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Oooh boy time to get hyped! The Apple Event 2020 is here and they are about to announced some goodies. Here is a round up of all the things that the internet has been talking about.
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What to Except on Sept 15th By 9to5Mac

iPhone Release Date Predictions:

Apple Watch Sleep:

Apple Watch Series 6, iPad 8, and iPad Air Features

iPad Air renders:

...and lots more at:

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Comments :

Krish Pau

Krish Pau . 1 hour ago

Tim Cook: It's the 10th anniversary of iPad!! Me: It's also exactly 10 years since the coconut song

Brahmika Reddy

Brahmika Reddy . 3 days ago

Hi, iJustine, can you pls do a video on the new iPad 8th gen????

doliio volay

doliio volay . 5 days ago

the trendiest word in march: coronavirus the trendiest word in may: covid-19 the trendiest word in august: covid

Ta - Ha

Ta - Ha . 5 days ago

hello everyone. I am from Turkey. I'm a university student . I'm studying health. Due to the pandemic, my training will be online. and i need an ipade. iPad is very expensive in Turkey because the minimum wage at $ 1 = 8₺ and turkey 2500₺ iPad = $ 6000 from you my request please tell me the iPad send it or fees if I would be glad if you want to help me, and I pray you all my life thanks in advance


Yadira's_StylePicks. . 5 days ago

Excited for the new iPhone!

Alyssa Marie Ompad

Alyssa Marie Ompad . 5 days ago

I love the color of your laptop cover. may I know where you got that?

Don Los

Don Los . 6 days ago

IOS 14 is wack! I was truly disappointed.


Gaming_With_Hugh . 6 days ago


Radu D. Ioan

Radu D. Ioan . 6 days ago

how long it will take for apple to launch a real Hi Res headphones?!?!

Andy Superteen

Andy Superteen . 6 days ago

I’m waiting to upgrade my Nokia3310 to iPhone 12

mixio hili

mixio hili . 6 days ago

writing all this because I really care for you. Even though I don't know you, I know that your soul is extremely precious to God. May God bless you ❤️

asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 7 days ago

If the iPhone is announced it’ll be in the form of a “One more thing” EDIT: none was announced

Blox Dog

Blox Dog . 7 days ago

Apple Watch new one epic me want

Lewis Sussex

Lewis Sussex . 7 days ago

She picked her switch up, upside down

alex_ linton

alex_ linton . 1 week ago


bocoy noiu

bocoy noiu . 1 week ago

Hello, Humans. “Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” – Will Smith TERRANCE OUT

Roxxy Vega

Roxxy Vega . 1 week ago

I was hoping for an iPad mini lol


saxdczxc3 . 1 week ago

The iPhone should be released on the 30th, if 🍎 sticks to their release schedule.


TimA . 1 week ago

‘No matter where I go in my house, I’m never alone’ — don’t like the sound of that 🤐

Wast Relax

Wast Relax . 1 week ago



szewei85 . 1 week ago

Haha deng. No iphone 4 another month.

Arlene Gonzalez

Arlene Gonzalez . 1 week ago

I just purchased my first iPhone in may I got the 11 so I figured I would also get the watch and AirPods and let me just say that I live my watch. I had a fit bit and it really doesn’t compare. I cannot go a day without it. I am pretty satisfied with Apple. I’m glad I switched and now i can’t wait to get the iPad 😍


RemovingThunder . 1 week ago

wait no masks?


loje . 1 week ago



BUSOM BLOG . 1 week ago

I don’t know why I still have the feeling that iphone will still launch this event but it’s the best way to advertise their product. https://youtu.be/huyA-KYXEig

Zane Singh

Zane Singh . 1 week ago

I really like this video, and I don’t say that often to people’s YT videos... Nice one!

Rohit Mishra

Rohit Mishra . 1 week ago

I watch your videos just to see you ❤️❤️❤️

adraa sleman

adraa sleman . 1 week ago

Hello, I am from Iraq, can I use the American iCloud in Iraq?

Fei Fei Chin

Fei Fei Chin . 1 week ago

New Apple watch 6, Ipad air and No I phone internet has subscribe september 17, 2020...


_EEkmed_ . 1 week ago

Have fan with the freefortnite stuff

Random Content

Random Content . 1 week ago


Jamir Mujawar

Jamir Mujawar . 1 week ago

You are most beautiful youtuber 😍


Andrewshadowy202 . 1 week ago

If Apple don’t release a new phone this year then I feel this will be fine being that this year has been an insane year and not normal. I welcome other products to be released and not too worried about a phone this year and also earlier the SE2 was released and so a new phone of sorts was released.

Aaditya Sisodia

Aaditya Sisodia . 1 week ago


Daniell Karl

Daniell Karl . 1 week ago

This is the only thing which not a rumor in this video: Time sure flies when you're in quarantine...

Ian Gab

Ian Gab . 1 week ago

an ipad or mac for my online class pls huhu

Tarun Dewangan

Tarun Dewangan . 1 week ago

luv frm india

oiuet souiu

oiuet souiu . 1 week ago

I have watched you since 2009 you are awesome

Hamad D

Hamad D . 1 week ago

I’m only excited for the watch!


phoy18 . 1 week ago

can't take my eyes off her 😊

cj wins

cj wins . 1 week ago

I watched the event and Justine was right about everything... lol

Marcel Black

Marcel Black . 1 week ago

The iPhones 12 and 12 max comes out October and the 12 plus and and 12 pro max come out in November dont watch all these videos they tell lies

Ujjal Paul

Ujjal Paul . 1 week ago

Background Music?

Hxnny Lynn

Hxnny Lynn . 1 week ago

Do i really have to get the iphone 11 now😭

Cracked Man

Cracked Man . 1 week ago

Gurllllllllll maskkkk

Hola Thailand

Hola Thailand . 1 week ago

Hi everyone from Thailand

David Kelly

David Kelly . 1 week ago

I hate 2020


DNL DNL . 1 week ago

You never age wow.

Maddison Reid

Maddison Reid . 1 week ago

If there’s no iPhone coming out let me know so I can go get my 11 pro max

Kamerton Audiophile player

Kamerton Audiophile player . 1 week ago

Where did you meet Cliff Baldridge?

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