety is first. So preflight plan and height of RTH. A person who uses great products to protect and get the most out of the drone . Usually is the one obeying laws and being a ambassador to the hobby in a positive light.
Greg Davidge

Greg Davidge . 9 months ago

Getting a new case for the air
Greg Davidge

Greg Davidge . 9 months ago

Getting a new case for the air

gil57usa . 10 months ago

My goal is to make a series of videos showcasing the Adirondack Mountains as well as the beautiful scenery of the Finger Lakes and rural NY State.
Eric Steele

Eric Steele . 10 months ago

Great stuff. Day 1 with my Mavic air and learning all about what I can do. Planning to travel with mine so any of these would be useful.
Paula Henry

Paula Henry . 11 months ago

Just got my mavic air. I moved to Hawaii to heal my soul and my mavic is helping that faster. Beautiful pics are forever
Marcel Farhat

Marcel Farhat . 11 months ago

is f stop your fucking ass sponsor
Ken Bruce

Ken Bruce . 12 months ago

Great video, really interested in the best filters, as we are lost in this space. I have been given the mavic Air and will be giving back what I hope provisional footage to support their business. Life is about helping each other, this video is short and to the point, good luck with your channel!

FooBear408 . 1 year ago

Terry di Paolo Sr

Terry di Paolo Sr . 1 year ago

new user need all the help I can get
Quangbinh flc

Quangbinh flc . 1 year ago

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhdn-qn5t1PAEjx2ZWj_5A?view_as=subscriber video camera Mavic Air :)
Luke Wilda

Luke Wilda . 1 year ago

Is the give away over??
Renan Schiebel

Renan Schiebel . 1 year ago

Nice video. I am glad you didn´t mentioned the extension legs, the one from PGYtech Totally messed with the navigation system, could not even take off until I remove it
Ben Woodhead

Ben Woodhead . 1 year ago

Just recently bought my Mavic Air and really want to be a professional drone pilot when I’m older so Accessories would be really great thanks
Anja Meyer

Anja Meyer . 2 years ago

yo brow, i like so much DJI produkters that why i like to win! thanks brow

UptoMePapiYongKukKuk . 2 years ago

Didn't look very hard, might aswell have just told everyone to visit fstop labs website!
Cats Cough

Cats Cough . 2 years ago

I want to win the accessories to enhance my photography and videography skills

Dayze . 2 years ago

Great Video, I'd love to win this giveaway because I have just recently bought a DJI Mavic Air and I live in Australia where the sun is very bright causing the need for filters. I have also just started a youtube channel where a steady cam would be extremely helpful for Mountain Biking Shots and moving shots. Would be ecstatic if I won!
Michael Allan Bulatao

Michael Allan Bulatao . 2 years ago

nice info! looking for nd filters!
Kiko Bohol

Kiko Bohol . 2 years ago

Super nice accessories! I really wanna win these accessories to help me make cinematic footages using my new mavic air. Thank you in advance!
Jan Sørensen

Jan Sørensen . 2 years ago

I would very much win the ND filters. Why; I am a pensionist and with my very new Mavic Air I live in sunny Spain.
Midues Chan

Midues Chan . 2 years ago

I would like a bag cases that can fit two battery , remove control and other assessor because it useful for me . If is really giving me that I will very thanks you a lot.
Musing Of A Man

Musing Of A Man . 2 years ago

New sub here. Would love to know if the competition is still open. If so, I'd use each and every piece of this collection. As a tech reviewer, the items would be prefect for tutorials and reviews I would create for each one but also as a professional video producer, the whole setup would help me get that awesome B-Roll I've been missing. Especially with the Katana handle. I'm due to receive my Mavic Air within the next week (shipping pending) so having this setup ready to go from the off would be amazing. *Crosses fingers*
Gustavo Mattos

Gustavo Mattos . 2 years ago

Aí would definitely use the nd filter, here in Brazil the sun is super strong so the image is always bad and super light even with the darker settings
francesco ferretti

francesco ferretti . 2 years ago

Hi, i would really like to recive the polarpro katana mount because i could use my drone as a “ground camera” while i’m filming on the snowboard instead of buying a more expencive gimball.

