Brie and Nikki Bella join Renee Young on this week's edition of WWE Backstage to discuss their journey to and start in WWE, being inducted to the Hall of Fame, and much more.

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The Bella Twins on their start in WWE, being inducted to Hall of Fame | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX


Comments :


WWE ON FOX . 1 month ago

What are your thoughts on The Bella Twins' journey?

SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 . 4 weeks ago

Nikki better order some high rise tights for her return!
John Dobbins

John Dobbins . 4 weeks ago

I do think they would be hall of famers but it’s really unfair when other women came before them
Delee Person

Delee Person . 4 weeks ago

They don’t deserve it
Muttley lx

Muttley lx . 1 month ago

Hall of Fame ... seriously ???????
manil amatya

manil amatya . 1 month ago

Still saying it Nikki is where she is due to John!! Der I said it haters bite me come!!
Summer Rae Leah

Summer Rae Leah . 1 month ago

Omg I can’t wait for another season omg can’t wait I’m so excited
Simon Kerr

Simon Kerr . 1 month ago

JBL and the Bellla's over Christian and Lilian Garcia? This company is a joke.

bklynbeef . 1 month ago

They deserve it! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 They deserve it! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
John DH

John DH . 1 month ago

You are a JOKE 🤣🤣🤣 not saying you don't deserve to be HOF but Not Yet... I mean, there are a lot of the Women's Superstars who gave their all to make the road you have now...
reina_jnae nene

reina_jnae nene . 1 month ago

What I love is that y’all got so much hate but made the decision to watch the video😂😂😂
reina_jnae nene

reina_jnae nene . 1 month ago

But tell me how Trump in the hall of fame before these history makers?
Suhas Gowda

Suhas Gowda . 1 month ago

These models had a senseless career. Wtf is bellalution?
Andrey Barbara

Andrey Barbara . 1 month ago

I love you guys like a piece of heaven

HaileyLove11 . 1 month ago

i feel like everyone gets into the hall of fame
Alyster Hyde

Alyster Hyde . 1 month ago

I remembered when Nikki defeated AJ Lee and Brie kissed AJ Lee, damm those were the days...
parker raley

parker raley . 1 month ago

This is garbage they shouldn't be in the hall of fame they didn't do anything to deserve it
Tiffany Tilman

Tiffany Tilman . 1 month ago

It's the WWE Hall of Fame and the WWE it is bigger than the two nights people see on TV. So how again do y'all know if they deserve it or not?
Oscar Soifer Sabater

Oscar Soifer Sabater . 1 month ago

I Love The Bellas ❤
Brittany Douglas

Brittany Douglas . 1 month ago

Its going to be an awkward moment when Nikki and John see each other at HOF night!

Miss.Michela08 . 1 month ago

The most underserving whores in history
Adrian Paulo Perocho

Adrian Paulo Perocho . 1 month ago

Where is Punk when you need him?

bikamek1 . 1 month ago

the bellas are garbage n dont deserve to be put in the hall of fame pure cancer they are
Jermaine Legging Man

Jermaine Legging Man . 1 month ago

Im glad the big show an kane is not in it yet an taker aint either but nikki an brie ima miss them alot im the ring the bellas waz cold jus cnt believe they retired but they will always b on wwe 2k forever
Bizou Tyra

Bizou Tyra . 1 month ago

Nicole stay with Arthem please he makes you glowinf now your looking you fresh young like your sister is now we see the ressemblance hes really a good guy like bryan good luck💓
Magi Mitova

