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Review: 4 Best Electric Scooters For Commuting
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 2 years ago

We test 4 electric scooters for commuting and scooters for adults- Segway ES2 / ES4 vs Xiaomi Mi M365 vs GoTrax GXL and the Swagtron Swagger 5.
GoTrax GXL (Amazon): http://geni.us/gotrax
Xiaomi Mi / M365 (Amazon): http://geni.us/xiaomiM365
Segway ES2 (Amazon): http://geni.us/segwayES2
Standalone ES2 battery (Amazon): http://geni.us/es2battery
Segway ES4 (Amazon): http://geni.us/segwayES4
Swagtron Swagger 5 (Amazon): http://geni.us/swagger5

Comments :

Tech We Want

Tech We Want . 2 years ago

GoTrax GXL is only $379 with coupon code 05techwewant on Amazon!
Nico Montinola

Nico Montinola . 2 days ago

Xaomi is hard to beat.

FawkesMuldarr . 2 weeks ago

Gotrax should have won
Paul Arata

Paul Arata . 2 weeks ago

Next scooter video, please just tell me the price and top speed right away.
sonny salanga

sonny salanga . 2 weeks ago

i got a ninebot es3 from costco with battery
Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim . 3 weeks ago

From earth to me swagtron is a no-no
tristan playz

tristan playz . 3 weeks ago

tristan playz

tristan playz . 3 weeks ago

Zoltan Toth

Zoltan Toth . 4 weeks ago

прывітанне, паглядзі на мой скутэр. Усе асляпляюцца 70 максімальнай хуткасцю, 100 км, 2 рычагамі дросельнай засланкі, 2 батарэямі, двайны матор 500
Gun ดอทคอม Gun ดอทคอม

Gun ดอทคอม Gun ดอทคอม . 1 month ago

Dann Parker

Dann Parker . 1 month ago

I live in Washington DC my name is Dann Parker I would like to win a es4 scooter, I was was stabbed about three months ago and it will help me get around the city. Thanks u my email is [email protected]
Pdrum Pdrum

Pdrum Pdrum . 1 month ago

No link to security.
Trevor Jared

Trevor Jared . 2 months ago

Gotrax has cruise control you idiot

doct101 . 2 months ago

I got a gotrax xr ultra for $300 shipped love it
Diego Carranza

Diego Carranza . 2 months ago

what about the kugoo s1 pro? isn´t it better than at least 2 of the scooters in this video? I really need to know because I am thinking to buy one. Thanks! great channel
Hanniel Balabis

Hanniel Balabis . 2 months ago

So who wins?
Mike Myer

Mike Myer . 2 months ago

Go Trax Rival same thing as gxl but better for only $250 at walmart
Mr Arminas

Mr Arminas . 2 months ago

Segway ninebot es 4 better
Arturo Deleon

Arturo Deleon . 2 months ago

I got tue swagtron one for 70 dollars

650Giantsfan . 2 months ago

I'm debating between getting the ninebot ES2 and kick scooter max. Aside from cost, how would both be comparable, in terms of durability and efficiency? I can buy an external battery for both models, right?
Mister Gaming

Mister Gaming . 2 months ago

Acceleration test faulty because you had the extra battery on for more power. Should have been stock comparison
fxdr xr

fxdr xr . 3 months ago

I recommend segway es2 or es4
Onno Dekker

Onno Dekker . 3 months ago

Company that does layoff by zoom should not have sales anymore

JohnyTechReview . 3 months ago

Review is good but nobody talks about repair and maintainable which the segway sucks at

XSebastianTubeX . 3 months ago

Please review the hiboy s2
Durim Zeqiri

Durim Zeqiri . 4 months ago

Just bought the xiaomi m365. Anyone to share expirience with it, are they good?

RitzyFive . 4 months ago

Gotrax GXL v2 is $248

Timothy . 4 months ago

A disk break on the back wheel is a waste. Braking from behind is 20% as effective as braking from the front. E.g the same front disk on the front would have 5x more stopping power.

SMBO6 . 4 months ago

Segway saw the problems of M365 so they fixed those problems by copying it and then adding a few things the M365 did not have.
Wonderful Albania

Wonderful Albania . 4 months ago

S. Terris

S. Terris . 5 months ago

Well-organized review. Thank you!
Kzie gaming YT

Kzie gaming YT . 5 months ago

What’s the app
Paul Paul

Paul Paul . 5 months ago

I just want one so I can go riding around the city🤟🏿

Salar . 5 months ago

I will stick to my 50$ wish one

feral107 . 5 months ago

why do you keep saying "show me" ? Is it the model name for the Xiaomi? The Xiaomi Show Me seems like a mouthful.

OK DOK . 5 months ago

people trying to do jumps in electric scooters just look stupid. thats not wat its meant for. its like trying to drift those senior citizen moped thingys. look at the idiot in the beginning lololol
jasen king

jasen king . 5 months ago

The only thing missing in this review is the performance of these scooters going uphill. Otherwise a good review.
Dreaco plays

Dreaco plays . 5 months ago

M365 is the best
Logan Hubbard

Logan Hubbard . 5 months ago

Kinda misleading... you say the ES2 has the best acceleration. But you’re testing it with the extra battery which adds nearly $300 to the price and increases the acceleration. Seems to me that you should be testing without the extra battery. Or at least mention that it’d be slower by itself.
Deepak Kori

Deepak Kori . 5 months ago

Indian MRP kya
William Knox

William Knox . 5 months ago

this is crazy for not having a U-scooters scooter in this lineup, but including a xiaomi?!?! U-scooters is a well established pioneer in escooters, its one of the major american distributors of escooters, they were one of the first affordable compact commuter scooters, first to have regen braking, best for pound to power ratio by far, they are on their sixth generation of scooter, they have 26 patents and tons of industry recognition, they crush all of these in specs. these are all shitty rideshare scooters built for idiots who dont treat anything they dont own with respect, they shouldnt be considered by a consumer, thats like saying i want to buy a Ford Crown Victoria because I ride taxis a lot.

James . 5 months ago

just watch the first 1 minute of the video.
CM _

CM _ . 5 months ago

What is that iwat road r6 like for a cheap scooter does anyone know?
Willy Poundertoosh

Willy Poundertoosh . 5 months ago

Jus curious you say the best, but has anyone tested the segway ninebot kickscooter for more than a year? I personally wud never spend another $1 on a ninebot kickscooter. The control boards hav defects and its lucky to last a year and thats if u dont ride it much.. i just dont get why people giv ninebot scooters good reviews or say they r in the best class? They r garbage unless u dont want ur scooter to work past a few months to a year tops.. if u do ur research on the negatives ppl hav shared n gone thru, its crazy they still are even making sales and cost more now then wen i bought one ..
Yea buddy

Yea buddy . 5 months ago

Just bought swagtron swagger 2 from walmart for only $119.00. Yes it only goes around 8 miles but damn its fun. If you kick along while using the throttle.... the damn thing flies👏👏👏
Mathias Paavilainen

Mathias Paavilainen . 5 months ago

swagtron XD
Daniel Vinson

Daniel Vinson . 5 months ago

I would stay way from hover1 , I email customer care over 3 days with no response with me and my wife emails. Returning to wal-mart find a different brand.
Tin Lai

Tin Lai . 6 months ago

Every reviewer recommended difference Brand of scooter, not sure who to believe anymore. I checked 3 difference reviewer, one recommended Swagger 5, one recommended Gotrax, and the other recommended Segway, WTF?
sequi- tur

sequi- tur . 6 months ago

garbage scooters... just saying
Hi there

Hi there . 6 months ago

They all suck. End of story.

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