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Boosted Mini S vs Mini X
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 1 year ago

We compare the Mini S vs Mini X to find out is the X worth it?

Mini X - $999 on Amazon- http://geni.us/minix
85mm Caguama Wheels- http://geni.us/caguama
Board bag (show in video)- http://geni.us/boardbag
ShredLights (headlights)- http://shredlights.com?aff=161

Comments :


galaxyio . 2 weeks ago

Did he just say that it lasts 14 months when charged? 14 MONTHS!?
DanieI Joseph

DanieI Joseph . 2 months ago

What top speed can you get on the mini x by using the orangutan 85mm wheels?
Mauricio Camacho

Mauricio Camacho . 2 months ago

Love cruiserboards, but damn the price. I’ll stick with my normal cruiserboard.
Raymond Royale

Raymond Royale . 4 months ago

Lol @ belt drive board for 1k. P.T. Barnum said it best..
Mattz 4K

Mattz 4K . 5 months ago

Is the mini s waterproof
Kelvin Gartei

Kelvin Gartei . 5 months ago

I’m getting one tomorrow
iOS MacOS Genius

iOS MacOS Genius . 7 months ago

Boosted Boards is coming out with a New Design Leaked 5-15-19 - www.Boostedboardlife.com
Lucas M

Lucas M . 7 months ago

i got so confused when he said 15 pounds and 17 pounds was heavy af but then i remembered I'm swole.

Rykahnz . 8 months ago

Why is the larger battery not allowed? There's a limit based on capacity?
Unknown Powell

Unknown Powell . 8 months ago

What is so special about boosted?
Matthew Bullard

Matthew Bullard . 8 months ago

Cough metroboard cough

Ceebo . 9 months ago

Hey guys I did a lil video showing my commute to work with my boosted board if y’all are curious! Love the vid btw!! https://youtu.be/sW5d-9ALpsE

XxGrizzlyxVizionzxX . 10 months ago

Where can you buy the mini X at?
Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Seeds . 10 months ago

Lol just buy an s with some grey wheels and flex

CRF250R1521 . 10 months ago

Incredible video
Matthew Sibounhom

Matthew Sibounhom . 10 months ago

For me I don’t need 20 mph I’m fine with 18
Lidija Rizev

Lidija Rizev . 12 months ago

What kind of watch is that?

YouTion . 1 year ago

1:09 you can tell wight difference by his arm
ian tait

ian tait . 1 year ago

Honestly you nailed this video
Yassine Haddad

Yassine Haddad . 1 year ago

Is this board weather sealed, can I ride this when it's raining?
Danny Morris

Danny Morris . 1 year ago

Can you race them side by side please

Markarzzi . 1 year ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how did nobody notice!!!!! 1000 watts loooool
Wacko Lover

Wacko Lover . 1 year ago

Buy meepo campus 2.0 for $300
Gianluca Aiello

Gianluca Aiello . 1 year ago

amazing reviews guys... what's the bag in the video?
Govinda Romero

Govinda Romero . 1 year ago

Where can I buy the board bumpers. You have on your board? (The strip of rubber around the edge of board)
Ludwik Malisz

Ludwik Malisz . 1 year ago

is it possible to change battery ? i mean buy extra and change during the ride
Ludwik Malisz

Ludwik Malisz . 1 year ago

it is possible to change batter in both ?
Grace AK

Grace AK . 1 year ago

Fuck Amazon 15% platform commission,direct Manufacturer only $189. Practical and affordable electric scooter:https://www.megawheels.com/en/product/category/electric-scooter Smart Hoverboard only $116:https://www.megawheels.com/en/products
Plant Hero Colin

Plant Hero Colin . 1 year ago

Please please please could someone detail how I swap the Caguamas for the stock wheels? I talked to a boosted customer service rep and they said there’s only about a 2% chance I can change out the interior part without breaking it!

TechSmartt . 1 year ago

Can confirm I’ve brought my Mini X on 5 planes recently
Jesse King

Jesse King . 1 year ago

I dont like bottle necks hubs all day nd night
Yufei Pann

Yufei Pann . 1 year ago

Hey do anyone know how to find the mini s's batteries? wanna have another one so I can have a backup

lampree . 1 year ago

THANK YOU. I've been waiting for this comparison since launch day. Quite happy with my S purchase! Would have loved to see a side by side drag race though.
Alberto Betancourt

Alberto Betancourt . 1 year ago

why does the mini x gray wheel look glossier compared to the orange wheels?
Ata Güner

Ata Güner . 1 year ago

U can send me one of them if u dont use that would be awesome
austeN smith

austeN smith . 1 year ago

First dislike :-)
Andrew Cortesi

Andrew Cortesi . 1 year ago

Thanks for the review but I still don't know. I mean I've had the V2 XR for a long time now and I like the speed and range (12 to 14 miles or whatever the heck it actually is), but I like the smaller form factor of the Mini S - especially since it can board planes. Still a hard decision to make. The only thing that has similar specs to the Mini X is the WowGo 2S mini, but that's from China I'm not sure if I'll trust that purchase in the long run.

Simon . 1 year ago

Currently waiting for my mini s
Sean Christopher

Sean Christopher . 1 year ago


Dub-C . 1 year ago

Great video! One thing you missed though: what is the range on the S and X if you change the wheels to these new orangatang Caguama?
Jack Juliano

Jack Juliano . 1 year ago

7 mile range is so bad
PlayHouse Entertainment

PlayHouse Entertainment . 1 year ago

The link to the board bag isn't working for me. Could you let me know the make and model?

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