Magi Mitova . 1 month ago

I do understand everyone's frustration with this. I'm happy for them but it's just not the right time. In 6-7 years maybe, but not now. I like them and I do believe they've done a lot for this entertainment. Because this is a very significant part of wwE - entertainment. They've been terrible at acting, always, this is the thing they never improved, but they were always entertaining. And without them to be there when this new wave of amazing women came to kick their butt and show how talanted they are, the transition wouldn't have happened. Because women's division came after the divas division. And the women's division is so powerful and looks so good because you have the divas division to compare (not just that - this is the strongest wwe's womens division has ever been). And these women in the previous era - it's not their fault that they were used for their bodies and their looks. Not everyone can be AJ Lee. Not everyone is capable of changing the dynamic of the division (which's been the same for 10+ years) all by herself. So they are not to be blamed for working with what they were given. And as the divas division - The Bellas were in the top. Later with TD and TB, this sells. I watch TB and I enjoy it and it's my choice. But this sells and people watch it. And for the Bellas and WWE this is a win-win situation. It's true when they say that these reality shows have helped expand the wwe universe, because they are people who checked wwe because of TD and TB. So again win-win situation. With that being said, sorry for my English, I am happy for them, I think they deserve it, just NOT NOW. Not before Michelle McCool, Victoria, AJ Lee and many more. It's not the right time.
Double h Hh

Double h Hh . 1 month ago

Rene stop saying hell yea
Daquan Johnson

Daquan Johnson . 1 month ago

Stuff like this is why WWE will never be cool anymore
Henry Chavez

Henry Chavez . 1 month ago

Are they being inducted in a botched hall of fame?
shawn cartee

shawn cartee . 1 month ago

so happy and proud of them true legends but how the hell isnt sable being imducted maybe theres things we just arent privvy too sable, molly, jazz, stacy keibler like how does wwe make these decisions
God Almighty

God Almighty . 1 month ago

I love it when they say things in sync with each other.
Flawless Memes

Flawless Memes . 1 month ago

- hey haters remember you clicked on this video & listened to them speak
Nattie Ben

Nattie Ben . 1 month ago

I don't mean to be rude ! But many people deserve the hall of fame more than they do

Comet67 . 1 month ago

They got inducted a decade too early.
Tony Stark

Tony Stark . 1 month ago

The Bella Twins Start in WWE. "We need two hot twins." - Vince McMahon
Jesus Gomez

Jesus Gomez . 1 month ago

No no no no no hell no
Kimberley Gray

Kimberley Gray . 1 month ago

Congratulations to the Bella Twins
Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan . 1 month ago

CONGRATULATIONS to twin sisters Nikki Brian and Brie Bella WWE HOF 2020
Suhas Gowda

Suhas Gowda . 1 month ago

They dont duckin deserve to be in wwe hof

RedLightning17 . 1 month ago

Still waiting for AJ Lee and Mickie James to go in
Michele Herrmann

Michele Herrmann . 1 month ago

I wish they would place Miss Elizabeth in the HOF.
Shawn Lilo

Shawn Lilo . 1 month ago

Well then The Great Khali should be in the hall of fame
Aleister Black

Aleister Black . 1 month ago

Those pants Renee.. I love you
Mel Sandoval

Mel Sandoval . 1 month ago

Y’all wanna say that they had 15 minutes of fame and that they married or dated powerful men that put them on the radar to have a reality series. WWE gave them the opportunity and believed in them to bring more eyes to their company, make them more money and they stayed loyal for a decade looking like jokes at times but evolved their craft, the mentality in the company and the demographic. Y’all can stay mad, yes maybe there’s other women that deserve it but the Bella Twins really played their cards well, seized their peak time and influence, nobody can deny that.
A Rod

A Rod . 1 month ago

Dumb whores
Daniel Hudson

Daniel Hudson . 1 month ago

No nastiness From Me About The Bella Twins But If The Fans Want To boo Them At The HOF Ceremony It Would Make It Entertaining To Watch

NNN BBB . 1 month ago

Nikki deserves the hall of fame because she is a very good wrestler however Brie ......
Pete Perales

Pete Perales . 1 month ago

"Talent isn't sexually transmitted".- AJ Lee
Shemarlos Scott

Shemarlos Scott . 1 month ago

The Bella twins are gorgeous
jeffreestar snapchat

jeffreestar snapchat . 1 month ago

They don't deserve it, the past divas such as sable, molly Holly, Victoria, nidia, Dawn Marie, Stacey Keibler, Michelle Mcool and Mickie James and Jazz are more deserving..

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