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D Smoke shares his top five lessons learned from bullying


Published on 9 months ago

Inglewood rapper #DSmoke has been on the rise since he won the inaugural season of Rhythm & Flow, the hugely popular rap competition show featuring Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and T.I. as judges. The winner of a $250,000 cash prize as well as massive exposure, D Smoke was a fitting winner for the show’s first season. For his FADER Top 5 video, D Smoke shares his top five lessons learned from bullying. Some of his advice is practical, some is hilarious.

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Comments :


Uadjet . 3 weeks ago

How tall are you?

serenity M

serenity M . 5 months ago

D is amazing

Zaniya Elle’

Zaniya Elle’ . 6 months ago

basically he was a bebe kid😂😂fightin people left and right

Nicki Bee

Nicki Bee . 7 months ago

1. Beat their ass 2. Beat their ass ....

L. Patrice

L. Patrice . 7 months ago

This King right here iz da bizness!


occel . 8 months ago

valuable life lessons ngl


LeTaShea . 8 months ago

Soooo basically D wasn’t the one gettin bullied....he was the one whooping ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

A. Taylor

A. Taylor . 8 months ago

I love the Farris men.. much respect to their parents. The way they move, their posture, their footing is refreshing to see🖤🖤🖤

Calisthenics Beast

Calisthenics Beast . 9 months ago

Top 5 lessons from D Smoke:”Bang,Bang,Bang,Bang,Bang”

Rephaiah T'Chazel Israel

Rephaiah T'Chazel Israel . 9 months ago

5 quickest routes to getting stole by d smoke 😂

Mario Rados

Mario Rados . 9 months ago

*literally no one* D Smoke: In the blink of a second I socked him in the stomach. 😂😂😂😂😂

Elijah Youngblood

Elijah Youngblood . 9 months ago

More like “five top ways to get punched by D Smoke”

Lil Fetti

Lil Fetti . 9 months ago

Moral of the Story Nigga learned how to fight from bullying 🤣🤣

Amara Turner

Amara Turner . 9 months ago


Fabricio Crasher

Fabricio Crasher . 9 months ago

A homophobic man talking about bullying. Tell me about HYPOCRISY please...


GOTHEROWN . 9 months ago

Wow he’s so attractive.


sultrybabe08 . 9 months ago

This is soo funny!! Dsmoke is the bully!! 😂

Ase Dre

Ase Dre . 9 months ago

“You good?” “Yeah. You good?” “Yeah....” *together* “FO SHO” 😂😂

Shakira Sasha

Shakira Sasha . 9 months ago

Moral of the story: don’t say or think “what are you gonna do?” around D Smoke.


Jev . 9 months ago

D Smoke is such a great artist and as a fellow artist I respect his artistry and hopefully I get a chance to work with him one day

TNL 16loc

TNL 16loc . 9 months ago

New song out rn the come up on my YouTube everyone go fwi 💯🙏❤

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