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Apple AirPods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds!
Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison

Published on 7 months ago

Apple AirPods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Review + Comparison!
Secret Galaxy S10 Wallpapers! https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/V-AOQH3etYc

Intro track! 85% by Loote: https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/8kkIo8P6GZw
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3t1XqbvvUtM3SHwf0qKQV0?si=mEOHXENjQLuh11XwHSOysg
Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/85-feat-gnash/1456182067?i=1456182079

Stuck by Sita:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2vHdaKeMPI3me7RN5slGk0?si=3nDOWR-jRvmEbr8ceZWYTg
Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stuck-single/1453420449

the 2019 AirPods feature wireless charging, a new H1 chip that enables hey Siri through voice, 50% more talk time and faster switching between devices.

Wireless Chargers! https://amzn.to/2FnUiCG

Tech that made my iPhone better: https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/LrcHHyMSVtY
The Perfect MacBook Pro Setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBTNg...

TLD Spotify Playlist! https://open.spotify.com/user/jonathan.morrison/playlist/3wmqwmIrP6MFizjiyM7k6y?si=x_rBjHbiQp2lFmyM5Qj5SQ

TLD Behind the Scenes! http://bit.ly/TLDBreakdown
Mobile users: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDlQ...

Music via Musicbed: http://share.mscbd.fm/tldtoday

My Audio Setup & Gear: https://www.youtubeid.com/watch/v9hu-Avj2oE

Comments :

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison . 7 months ago

AirPods 2 vs Galaxy Buds! Shout out to Loote for the intro 🎶 track! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/8kkIo8P6GZw

Thomas Jansen

Thomas Jansen . 1 day ago

Bestel hier wireless apple airpods op aanbieding!! https://www.listen4cheap.com/ , tenminste betaalbaar

kaotik_ trini

kaotik_ trini . 1 day ago

The pause feature is there because you can tap the touchpad on the galaxy buds which will pause it


ItzSebas . 2 days ago

I agreed with everything he said except the part when he talked about the continuity and the audio quality. (I don't like my music to stop playing when I take out just one earphone and I find out that the Buds Audio Quality is far superior than the Airpods. Airpods tend to have lows in really huge quantities. It's like, I can't appreciate music really good because of that extreme bass and low frequencies while with Galaxy Buds, I can appreciate music a bit more because of its more balanced audio quality). PD: I don't know why a lot of people have problems with Galaxy Buds Mic because mines works just fine. I've also used them for recording some voice notes and some videos and I was impressed with its quality. Airpods sound really good too but compared both of them, face to face, I don't see or hear a lot of difference.


Casman . 2 days ago

4:45 I think you meant to say "social status" instead of phone calls there.

Krypton 114

Krypton 114 . 2 days ago

Austin evans is not good with technolody to be honest. He just backs apple and is a fanboy. Theres nothing wrong with that but he needs to be unbiased.

Deon C.

Deon C. . 3 days ago

This was the case when the Buds 1st came out but now....October 17th 2019....the call quality on the Buds have gotten light years better! Everyone I call says they hear me loud and clear without distortion.


Noodlecake . 3 days ago

isnt it nice the galaxy buds only pause when both get removed, so you can give one to a friend or simply just use one when in traffic (riding a bike)

Rashed Mahmud Olive

Rashed Mahmud Olive . 5 days ago

Your videos are always GREAT

Jeroen Kuppens

Jeroen Kuppens . 5 days ago

I think it's good it doesn't stop playing when you take one out. But that's just my opinion


BLACK STORM . 5 days ago

Galaxy buds are bad when u play a game

Aaffan Adil

Aaffan Adil . 6 days ago

Shoe collecting

Drew Borman

Drew Borman . 6 days ago

Why can’t he say hey Siri?


XD . 7 days ago

airpods dental floss galaxybuds pill


Phenom . 7 days ago

You can use Bixby which is the Samsung assistant with talking.

Flaming Dragon

Flaming Dragon . 1 week ago

Apple users are gay😂😂


Boogeyman! . 1 week ago

Galaxy buds: please remove those toothbrush! Airpods: There's something like cotton balls stuck in yr ears!

Parth Sharma

Parth Sharma . 1 week ago

but i don't use apple or galaxy devices.. i use Oneplus 6t . so which one i should go for ? airpods or buds ???

make this a popular channel

make this a popular channel . 1 week ago

man i bought some sony whc500`s for 40 euro and they sound pretty much like me razer kraken pros so i really recommend them to you (btw they may seem very uncomfortable at first but you really gotta find the "style" of wearing them) ;D

Startingbark 035

Startingbark 035 . 1 week ago

I have AirPods 2 but I think I want galaxy buds now

Vicente Pena

Vicente Pena . 1 week ago

If you have an iPhone don’t look like a idiot and have galaxy buds just buy AirPods

Richard Queen, Jr.

