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Drake - Slime You Out ft. SZA (Official Audio)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Official audio for Drake “Slime You Out” ft. SZA, available everywhere now: http://drake.lnk.to/forallthedogs

Subscribe to Drake on YouTube: http://drake.lnk.to/subscribe

IT’S ALL A BLUR TOUR Tour with 21 Savage: https://drakerelated.com/pages/tour

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Music video by Drake performing Slime You Out (Audio). © 2023 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Third Goodman

Third Goodman . 1 hour ago

He found his Blackberry 🔥😷
Sassy Mommy

Sassy Mommy . 2 hours ago

For Freedom

For Freedom . 3 hours ago

Charlamagne didn’t like this because it’s one of the first time Drake dropped and nobody cared meaning, poor song.
Manny Horned

Manny Horned . 4 hours ago

the duo ive always needed🙌
Malik Robertson

Malik Robertson . 4 hours ago

Drake killed this but Damn SZA❤
Truth Mullins

Truth Mullins . 5 hours ago

I feel like someone should make a vice a versa about themselves with the same beat. As in like having your own troubles to not be able to pursue a woman for yourself. We all make mistakes
Brad Brown

Brad Brown . 6 hours ago

He said it right when he said “She says they missed the old Drake, girl, don't tempt me…”

This sounds like old Drake. We tempting you.

Asia . 8 hours ago

He’s definitely a Scorpio

banboolol . 8 hours ago

Wait hold up 😮
This collab sounds good 👌🏽
Larry Lynch

Larry Lynch . 8 hours ago

Drake and SZA together on a track is what the industry need. This is that Drake Marvin's Room version and SZA has never disappointed. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cayla Pendleton

Cayla Pendleton . 9 hours ago

This song is so beautiful 😍 Drake and SZA are a great duo!

Itsbewaee . 9 hours ago

MrKodak 😀

MrKodak 😀 . 9 hours ago

Haters don’t know what to critique. One minute it’s Drake can’t rap ,the next it’s Drake doesn’t make good music anymore…. Child please.
sven jahnsen

sven jahnsen . 11 hours ago

the is NOT good
drake's singing is 🗑
M Gugushe

M Gugushe . 11 hours ago

Thank you Drake, thank you!!!

INFINITY OP . 11 hours ago

Need a music video on this damn
M Gugushe

M Gugushe . 11 hours ago

My new anthem for 2023! Just what I've been going through. Thank you Drake and SZA for telling my words yet again! On repeat...
Sriyan Srinivasa

Sriyan Srinivasa . 11 hours ago

ts ass!!

Bray . 12 hours ago


sphalixx . 12 hours ago

WTF😍 : - 0:24 and 2:07 makes me cry🥲 - what a masterpiece😘
Marilynorigami Jackson

Marilynorigami Jackson . 14 hours ago

You would have to come home @drake …and my kitchen would be spotless
Marilynorigami Jackson

Marilynorigami Jackson . 14 hours ago

I have a publicist so I’ll see you when you want to see me. Since that’s the Paris version of you rock my world
Marilynorigami Jackson

Marilynorigami Jackson . 14 hours ago

Ok. No more talk.
Marilynorigami Jackson

Marilynorigami Jackson . 14 hours ago

@drake if we aren’t like you rock my world… ahhhh but we are.
Marilynorigami Jackson

Marilynorigami Jackson . 15 hours ago

When they don’t behave put them in the yard @drake
John Howarth

John Howarth . 15 hours ago

Can't wait to hear part from the Kill Bill singer.

RickyRichReacts . 15 hours ago

Stop saying he’s the GOAT. He’s nowhere near that😂😂😂
Stephen Kane

Stephen Kane . 15 hours ago

Drake named the album for all the dogs but got no dawg in him smh

GasMaskParade . 16 hours ago

Drake is still one of the corniest artists of all time.Who listens to this and says,Hell yes! I love this!"
Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson . 16 hours ago

All I Really know is M’s and W’s life looking like a bathroom

Will . 16 hours ago

Already a classic
Alvaro Espinoza

Alvaro Espinoza . 16 hours ago

All the whinnin 😏
R Wing

R Wing . 17 hours ago

This not that good 😢
We R Africa

We R Africa . 17 hours ago

3:30 is the best part of the song
Lenz Beatkillerz

Lenz Beatkillerz . 18 hours ago

Aredikay feat. Zzamar
It's you

IDEALEGACY59 . 18 hours ago

Mine with Collaboration with Beyonce.....niceeee 🌹
SQ Bush

SQ Bush . 18 hours ago

This for the OG Drake fans (Take Care / NWTS vibes)
BK Chill

BK Chill . 19 hours ago

All I know is Ws and Ms my life looking like a bathroom 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥 simple but still a bar

Creflo . 20 hours ago

We making it out the gorsery store with this one 🔥

cami . 21 hours ago


TheGoatzTV . 21 hours ago

sza overshined drake with no problem

HandsomeFlackoJodye . 21 hours ago

This is the worst Drake song I’ve ever heard…

Pyris . 22 hours ago

Let's bring back this type of music😥
carlos jimenez

carlos jimenez . 22 hours ago

i was there when he made it bro

AshHotDamn . 1 day ago

Omg 2:03 when Sza comes in and 3:30 w/ Drake...that sh!t hittin' on these 12s! Sounds so fuqn clean daaawg 😅😅😅 whew!! (((Repeat))) Beautiful..
Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez . 1 day ago


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