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I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite
FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis

Published on 2 weeks ago

I envisioned a masterplan to trick the internet into thinking I played Fortnite despite being banned by Epic Games back on November 6, 2019th. So I put my scheme to the ultimate test LIVE on Twitch. Here are my findings.

• Slater: https://www.twitch.tv/slaterkodish

📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

• Edited by TeaWap

Comments :


Jaxxflash . 24 minutes ago

Soooook cool and I’ll take that ticket

Rayane YT

Rayane YT . 33 minutes ago

The guys who reacted and send a video is pure dumb lol

Mskz_ Teempo

Mskz_ Teempo . 46 minutes ago

Brilliant jarvis

Ultrasonic 10

Ultrasonic 10 . 58 minutes ago

And I did not even know that this happened...

GruesomeGorilla888 - Brawl Stars

GruesomeGorilla888 - Brawl Stars . 1 hour ago

here at 7,065,986 views


DXRK TW . 1 hour ago

Haha HoLi


ClosedTuber! . 2 hours ago

I searched up " is epic games unbanning faZe Jarvis" This is what they said, Some incidents don't get reported and the players walk away with impunity, some get banned, and as harsh as this sounds, there is no turning back. One incident that comes to mind is the banning of FaZe  from . FaZe  was permanently banned from  in September 2019.

Troy woodfield

Troy woodfield . 2 hours ago

Lol I knew it u didnt trick me haha

Instagram Tool for Business

Instagram Tool for Business . 2 hours ago

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Kelly Tauroa

Kelly Tauroa . 2 hours ago

U know they can watch dis vid righhttttt


Emerzon . 3 hours ago

never seen someone more happy about getting banned


KING KDL . 3 hours ago

Which keyboard does Jarvis have

Best Instagram Tool

Best Instagram Tool . 3 hours ago

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EpicBoi420 . 3 hours ago



VAMPIRE FN . 3 hours ago

Love u notluc

MRK god

MRK god . 3 hours ago

We can’t get you unbanned only you can you have to promise you won’t do it ever again my guy


ASSASSIN X . 3 hours ago

Hey jarvis if u got banned on fortnite u can try creative destruction.its the 2nd fortnite


ASAD SAEED . 3 hours ago

just make a new acoounet



i like that gtr at the end the orange one


Relayte2x . 4 hours ago

Imagine doing this only for views


Silas_Kalle . 4 hours ago

Just on ban him Trust


ÑPSXFROST GAMING . 4 hours ago

Jarvis make a video of an apology to fortnite

Jordan Ruffin

Jordan Ruffin . 4 hours ago

So why can’t he play

Kai Shen

Kai Shen . 4 hours ago

why dont you play by your self off stream using different accounts

Thescorchygamer 202

Thescorchygamer 202 . 4 hours ago

9:54 jarvis is itterally playing it look at his hands

FF. Dev!l

FF. Dev!l . 5 hours ago

Biggest troll on epic games 😁😁😁😁😁😅😅😅

Kaedan Vawters

Kaedan Vawters . 5 hours ago

Am I the only one that cringed at the female I like bad boys I was disgusted idk why


MrBear . 5 hours ago

for everyone who leaked his username you guys are just saddo gay boys

Silent Enjoyment

Silent Enjoyment . 5 hours ago

Jarvis gets banned crys Jarvis gets banned again LeTs go!

YouTube Xertz

YouTube Xertz . 5 hours ago

Dude acts like he can’t make an alt account and play

gaming with kenny

gaming with kenny . 5 hours ago

I started laughing when teawap said he no one can play fortnite bc of the up got bammed

Typical Masters

Typical Masters . 5 hours ago

Bruhhh.... Jarvis isss bug brain.

VideoJupinderS. 1

VideoJupinderS. 1 . 6 hours ago

Jarvis is my favorite faze member


BananaBanana- . 6 hours ago

I love how Jarvis wasn’t the one playing but he was moving the joysticks and pressing the buttons on the disconnected controller 😂

Not normal YT

Not normal YT . 6 hours ago

Just play cod

I’m Llama Lover

I’m Llama Lover . 7 hours ago

I have a weird feeling that this was just a back-up plan in case Epic tried to lash out at him for this. Also just to make it like ever girl in that house was into him.

Glac3 S3nK

Glac3 S3nK . 7 hours ago

He acts like he can’t go to his friends house and play lmao and I know he has

Tiller Boi

Tiller Boi . 7 hours ago

Deep down Jarvis knew that he mess up and upset millions of people 😰

Jaiden James

Jaiden James . 7 hours ago

The fact that he's exited that he got banned a 2nd time makes me laugh.

Talon Harrison

Talon Harrison . 7 hours ago


I_am_jasmine 69

I_am_jasmine 69 . 8 hours ago

Bruh who edits they’re vids bro it’s so shitty


Trix . 8 hours ago

If only the top left bar was bigger Jarvis wouldn't have been banned lol.

Bdb 18

Bdb 18 . 8 hours ago

U can see Jarvis wit a controller smh😂

Jonny H

Jonny H . 8 hours ago

good video


FFM R . 8 hours ago

Okay but what was the point?

Its Telis

Its Telis . 8 hours ago

Gg man

Shrek The amazing ogre

Shrek The amazing ogre . 8 hours ago

“Shot on phone”


Twirl.- . 9 hours ago

what would happened if jarvis actually played fortnite but blurred out the name player tag etc

XD Fusion

XD Fusion . 9 hours ago

Me just watching Jarvis do the tweet Also me: HES ON 1 BAR

Shrek Memez

Shrek Memez . 9 hours ago

fortnite is dead play among us or fall guys

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