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Teofimo Lopez vs Masayoshi Nakatani Full Fight
Boxing Full Fight

Boxing Full Fight

Published on 7 months ago

Teofimo Lopez vs Masayoshi Nakatani Full Fight
We’ve gotten used to seeing Teofimo Lopez blow away his opponents in his fights, but that wasn’t the case tonight in Oxon Hill, Maryland, as Japan’s Masayoshi Nakatani hung tough for 12 full rounds.

Lopez (14-0, 11 KO) did get the win on the cards, though, and deserved it. Official scores were 118-110, 118-110, and 119-109, which were arguably a bit wide, but Bad Left Hook scored the fight 116-112 and 118-110 on two separate cards, too.

Lopez, 21, struggled some with the height of the six-foot tall Nakatani, who was effective at times when using his jab, and struggled when he didn’t. Nakatani (18-1, 12 KO) is a long-reigning domestic titleholder in Japan, having held the OPBF lightweight belt since Jan. 2014, and certainly had his moments in this fight, giving Lopez a very valuable learning experience at the very least.

Asked about his own performance, Lopez told ESPN’s Bernardo Osuna, “Horrible. But it is what it is. The guy’s tall. From this point on, we’re only fighting guys my height,” which was said with zero humor in his tone, if you’re wondering.

With the win, Lopez is now lined up to face IBF lightweight titleholder Richard Commey (29-2, 26 KO), and after seeing Nakatani have some success with a right hand against Lopez tonight, you have to wonder if Commey — who is better and a bigger puncher — might be licking his chops over a matchup against a still-developing youngster, in what will be the biggest fight of Commey’s career.

But Lopez isn’t losing his confidence about the matchup, saying, “We’re gonna fight Richard Commey, and after that, we’re getting all four belts (against) Lomachenko.”

Asked to verify that he does still want to fight Vasiliy Lomachenko at 135 pounds, he replied, “Absolutely. Loma’s gotta fight a guy that’s six foot, too. He has a tough fight (against Luke Campbell on Aug. 31) ahead of him. This guy was no pushover, he was undefeated, ranked No. 3, I was No. 4. This is what it’s all about. I showed I can take a punch, I showed I can go 12 rounds. We’re ready.”

Do you have more concerns about Lopez after this fight, or do you just see it as a good fight he can learn from going forward?

Comments :

Boxing Full Fight

Boxing Full Fight . 5 months ago

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The Mind of James

The Mind of James . 6 days ago

Nakatani would be a great rematch

The Mind of James

The Mind of James . 6 days ago

Teofimo a goat. He’s a fighter to appreciate.

Nosy Rosie

Nosy Rosie . 1 week ago

Now, Lopez is tired 😴.

Nosy Rosie

Nosy Rosie . 1 week ago

Did his wife pay to be his wife with the United States Citizens money?! 🇨🇺

Nosy Rosie

Nosy Rosie . 1 week ago

Honda's tired. 😩

Nosy Rosie

Nosy Rosie . 1 week ago

What did he get food poisoned from the Spanish United States Federation?

Nosy Rosie

Nosy Rosie . 1 week ago

Go, Honda! 👨🏻🚧👧🏻🌍🇨🇺

Jason Pitts

Jason Pitts . 1 week ago

Tim please find another retirement job

The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions

The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions . 2 weeks ago

I wouldn't wanna fight dude that got knocked out the ring and came back. Lil more skill he dangerous lol. Amazing display of heart.

muthegi wairegi

muthegi wairegi . 2 weeks ago


Victor Tijerina

Victor Tijerina . 2 weeks ago

Bro Lopez counters so perfectly


TRAPHOUSE CARTER . 2 weeks ago

Rematch asap

Justin Quilit

Justin Quilit . 2 weeks ago

@8:29 trainer said, fuck that ni**@ bro!!! Wtf the commentator apologize for the language

Eslon teixeira

Eslon teixeira . 2 weeks ago


Eslon teixeira

Eslon teixeira . 2 weeks ago


Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez . 2 weeks ago

Teofimo is like lost in his head. He is good but I feel like he things he is great and calls the shots. Tries to call the shots (sends out contracts) but they are likely ridiculous contracts paying him mooooore than his potential competition, so then the other guy is like "nah we can't take that fight". Then Teo claims "These guys are scared thats why they don't take it the fight... But its okay they aren't ready any way, I don't blame them. They should get a few more fights in... Then maybe we can talk again.." I don't think guys are scared of him at least not the big names that he claims are. The the competition doesnt sign the contract it's cause Teo is trippin and the money is not there. Watch if the pay was even hands down there would be a fight. Teo got some type of "little man syndrome"

alex mtz

alex mtz . 2 weeks ago

As we can see when Teófilo, ugly name but the way, when he fights real fighters he sucks

井上尚弥Naoya Inoue

井上尚弥Naoya Inoue . 2 weeks ago

Nakatani himself said among all boxers he faced, the most powerful boxer was Linares. Second comes Verdejo and then Teofimo

tyson tango

tyson tango . 2 weeks ago

Did i just hear teofimo dad call a Japaneses fighter a nigga ! WOW! 8.40 minutes in to thw video. his a scum bag his got not right throwing that word around!

