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Published on 2 months ago

Look back on this day with this #freefight between #MannyPacquiao and #ChrisAlgieri. In this fight Pacquiao scored 6 Knockdowns in the fight to retain this belt.

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing on ESPN, one of the leaders of boxing’s electric youth movement, Shakur Stevenson, is set to close out 2020 in grand fashion. Stevenson, the undefeated former featherweight world champion from Newark, N.J., will fight Toka Kahn Clary in the 10-round junior lightweight main event Saturday, Dec. 12, from MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The 10-round co-feature will showcase Puerto Rican lightweight star Felix “El Diamante” Verdejo against Japanese contender Masayoshi Nakatani. In the ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight wrecking ball Edgar “The Chosen One” Berlanga, 15-0 with 15 first-round knockouts, will fight an opponent to be named in an eight-rounder.

Stevenson-Kahn Clary, Verdejo-Nakatani and Berlanga will headline a special telecast LIVE on ESPN and ESPN Deportes beginning at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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Comments :


ᆰORØZCO . 3 days ago

Pac Man is only 35 years old 🤯


유민임 . 4 days ago

ㄹ 지난ㅓㄹ

LeBron James

LeBron James . 5 days ago

It looks like Algieri is a flopper

Santos Ortiz

Santos Ortiz . 6 days ago

The ref was awful. Horrible referee

Cerino Angco

Cerino Angco . 6 days ago


Thu Ta

Thu Ta . 6 days ago


ariella borromeo

ariella borromeo . 1 week ago

Why naman puro run?


ネイサンドレイク . 1 week ago


bai tarits

bai tarits . 1 week ago

Ref...the second man not the 3rd man in the ring....trying to save algerie when he was swarm by Manny's punches

adi farhan

adi farhan . 1 week ago

Lancao you..tau cres jhon kau

Nick Bautista

Nick Bautista . 1 week ago


Слава Камбур

Слава Камбур . 1 week ago

Менни красавец,настоящий чемпион.


Filopeso . 1 week ago

Manny really thought bout food at da end🤦🏽‍♂️😭🤣

Angelica Padilla Crush Mo Yan 1990

Angelica Padilla Crush Mo Yan 1990 . 1 week ago

Pacquiao vs hatton in malaysia sa february 14 2021 sa gma solar sports aksyon tv one sports espn 5 manila broadcasting company and unipak sardines simulcast sa dzbb at barangay 97.1

Fred Virtuoso

Fred Virtuoso . 2 weeks ago

Algieri was boxing well for awhile landing that right but he has no power...Manny eventually broke him down to a clown.

Jose Torres

Jose Torres . 2 weeks ago


Nomar Cazar

Nomar Cazar . 2 weeks ago

There will be no successor for Pacquaio from Phillipines or anywhere in the world.

Anthony Fieldhouse

Anthony Fieldhouse . 2 weeks ago

When will some boxers learn you gain no respect for getting on your bike and trying to survive. This just results in a one sided boring fight. In fact after the first 2 rounds when it became obvious Algier's tactics i lost all support for him and just wanted Manny to knock him out.

Leto Yanguas

Leto Yanguas . 2 weeks ago



robinfist . 2 weeks ago

Manny came to box....Chris came for a dance battle. (Biased commentators with their anti-Pacman crap ruins the sport. And why did the ref pull Pacman off the guy in round 9?)

Sabar Saputra

Sabar Saputra . 2 weeks ago

Cukup seru deh tangan gue ikut goyang pokok nya asyik den

Andy's Boxing workout videos

Andy's Boxing workout videos . 2 weeks ago



Perceee . 2 weeks ago

I’ve got so much respect for Algieri. He’s a great sportsman and I’m pretty sure he’s a good man outside the ring too.

jeck 08

jeck 08 . 2 weeks ago

This was a big mismatch imo.

Nellie Princess

Nellie Princess . 2 weeks ago

The milky locust early greet because drama characteristically increase by a wide utensil. hollow, closed mimosa

Ariel Manguinimba

Ariel Manguinimba . 3 weeks ago

Dancer algerie vs boxer manny.

birdwing conservation

birdwing conservation . 3 weeks ago

Chris's just good at dancing .No hard punches or blows.Just dancing the night away.

Jessel Sulmayor

Jessel Sulmayor . 3 weeks ago

Dapat Indi na pinatulan ni Pacquiao Yan.. Dahil kahit saan angolo tignan.. Napakalayo Ang estilo Niya Kay Pacquiao..haha🤣🤣

MarvinAgimat Vlog

MarvinAgimat Vlog . 3 weeks ago


kousailue23 . 3 weeks ago

All I see is a white rooster disco dancing while the other one is throwing 🔥



The bias by the commentators in favor of Algieri is very distracting, they aint even trying to hide it, or is it just me??? 🤔🤔🤔

zhendi hua

zhendi hua . 3 weeks ago

one of the greatest boxers Pacquiao

Bounnong Khoukone

Bounnong Khoukone . 3 weeks ago


Torres G.

Torres G. . 3 weeks ago

29:12 Why did the ref pull Manny off of him?? There was a chance he could've finished him.

tocong's tv

tocong's tv . 3 weeks ago

hindi siya madumi maglaro bilib ako sa kanya diniya lang kaya si manny

tocong's tv

tocong's tv . 3 weeks ago

bilib ako kay algeri nagsasabi pasiya na low blow sa referi

tocong's tv

tocong's tv . 3 weeks ago

bilib ako kay algeri hindi madumi maglaro hindi katulad kay horn ang dumi parang nakaturok nh droga

Luis Fernandez

Luis Fernandez . 3 weeks ago

Again, congrats:: Sen. Manny [email protected]@

Arifin Girsang

Arifin Girsang . 3 weeks ago

Actually in the first Round Alfieri already feit a blow from Pacman which wes very deadly so don.t take it lightly as aboxer from Asia

Peter Micklethwaite

Peter Micklethwaite . 3 weeks ago

Algieri made me dizzy just watching him run round the ring.


ROMMEL DONES . 3 weeks ago

Algieri has the footwork but not the punches. Sitting duck for Manny.

Steven Dc202

Steven Dc202 . 3 weeks ago

Commentators 🚮

Farrell Honda

Farrell Honda . 3 weeks ago

Chris Algeria is a good boxer but is not in the same league as Manny. Knocked down 7 times. That says it all.

JCLOUD official

JCLOUD official . 3 weeks ago

JCLOUD official

JCLOUD official . 3 weeks ago

JCLOUD official

JCLOUD official . 3 weeks ago

JCLOUD official

JCLOUD official . 3 weeks ago

bradda kimo

bradda kimo . 4 weeks ago

Lucky he even got this fight. Algieri is not in the same league, don't even compare him to Marquez.

Lady M

Lady M . 4 weeks ago

Algerie boy ,too clumsy .

Emily Austria

Emily Austria . 4 weeks ago

Mjm talent intertainment

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