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AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Official Video)


Published on 4 years ago

Music video by AC/DC performing Let There Be Rock. (C) 1978 J. Albert & Son (Pty.) Ltd.

Comments :

Polyester Lynx

Polyester Lynx . 1 hour ago

Too many rock stars gone. Bon, Malc, Freddie, The mighty Lemmy...When you rock you remember them and celebrate them. Rock on!

luis chavarro

luis chavarro . 2 hours ago

this is the best rock song of all time

Juan David Buitrago Rivera

Juan David Buitrago Rivera . 5 hours ago

The people who dislike the song don´t have 50 million fingers

Richard,l Gardee

Richard,l Gardee . 7 hours ago

He is AC/DC. . siempre.😁

Ismael Takens

Ismael Takens . 13 hours ago

Wicked cool


osgnuru . 15 hours ago

And now, the sermon from brother Bon.

Al Swann

Al Swann . 19 hours ago

Never did spandex, hairspray, makeup. Didn't need it.

Franco Lucero

Franco Lucero . 20 hours ago

hahahaha the Christians giving him dis like

Stephan Lefaix

Stephan Lefaix . 1 day ago

vive bon scott

Pelayo Tesfahun Martínez Blanco

Pelayo Tesfahun Martínez Blanco . 1 day ago

I like it,i mi Me acdc came-on


walendxweg . 1 day ago

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salad . 1 day ago

1:20 phil smiling at the back

T k

T k . 1 day ago

Alex Harvey https://youtu.be/TR-bjroFNeI

Havok ABH

Havok ABH . 1 day ago

And God said... "Give this man a Guitar"

Fićo the Croatian Rocker

Fićo the Croatian Rocker . 2 days ago

0:32 Until recently I thought that Bon sang: "White man had a smokes, black man had the booze"

El Suscriptor Justiciero

El Suscriptor Justiciero . 2 days ago

1:42 Praise the Sun!

Dawn M Gerner

Dawn M Gerner . 2 days ago

Angus looks eight years old. God bless him


walendxweg . 2 days ago

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brian grant

brian grant . 2 days ago

2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025.......

Simply Human

Simply Human . 3 days ago

I'm a sure I've said it before, but 🍻. (Also, why haven't these comments been turned off?) Tyler Childers was. This does not make fn sense.

Жека Северный

Жека Северный . 3 days ago


Жека Северный

Жека Северный . 3 days ago

Какой был молодец, просто СУПЕР.


darkstar6909 . 3 days ago

I often wonder how AC/DC would have sounded like in the 80s if Bon had lived.

Валерий Спивак

Валерий Спивак . 3 days ago


Quint Ork

Quint Ork . 3 days ago

bon scott is the greatest rock n roll singer angus young is the most insanely greatest blues rock n roll punk guitarist this is them blowing all other bands at the time away my family name is young we are all from north scotland acdc were the greatest scottish rock nroll band to bon malcolm rip

Thorsten Meier

Thorsten Meier . 3 days ago

es gibt einen gitarrengott


F SS . 3 days ago

Impresionante Bon scott

Carlos Ripers

Carlos Ripers . 4 days ago

2020 viva bon Scott

Barry Hardiman

Barry Hardiman . 4 days ago

Greatest frontman ever

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith . 4 days ago


Scott Kemp

Scott Kemp . 4 days ago

What a tub thumping masterpiece. RIP Bon Scott.


Monkeyspankerelite . 4 days ago

More than 10K dislikes?? How`s that possible?? I`m losing hope for humanity.

Ron B

Ron B . 5 days ago

Ronald Scott is a damm good preacher i wish he had his own church definitely not boring I would rather hear him than his replacements even though he was considered second to Malcolm and angus

Richard Bain

Richard Bain . 5 days ago

My 20 Favorite AC/DC Songs With Bon Scott 20. Girl's Got Rhythm 19. Love At First Feel 18. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 17. Whole Lotta Rosie 16. Shot Down In Flames 15. Big Balls 14. High Voltage 13. Live Wire 12. Problem Child 11. The Jack 10. Touch Too Much 9. Night Prowler 8. Rock N Roll Singer 7. TNT 6. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) 5. Jailbreak 4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 3. Highway To Hell 2. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll) 1. Let There Be Rock

Константин Товстоляк

Константин Товстоляк . 5 days ago

This music is very best on the world!!!!!!!

Marco Repiso

Marco Repiso . 5 days ago

Bon died in that jump in reality...

Marco Repiso

Marco Repiso . 5 days ago

What a band, Lord


masfloedu . 5 days ago

After 30 years of listening AC/DC, I still don't know how to make a top 10 of ac/dc songs. But I'm pretty sure the first place. Is this amazing song....

Daniel Arévalo

Daniel Arévalo . 5 days ago

Que haya rock

Michael Westphal

Michael Westphal . 5 days ago

Gott in Weiss


TubetakerBHV . 5 days ago

One of the best songs ever writen!

stefan hlynur

stefan hlynur . 6 days ago


GamerNeeds 154

GamerNeeds 154 . 6 days ago

Holy rock legends!

GamerNeeds 154

GamerNeeds 154 . 6 days ago

lingering bass line is awesome

GamerNeeds 154

GamerNeeds 154 . 6 days ago

RIP bon

Rodrigo Vera

Rodrigo Vera . 6 days ago

Muy Bueno El Video

Rodrigo Vera

Rodrigo Vera . 6 days ago

Muy Bueno El Video

Johnny Clay

Johnny Clay . 6 days ago

Great song. And video.

October Wraith

October Wraith . 6 days ago

Well ,. If you insist???? 🖕🤪

Ken wright

Ken wright . 6 days ago

I love Angus Young but you can see that he has a meth mouth twitch.

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