missfelemban . 2 years ago

Thanks for the video, i might be one of the first girls to fly drones in Saudi Arabia, just saying ☺️
Jewelry Limited

Jewelry Limited . 2 years ago


ScorchingSauces . 2 years ago

Would definitely improve my travel videos if I get my hands on any of the accessories.
Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams . 2 years ago

i'm digging that Katana Mount. using it to get handheld footage as well as air footage is going to be awesome!!! i'm just starting to get into video and being able to get the same quality 4k video is going to be great!!
B Valdes

B Valdes . 2 years ago

There are some neat accessories for the Air would love any of them. Love to take videos of sunrise or sunsets.
Tjard Pueschel

Tjard Pueschel . 2 years ago

Most of the time we produce Travel videos. But we’re completely new to this. Last year we went to Sri Lanka and produced our first Travel video only using our smartphones. This year we went one step further and bought the Mavic Air for our next Trip in July to Thailand. Because of our low budget we would love to win the Polar Pro ND filters, because we really need them for our next travel video to get one step further :) We would be sooo happy to win them and if you’ll contact us :) Best, Tjard and Hanna from Germany :)
Phil O

Phil O . 2 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I’d love to win them as I lost my mavic pro at sea on a family holiday. I now have accessories and a controller that’s of no use. I’d love to win these as it took my ages to save and gather the accessories for the pro. Thanks 🙏🏻
Outside City's

Outside City's . 2 years ago

this is the best landing pad it fold so easily https://www.amazon.com/Freewell-FW-LP-50C/dp/B07BMWZFTQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526968120&sr=8-3&keywords=freewell+landing+pad
Gravity FPV

Gravity FPV . 2 years ago

Great accessories, I ordered my Mavic Air a few days ago after flying fpv freestyle quads for a year. I will be making videos documenting my experiences as I learn to become a better freestyle pilot and of course videos of my family and our adventures. I want to win because I think it is a great list of accessories that will enhance my experience with my first camera platform quadcopter. Thanks for the upload!
JF&W Technology Travel and Photography

JF&W Technology Travel and Photography . 2 years ago

Like the filters.
paul hubner

paul hubner . 2 years ago

I love filming photo-bubbles for streetview and creating aerial tours with my drone, but for ground shots, that Katana looks really easy to use great!
N5RIV Radio

N5RIV Radio . 2 years ago

family videos
Static Poptart

Static Poptart . 2 years ago

These are some really great vids you all do. I'll love to win any of these since where I'm from the exchange rate is 1-10 so everything here is really expensive for me
Race Owen

Race Owen . 2 years ago

I like the stabilizer. I would use that indoors for a cool gimbal.
Jayms purpel Clipper

Jayms purpel Clipper . 2 years ago

I would share this video with my friends you are going to get more subscribed i can wait for the next video✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
Jayms purpel Clipper

Jayms purpel Clipper . 2 years ago

If i win i am so happy this Will by the first time i win somthing i wil when on hollyday with my drone to make a Nice video just lake you ✈️
Jayms purpel Clipper

Jayms purpel Clipper . 2 years ago

I have a DJI spark drone but i dont have everything for my drone
Jayms purpel Clipper

Jayms purpel Clipper . 2 years ago

Nice video

Dilyn . 2 years ago

I could really use the stabilizer
Mark Lee

Mark Lee . 2 years ago

Thanks for posting such an informative video - I'm considering getting a Mavic Pro Fly More kit from MassDrop. Do you think this is overboard for my first drone? My main interests are aerial photography and FPV.
Geoscience Imaging

Geoscience Imaging . 2 years ago

These are some great ideas! I just recently got a Mavic Air and can't wait to start shooting with it. As a teacher, I will make Earth Science outreach and education videos to help my students better understand the topics and get them excited about studying in our program. Would love to win some of these!
Mikey Rast

Mikey Rast . 2 years ago

This video brought to you by Fstop Labs.......

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