Richard Queen, Jr. . 1 week ago

There are so many incorrect facts in this video.

Mike Hurt

Mike Hurt . 1 week ago

If you dont care about flexing you can buy regualr bluetooth headphones for half the price or cheaper that work just as good

demon slayer

demon slayer . 1 week ago

Your phone acts more cheap that's y u heard or received low quality sound.😂😂😏 So dumb. Commonsense.

Cassey Villanueva Castro

Cassey Villanueva Castro . 2 weeks ago

I am waiting where the next galaxy bud pack with 256GB memory 😂😂😂

Solange Labrador

Solange Labrador . 2 weeks ago

2:02 oppa-

Roman Carpenter

Roman Carpenter . 2 weeks ago

Anyone else notice the MKBHD shirt?

Rose An

Rose An . 2 weeks ago

Yall just use haylou instead most budget earbud i ever bought HAHAH Bruh its really good actually

Maximus Indroducent

Maximus Indroducent . 2 weeks ago

Simple answer galaxy buds for samsung airpods for apple

Maximus Indroducent

Maximus Indroducent . 2 weeks ago

The galaxy buds, u can just tap the side and it will pause btw

Gonçalo Santos

Gonçalo Santos . 2 weeks ago

I even use my buds on discord and my friends say that the mic is realy good

Atharva Kharbade

Atharva Kharbade . 2 weeks ago


IC3Y Games

IC3Y Games . 2 weeks ago

did he really just say that you have to take both airpods out to pause BRUH

Roya Bebe

Roya Bebe . 2 weeks ago

I tried both. i have to say the airpods are better. I have a Note 9 which i love, so i tried using samsung buds & they would not stay in. Design is too top heavy in the ears, falls right out. They also look like large hearing aids from the 80's.

TeeJay Meyer

TeeJay Meyer . 3 weeks ago

Woah is that downtown claremont?

Sharan Thota

Sharan Thota . 3 weeks ago

Anyone noticed he's wearing MKBHD merch !!

Radel Janne

Radel Janne . 3 weeks ago

I own a samsung galaxy s10+ and an iphone 11. Im thinking between buying airpods or earbuds 😭 help?


kawboiii . 3 weeks ago

Bro you used the galaxy buds for iphone that was the reason why the airpods had batter quality mic

Paulcia Love

Paulcia Love . 3 weeks ago

Do you have to have samsung s10 to use galaxy buds?


whatever04 . 3 weeks ago

Can you use airpods on android?

Mads Nedergaard

Mads Nedergaard . 3 weeks ago

The range is importent for me, i drive a pumptruck, so i offen work outside and around the truck while the phone is charging inside the truck. :)

Lars Hansen

Lars Hansen . 3 weeks ago

Galaxy buds 🚀🚀🚀


BlIlIlIlID . 3 weeks ago

I love how the Galaxy bud still play musics with one on, it's great for listening to musics during work...in mono of course.

Ivy Dowell

Ivy Dowell . 3 weeks ago

In Australia the AirPods are like $300💀✌🏽

Jacob Berman

Jacob Berman . 3 weeks ago

Few things, you said android users had no real option until the galaxy buds. Wrong. Samsung IconX. Also you knock the buds not pausing music when you remove one.. Try to remove one without pausing the buds with a single tap..


marcandsebe . 3 weeks ago

I will keep with the AirPods. I have always hated the silicon in the ends of any in ear headphones. I find them do uncomfortable.


Luv2beLuuved . 3 weeks ago

air pods are not better than Samsung earbuds https://www.rtings.com/headphones/tools/compare/samsung-galaxy-buds-vs-apple-airpods-2-2019/792/797?usage=5003&threshold=0.1

I'm Fine

I'm Fine . 3 weeks ago

You can still use ok Google with your voice through the buds. It uses the microphone on them to activate it on your phone and sends all the responses to the earbuds.


日産スカイライン . 3 weeks ago

I agree with his conclusion. Get the headphones that fit your ecosystem. The AirPods will be better for your iPhone. And the Galaxy will be better for your Galaxy S.

tiggz R

tiggz R . 4 weeks ago

I don't like the apple airpods 2 being hooked up to my accounts its like an invasion of privacy or I feel like im on some list lol

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