Marcos Ponce

Marcos Ponce . 2 weeks ago

Le serro los hojos al pobre japonés

JD 06

JD 06 . 2 weeks ago

So, let me get something straight: Lopez SR. Wins trainer of the year with round 2 corner advice of “ fuck that Ni—a bro”??? Lol. Not Derrick James who corners Spence Jr. And The older Charlo who are both champs. That’s ESPN for ya. Top rank fighters are babied and overrated!!!!


MEXTEKA . 2 weeks ago

You know López prays Tokyo warrior don't find his ass hiding behind prospects 😂

Andy's Boxing workout videos

Andy's Boxing workout videos . 2 weeks ago


Mario Beltran

Mario Beltran . 3 weeks ago

Teofimo no le gana a Davis, Ryan Garcia ni tampoco a Santacruz. No se k le ven.

Eliseo Perez

Eliseo Perez . 3 weeks ago

No traen nada esos boxeadores


AntMan . 3 weeks ago

After this fight, everyone was calling Teofimo a hypejob. And then he went on to KTFO of a world champion and outbox the "#1 P4P" fighter. Meanwhile, Nakatani went on to show heart and KTFO of Felix Verdejo, a top 10 lightweight. Both proved doubters wrong.

André Rodrigues

André Rodrigues . 3 weeks ago

Who sais Nakatani is a bum knows shit about boxing!

Jared Lopez

Jared Lopez . 1 month ago

Difference between Lomachenko and Nakatani against Lopez, Nakatani DID NOT respect Teofimo's power.

Sergio Ingelmo

Sergio Ingelmo . 1 month ago

Watching this 2nd time teo actually did good


EUGENIO TRINIDAD . 1 month ago

Felix Verdejo did better fith against Naka.

zurdok13 13

zurdok13 13 . 1 month ago

Nakatani won this fight

Shawn Mcginnity

Shawn Mcginnity . 1 month ago

Terrible video

Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia . 1 month ago

Nakatani leaves his chin exposed and drops his left way too much. Leaves himself wide open. Put up a good offense and defense but still didn’t do enough. He has the reach advantage too he should’ve used it. The closer Lopez gets on the inside the more shots he can land


Leon . 1 month ago

Lopez vs Pacquiao exciting fight!

Mauricio Garcia

Mauricio Garcia . 2 months ago

Haters ass commentators

Trick Lessons

Trick Lessons . 2 months ago

Damn....I was here doing Teofimo research saw that this was literally Dadashev's last days living. RIP


nightofshanghai . 2 months ago

Nakatani return to Las Vegas on December 12th. His opponent is Felix Verdejo.


PEDRO MENDOZA REYES . 2 months ago

El oriental es muy limitado pero eso si bravoel cabron pero muy inocente y la verdad ISO ver mal al teifino no es tam cabron como parece porque el oriental se le movia como serpiente yeso si no es lo mismo pegarle a un bulto parado es lo importante de la cintura y piernas sres lastima que el oriental no sabe boxear que si no ojo sr teofino tu defensa y tu falta de respeto ala diciplina se serio porque te cobrara factura la sobervia no es buena platica con un gran peleador como chocolate y veras su humildad y su calidad boxistica una leyenda que se iso con dignidad


ALEJANDRO RUIZ . 2 months ago



Juan . 2 months ago

Lopez 🐷💩

Arturo Jimenez

Arturo Jimenez . 2 months ago

Teofimo deberia de pelear con pitbull cruz para ver si aguanta a un boxeador q tenga pegada antes d querer pelear contra el tanque

Gshow shosho

Gshow shosho . 2 months ago

Awesome fight much respect for both

brat pak

brat pak . 2 months ago

pacman vs Loma the best matchup

Jose Avalos

Jose Avalos . 2 months ago

Ese codo teofilo gonsales

Graciela Avila

Graciela Avila . 2 months ago

De hueva las peleitas de teófilo lópez😴😴😴👎 ojalá y se enfrente al pitbull Cruz de Mexico para que le de su chinga al estilo mexicano a este lópez😏😬😁😎

Gypsy James K

Gypsy James K . 2 months ago

Need a rematch.


LarryG3 . 2 months ago

I hate hearing these commentators they don't really say much when Teofimo lands. They're just too busy talking shit..


島広 . 2 months ago

あと・1歩・踏み込んだら、勝てたのかな・やられたのか! 中谷選手! やって❗欲しい❗ カムバックして❗ まだ、 行けるで‼️🤩

yoza L

yoza L . 2 months ago

I bet this guy wants rematch. He couldbe holding these belts. Lopez had trouble

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