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Top Rank Boxing

Published on 9 months ago

Watch #highlights from the main event of #LomaLopez featuring #TeofimoLopez and 3VasiliyLomachenko. In the fight Lopez dominated early and finished strong late to become the undisputed lightweight champion.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, the lightweight unification showdown between WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez will take place Oct. 17 on ESPN.

The Lomachenko vs. Lopez telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

The 10-round junior welterweight co-main features former world title challenger Alex Saucedo against unbeaten contender Arnold Barboza Jr.

In the eight-round ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight knockout sensation Edgar Berlanga tests his perfect record against veteran Lanell Bellows. Berlanga (14-0, 14 KOs) has won all 14 of his professional fights by first-round stoppage.

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Comments :

Oscar Velazquez

Oscar Velazquez . 3 weeks ago

No importa la experiencia siempre habrá alguien mejor y teófimo lo es

The A.T.M Family !

The A.T.M Family ! . 3 weeks ago

Does he still have all 4 belts

Jaison Joseph

Jaison Joseph . 4 weeks ago

He is the real deal, nobody on that top lightweights will take the Loma fight. Kid got the balls and he is the best.


M.K . 4 weeks ago

Big ups to Teo, but after watching what Tank just did to Barrios he aint beating Tank!

Phil Cee

Phil Cee . 4 weeks ago

Loma beats him in the rematch

Vova Vlady

Vova Vlady . 4 weeks ago

Lomachenko best. Lopezd 👎🏼💩

Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams . 4 weeks ago

Watching Loma v Nakatani.... Lopez better keep his fkin head down

Orlando Reyes

Orlando Reyes . 4 weeks ago

listen tofino Lopez ! I want to see you fight tank Davis! I think he's going to rip your head apart. When a box of give you a chance to win his Bells and then you don't give him a rematch that makes you look real bad!

Orlando Reyes

Orlando Reyes . 4 weeks ago

I had a lot of respect for boxer teofimo Lopez ! boxer lomachenko gave them a shot to fight him and he win the three Bells, and now he doesn't want to give lomachenko a rematch! that looks real bad I think he's a coward!


olsharezee45 . 4 weeks ago

Well done Teo but knock him out next time


4 THE JEWELER . 4 weeks ago

He didn’t say TANK

daniel nunez

daniel nunez . 1 month ago

Everyone thinks that Loma is going to win in a rematch,just like they thought he was going to win the first time...mark my words if Lopez fights Loma again Lopez will ko Loma by the 6th.


ROCKNROLLA . 2 months ago

Top Rank has The worst Highlights ever


Berick47 . 2 months ago

He beat a handicapped loma he knows it too cuz he be training like loma now 🤣😂

Frank A

Frank A . 2 months ago

This guy has a bright future

Abul Rahat

Abul Rahat . 2 months ago

Youngest in charge

Ger Dublin

Ger Dublin . 2 months ago

U and josh Taylor now, wat a fight 💯😎


misterrightuk . 2 months ago

People are saying Lopez is not the Undisputed Champion even though the ring announcer said he was and the WBC handed him two WBC titles (the Franchise and World Championship).

Cameron Taylor

Cameron Taylor . 2 months ago

The ducksputed champion.


Maxim . 2 months ago

He should go up in weight and fight Josh Taylor now!

Danny Taquino

Danny Taquino . 2 months ago

Great job kid, when's the rematch?

Rythm DaRypzta

Rythm DaRypzta . 3 months ago


Abdul El basito

Abdul El basito . 3 months ago

5 belts wow..

mr yorke

mr yorke . 3 months ago

Mr Lopez got skills and style top boxer love how he take them out 🔥🔥🔥💯💪💪

Zorro Kronik

Zorro Kronik . 4 months ago

Loma come in to the fight with a bad shoulder. Having surgery two days before the event.

Afeez Afuwape

Afeez Afuwape . 4 months ago

bill nye planet on fire

jolocarl sampio

jolocarl sampio . 4 months ago

Rematch.... Rematch.... Rematch...

Justin Humphrey

Justin Humphrey . 4 months ago


Justin Humphrey

Justin Humphrey . 4 months ago


Сяо Ми

Сяо Ми . 4 months ago

Вранье,все моменты!!! У Ломы больше попаданий !!!

Сяо Ми

Сяо Ми . 4 months ago

А когда это чемпион, должен был доказывать и биться на ровне с претендентом,что происходит???

Muhammadilham Ilham

Muhammadilham Ilham . 5 months ago

Congrats teo “broken face” lopez


TEOTL BERBER . 5 months ago

Loma tried to use the 12 round rule to his advantage, he outboxed Lopez but emphasized too much on showing his boxing superiority that he forgot to fight. Lopez looked beat up after the fight. Loma looked perfectly fine. I would love a Rematch but Lopez won't take it for a while. Loma is still on the the best to ever do it.

J Chi

J Chi . 5 months ago I'm L.

Angelo Magtajas (GENUINE Karaoke)

Angelo Magtajas (GENUINE Karaoke) . 5 months ago

Lopez won by punching the air.. lol..

bon bon

bon bon . 5 months ago

Ok let’s talk real talk Lopez has 3 belts so he isn’t the undisputed, plus that wba is not the regular championship belt. & we already know that the Franchise belt isn’t the wbc regular (t Thea I has that) belt. The politics in the boxing game is crazy modern day. Note: That Haney has the WBC belt. He can’t be undisputed for real until he beats Haney. It’s not his fault though. It’s Bob arum, espn, & the wbc commission that are playing these political games.


Jappy . 5 months ago

Loma failed to pull the trigger early. He was surprised that Lopez is as fast as him or maybe faster, stronger and has footwork, too.


imjusthere8 . 5 months ago

I need another Fight Night installment!

Odilio Bautista

Odilio Bautista . 5 months ago

I thought Lopez won because of the minimum audence it took a lot of pressure out for it being a big fight. Real talk.

Ingemar Smith

Ingemar Smith . 5 months ago

Lomachenko was stripped by the WBC so Teo can't be undisputed. He doesn't have the WBC belt

Darkhyron 2.0

Darkhyron 2.0 . 5 months ago

Lomachenko goes to surgery they shoulder, they not want to change the fight

Эльнур Гулиев

Эльнур Гулиев . 6 months ago

Fake champion

Giovanni Jaranilla

Giovanni Jaranilla . 6 months ago

Ohh cmon we all know loma win dat fight...

Alfa Mammal

Alfa Mammal . 6 months ago

UNDISPUTED???? When? If Chaney has the WBC LOL oh this is a top rank smh at least promote Crawford better to rank instead of lying to the decafs lol undisputed LOL yea ok


БОКС TJ . 6 months ago

Лопез фейковер


БОКС TJ . 6 months ago

Лома выиграл

marvin cordova

marvin cordova . 6 months ago

i will take one to get one.

Oscar Molina

Oscar Molina . 6 months ago

Credits to both fighters fighting right away and not ducking each other. This is an example of the best vs the best not like young fighters fighting 40 year olds, cough* cough* Devin Haney.

Tree Fiddy

Tree Fiddy . 6 months ago

Should be forced rematch due to corrupt judges no judge should be anywhere near hometown and know how to actually judge a fight even in the highlights while these goof commentators hyping Teo up Loma is blocking shots when was the last time block or evaded shots count as clean hits? Punching Air, gloves and elbows ain't fucking points Loma won 2 7 8 9 10 11 and defending 4 belts this was too close it was a draw... Loma was robbed shows how corrupt boxing is watch the rounds Loma says he won which he actually did


MrPogoreliy . 6 months ago

Loma Lopez rematch!!!!

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