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Make This Steph Curry Game WINNER , I'll Buy You This Rare Jersey !!


Published on 2 weeks ago

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SUBSCRIBE IF YOU SEE THIS!! In this video I gave the guys a chance to recreate some of Steph Curry's best game winning, clutch and buzzer beating shots for a chance at winning a super rare jersey of his!

https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/TwvvgM517sc --- Guess That 2K21 Rating
https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/6hZn_2q1rRc --- Guess That NBA Throwback Jersey
https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/H18dWFMFqH8 --- Make The Shot, Eat The Plate

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Comments :

BabyOnBB Gaming

BabyOnBB Gaming . 23 hours ago

Do another jersey video

Francisco sepulveda

Francisco sepulveda . 1 day ago

James smile's scary af

Mohammad Abushaer

Mohammad Abushaer . 2 days ago

Mopi has a weird form

Michael Oliveira

Michael Oliveira . 2 days ago

Why does this look like a new house? Also y’all gotta do a Paul George one put some respect on my mans name


SPXCY . 2 days ago

Honestly no hate to James great guy watch hid videos all the time but I didn't want him to win cause his form makes me uncomfortable


Mxzon . 2 days ago

Played the wrong clip 10:15

Gabe Itch

Gabe Itch . 2 days ago

I thought mopi was like training or something

Kylie Broadwater

Kylie Broadwater . 3 days ago

Anyone think mopi is better than Mitchell


Sam . 3 days ago

I don’t care how much jiedel practices I feel like I’ll never see him as a good player

Khalil Worthy

Khalil Worthy . 3 days ago

Why did Jesser look so salty

Anthony Bellamy

Anthony Bellamy . 3 days ago

We need to get zack and Mopi a. million sub

Giorgi Sherva

Giorgi Sherva . 3 days ago

Where is khris


Youngkiddrake . 4 days ago

I love that White Jersey were you get it

ceerw buty

ceerw buty . 4 days ago

Can you do Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dwyane Wade

Jeffery Wilson

Jeffery Wilson . 4 days ago

I’m not the only one that realizes that James plays soooo stiff

Jade eryk Aguilar

Jade eryk Aguilar . 4 days ago

Just random shooting 😂

Brody Cronkhite

Brody Cronkhite . 4 days ago

not all these are game winners zack

Jeremiah Bailey

Jeremiah Bailey . 4 days ago

this mopi should have went against flight

Joseph Mangalindan

Joseph Mangalindan . 4 days ago

Jiedel talent look like stephen curry 90% i think?😂

Julius Arredondo

Julius Arredondo . 4 days ago

Kris would’ve won😂

Joseph Mangalindan

Joseph Mangalindan . 4 days ago

I realy like the all 2hype videos



kick mochie out of 2hype we don't allow mopi abuse lol

dcoog anml

dcoog anml . 5 days ago

Aren’t we glad to have Mitchell in 2hype 😂 😂14:04

Cristian Parada

Cristian Parada . 5 days ago

Jesser should’ve got the 2p on the step back cause James hit a mid range not a 3

Mr. Splash

Mr. Splash . 5 days ago

They better do a Giannis one for the 2 time mvp (bc lebron sucks)

X͓̽_X͓̽ 1͓̽0͓̽

X͓̽_X͓̽ 1͓̽0͓̽ . 5 days ago

The sponsor couch doe

Thunder Gamer

Thunder Gamer . 5 days ago

Sometimes I don't understand how mopi got into 2Hype. This video proves why 12:02


Pocoyo . 5 days ago

zack my guy change yt pfp 🤦🏽‍♂️

oiuet souiu

oiuet souiu . 5 days ago

James was lokey taking the easiest shots lol


doreenbenford1 . 5 days ago

Thank y’all god blessed good night


doreenbenford1 . 5 days ago

Hi everyone my name is Jayden

Joshua Patterson

Joshua Patterson . 6 days ago

Claim your ticket here before a million.

Ttv DeathsDoorStep

Ttv DeathsDoorStep . 6 days ago

What happened to seek geek😢😭

Chris Groger

Chris Groger . 6 days ago

You should do guess that NBA teams coach with Jesse, James, Kris, and Mopi

andrew stroh

andrew stroh . 6 days ago

Lmaooooo Jiedel is sooooo ass


kristinalyric . 6 days ago

Mopi did not sign up for this

Michael Collins

Michael Collins . 6 days ago

What's the name of that song on your newest ones

Jashay Devers

Jashay Devers . 7 days ago

I’ve never laughed too hard in a cool minute who does the ball not even get 6ft from you 😂😂


Buck-itz . 7 days ago

Is it just me or is Jiedels calf’s the size of tree trunks?

kolim jone

kolim jone . 7 days ago

Look at Curry man so inspirational and doing good things in the world

Gatorade YRG

Gatorade YRG . 7 days ago

Is Zack YRG???

George K

George K . 7 days ago

Look at zach's skin man so inspirational

Riq Butler

Riq Butler . 7 days ago

Moochie be hating on mopi

Matrix Clan

Matrix Clan . 7 days ago

recorded on human eye

Riley London

Riley London . 7 days ago

curology actually works


Depaulboy . 7 days ago

You can’t say they can’t make a shot. You try making a halfcourt zack. It’s not easy is it

Kenny Thao

Kenny Thao . 1 week ago

I use curology but tell me why he was washing his face in the kitchen😂

Nathan Ju

Nathan Ju . 1 week ago

You should make a video with everyone in 2 hype and play among us

wayne tecson

wayne tecson . 1 week ago

Imagine james paid for master class but he still stiff though

Wasdoip beans

Wasdoip beans . 1 week ago

15:56 jesse got denied

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