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AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Official Video)


Published on 3 years ago

Music video by AC/DC performing Let There Be Rock. (C) 1978 J. Albert & Son (Pty.) Ltd.

#ACDC #LetThereBeRock #vevo #rockandroll #vevoofficial

Comments :

Виктор Цуриков

Виктор Цуриков . 42 minutes ago

Я просто балдею от этого парня!! Что певец, что гитарист(Ангус Янг) все просто суппер!!!!!!!
Marcelo Marciel

Marcelo Marciel . 7 hours ago

Isso é som a mil [email protected]😱👏👏👏
Yann-Fañch MILLET

Yann-Fañch MILLET . 10 hours ago

1:18 kollet e oa bet un dant gant Angus ?
Alain Harlaux

Alain Harlaux . 13 hours ago

très bon guitariste

山風五国 . 23 hours ago

Top 🧞‍♂️
Kenshin profalu

Kenshin profalu . 2 days ago

merci a ces génies du RnR.

MatiGamer . 3 days ago

Leandro Goncalves Ferreira

Leandro Goncalves Ferreira . 3 days ago

De tantas maravilhas que o rock produziu. Essa musica e a minha top 1
Antoni Gajlewicz

Antoni Gajlewicz . 4 days ago

Joseph Mohalok

Joseph Mohalok . 4 days ago

Thumbs down . Too many ads .
Daniel Christy

Daniel Christy . 4 days ago

Man Bon Scott screng sing and sceam he was fing awesome new singer that took over not even close.
Joanne O'keefe

Joanne O'keefe . 5 days ago

👊 brilliant..bon is funny and talented 😉💫

Flipper1974nz . 5 days ago

How on earth do 9k people NOT like this !?!?!?!?! Rock n Roll at it's very BEST !!!

bambisaDJ . 6 days ago

Love them!
Jeremie Fau

Jeremie Fau . 6 days ago

To raise money for the damages that fires in Australia.... they should have an AC/DC marathon.... I guarantee they will raise a ton of money... Coming from a guy from all the way from Canada....

MarkoRollo . 7 days ago

I feel like everyone looked older then, Bon was 28 ish in this, I think? Looks my age (45) lol
wang chung

wang chung . 7 days ago

Awesome. I saw them back in the day an will always remember most of it. lol. Those of you whom thumb down you must post your vids you must be Super Awesome. I never really understand but its sad we have 9000 Stupid people on earth.
Grin Ch

Grin Ch . 1 week ago

Rock All over you

Rock All over you . 1 week ago

Omg what happened to angus ‘s hair
Sam Jonas

Sam Jonas . 1 week ago

AC/DC The best band to ever live
chad darrow

chad darrow . 1 week ago

yeah,,, this is classic metal , lights, sounds, drums and Geetarz! sabbath, maiden, Judas P , ac/dc ...even Metallica n Megadeth n Slayer (Gwar) long live the Metal...Tenacious D came from the roots of the greats AC/DC ,,,rock Gods
Big Johney

Big Johney . 1 week ago

I would like to say i born in wrong generation
David Wootton

David Wootton . 1 week ago

Angus with hair!..
Squiddles Mc Diddles

Squiddles Mc Diddles . 1 week ago

The best song ever to tell the complete story of music in one perfectly condensed nutshell!

fruno . 1 week ago

Beverly Cook

Beverly Cook . 1 week ago

Hard to believe they were barely out of HS. PS...that drummer is hot! Like damn
vinicius barbosa

vinicius barbosa . 1 week ago

O verdadeiro e velho rock que seja eterno !

KING CHEEE . 1 week ago

4.43 the fkn epic head banging begins
Gary Noling

Gary Noling . 1 week ago

flucking love!!!!!!!
Achat A Chat

Achat A Chat . 1 week ago

Let there be rock and Beating around the bush... That's all I need
Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson . 1 week ago

Pure BRILLIANCE what else can. I say
ThatBoringMan 111

ThatBoringMan 111 . 1 week ago

I feel like I'm the only person wearing an AC/DC Let There Be Rock hoodie while listening to this.
Issac Lemus

Issac Lemus . 1 week ago

Vic ac

Vic ac . 1 week ago

Algun argentino escuchando es temazo, el mejor de ACDC
Garth ODowd

Garth ODowd . 2 weeks ago

It's criminal that Malcolm is practically ignored in this video..
Massimo Mezzetti

Massimo Mezzetti . 2 weeks ago

insuperable !!!

Karl_3 . 2 weeks ago

honestly, people disliking this are fools and don't understand music as a whole.
Celine Garnier

Celine Garnier . 2 weeks ago

pure hard rock'n roll...oh yeah let there be rock !!!!!
Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins . 2 weeks ago

1976 AC DC fan hoorah get you some of that
Valecia Newburn

Valecia Newburn . 2 weeks ago

Don't get no better
Valecia Newburn

Valecia Newburn . 2 weeks ago

White folks at their finest
MrGhost Toast

MrGhost Toast . 2 weeks ago

And the God said let there be light, and there was light. Let there be drumms, and there was drumms...
Susan Kinnan

Susan Kinnan . 2 weeks ago

Ja- nathen I'd go to church more often.
The_jack 124

The_jack 124 . 2 weeks ago

Bon broke his hand in this video but he was always ready to drink booze.
The_jack 124

The_jack 124 . 2 weeks ago

Angus had got short hair and it is strange.
The_jack 124

The_jack 124 . 2 weeks ago

After listening to this song i'm fall in love with church.
dennis collins

dennis collins . 2 weeks ago

how to sound like mal sock tinfoil and duck tape
carlo s

carlo s . 2 weeks ago

uhhhhhhh my favourite
Ildikó László

Ildikó László . 2 weeks ago

Szoljon a Rock
Ildikó László

Ildikó László . 2 weeks ago


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