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L'Trimm - Cars with the Boom (TootyMcNooty Animation) 🐯🐰


Published on 5 months ago

TootyMcNooty created the OFFICIAL animation for the 2020 Tik Tok Classic L'Trimm - "Cars with the Boom" from the album 'Grab It!' (1988). Comment your favorite part below! ⤵️

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Comments :

Bigger idiot Then you

Bigger idiot Then you . 5 hours ago

Omg I remember this

Ashley Esquibel

Ashley Esquibel . 8 hours ago



DogDoggo. . 8 hours ago

We like the cars that go boom!

Ernest Hostetter

Ernest Hostetter . 17 hours ago

This whould be perfect if Chris and Michael were in it:D


rei422c-everything . 1 day ago


Cayden-Joyce McNeal

Cayden-Joyce McNeal . 2 days ago

Am i the only one who knows a tiktoker helped make this?

Shiloh Ladd

Shiloh Ladd . 2 days ago

2:05 the cars do be vibin tho ✌🏻😌

Míriam Recio Cobos

Míriam Recio Cobos . 3 days ago

wow la mejor animación

кαт мσσηѕтαя

кαт мσσηѕтαя . 3 days ago

We loike the caws, the caws that go boom

Mark Beaks

Mark Beaks . 3 days ago

I liked the part where the car went boom-


Nemophilist . 3 days ago


Isadora Bezerra

Isadora Bezerra . 4 days ago


epik epik epik

epik epik epik . 4 days ago

The 1.5K people who disliked didnt like the cars that go boom

sensitive flxwer

sensitive flxwer . 4 days ago

Nobody: How I walk with the guys: 0:40


Rose . 5 days ago

This is like some I dunno piggy cartoon

Azazel Madison

Azazel Madison . 6 days ago

actually i think cringe culture is ok because what the fuck are we doing to kids these days to enjoy this

Midnight The dark kitsune

Midnight The dark kitsune . 6 days ago

Me:this sounds like a kids song Also me:sees the original video Me:WHY DO THEY SOUND LIKE KIDS WHEN THEY ARE ADULTS SO DUMB ;-;

Karen Kane

Karen Kane . 6 days ago

We are tigra and bunny and we like the💫boom💫


Razzbeariツ . 7 days ago


chop the tree

chop the tree . 1 week ago

Me and my brother when wer pretending to Teens:

blueeyedkeykey noob

blueeyedkeykey noob . 1 week ago

2d characters in a 3rd world

Spooky kreeme Puff owo

Spooky kreeme Puff owo . 1 week ago

Bunny made me think of peppa pig and piggy

Simply Roblox Lover

Simply Roblox Lover . 1 week ago

Imagine making a song when you are teenagers and then it actually blows up when your like 50... lol

Lazy Bogatyr

Lazy Bogatyr . 1 week ago

"And the car went *boom"* (The IRA liked that.)

Casey McWatters

Casey McWatters . 1 week ago

That means it’s working

Casey McWatters

Casey McWatters . 1 week ago

Car’s should vroom

Amber Murphy

Amber Murphy . 1 week ago

Oops, his car went B O O M


Pastel_Skyz . 1 week ago

we lke da cers... da cers da go bom! were tgra and buny and w lke da bom/

꧁หคтรuк¡ н¡м¡кσ꧂

꧁หคтรuк¡ н¡м¡кσ꧂ . 1 week ago

0:12 1:04


•TealOnes• . 1 week ago

So, basically bunny is in here and then genderbend Tigry singing this privately in their room at 3am??

mimi nini

mimi nini . 1 week ago

Cute like a sister

Diezel Parisius

Diezel Parisius . 1 week ago

This kinda reminds me of the amazing world of gumball and piggy

Veronique Moise

Veronique Moise . 1 week ago

How the hell are you supposed to get content off a tiktok acc like the hell I don’t know how you animate like tootymcnooty

just a cinnamon

just a cinnamon . 1 week ago

im obsessed with their accents


Angie_The_Waterling . 1 week ago

Boom diggers

PotatoBirdGaming / HumanlyInhuman

PotatoBirdGaming / HumanlyInhuman . 1 week ago


Eda Lyne

Eda Lyne . 2 weeks ago

1:03 here.. u tiktok addicted gremlin TAKE IT


MagdenTV . 2 weeks ago

Tigra's sleeves disappearing gets to me....

Pizza moore 7878

Pizza moore 7878 . 2 weeks ago

I sure thought this came from the 90s

Eric Hood

Eric Hood . 2 weeks ago

Like this my fondness lol XD🤣🤣🤣🥳🥳🥳

Cat LaLa OwO

Cat LaLa OwO . 2 weeks ago


Miss norma 123 Cardenas

Miss norma 123 Cardenas . 2 weeks ago

We like the cars!! The car that go...BOOM!!!


VRI . 2 weeks ago


lopplane 87

lopplane 87 . 2 weeks ago

Watching watching this because of Rona LOL

Magik Mudkipz

Magik Mudkipz . 2 weeks ago

She already posted this on her channel


svqar . 2 weeks ago



•Cry• . 2 weeks ago

I like tigra

SerenaBwiuBwiu :3 Li

SerenaBwiuBwiu :3 Li . 2 weeks ago

*Is this the original*

froggy, no

froggy, no . 2 weeks ago

the people who disliked are the boys whose cars dont go boom😳

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