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Published on 2 weeks ago

FORT WORTH, Texas - A North Texas man charged with participating the U.S. Capitol riot made his first appearance in court on Monday.

Larry Brock is one of dozens of suspects the FBI identified from video and images taken inside the Capitol. Images from the riot show Brock inside the U.S. Senate chamber with white flex cuffs.

Cameras weren't allowed inside the federal courthouse in Fort Worth. The Monday hearing lasted just five minutes and Brock was escorted into the courtroom by two U.S Marshals.

A judge determined Brock qualified for a court-appointed defense attorney. Brock was then ordered held in the custody of the U.S. Marshals until his probable cause and detention hearing scheduled for Thursday.

A mug shot, released by the grapevine police department shortly afterward Monday’s appearance, shows how brock looked at the time of the brief hearing. His hands were cuffed in front of his black t-shirt and his legs shackled around his jeans.

The retired lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserves was identified by his ex-wife as the man photographed -- and captured on surveillance video wearing combat gear and items to potentially detain and arrest people on the senate floor during the January 6 Capitol riot.

The arrest affidavit quoted Brock's ex-wife, who reportedly called the FBI National Threat Operations Center. She said, in part, "I just know that when I saw this was happening I was afraid he would be there... It is such a good picture of him and I recognize his patch."

"There's a wealth of potential criminal offenses in addition to the 2 that they charged that would be available.

Richard Roper is a former U.S Attorney for the Northern District of Texas not associated with the case and said video evidence will be key in prosecuting.

"It nails down the identity of the perpetrator," Roper said.

According to the affidavit, filed in the District of Columbia, Brock is charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Both are federal charges.

"There's two charges, essentially a criminal trespass charge being in a place you’re not authorized to be," Roper said. "Both of those charges, interestingly, are misdemeanor charges -- meaning punishment range would be less than one year in prison unless someone carries a dangerous weapon."

Brock's defense attorney did not have any comment. But he did say after Thursday's hearing, the case will be turned over to the courts in D.C. since that is where the alleged crimes took place.

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Comments :

True Negus

True Negus . 1 hour ago

Note you’re ex will be ready to destroy you life at a moments notice

Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon . 2 hours ago

Hope he never sees the light of day again.

Star Walker

Star Walker . 3 hours ago

o tay

Phoenix OnFire

Phoenix OnFire . 3 hours ago

The military should hold their own trial as well. They should all benefits taken away. I don’t know if a retired vet can face court marital but if they can that should be applied as well. He’s not worthy of the uniform.

Leonard Richards

Leonard Richards . 3 hours ago

Catch and Release for Terrorist.

Ramjet Riddick

Ramjet Riddick . 4 hours ago



Mr. BIGDOG . 4 hours ago

He had those ties for a reason & i'm sure it wasn't for anything good.. Keep him locked up..

Kenneth Rice

Kenneth Rice . 5 hours ago

What a winner! A brilliant as a bag of rocks 😒


SgDSparky . 7 hours ago

Wish the rioters all last summer had this level of hunt...those were actually violent and organized...Smh.

Justin Credible

Justin Credible . 8 hours ago


Chris G

Chris G . 9 hours ago

Criminal trespass? What were the zip ties for? Kidnapping? Murder? Rape? Once again if he were a person of color he'd be charged for a lot more than trespassing. He'd also be in the hospital trying to explain through a broken jaw.

noelia morales

noelia morales . 9 hours ago

Said he was going to pay for you all what happened I hope you believe them now you suckers

noelia morales

noelia morales . 9 hours ago

Where is Trump you suckers??????

noelia morales

noelia morales . 9 hours ago

If we say bad words or say bad things on Facebook YouTube any one of these things that's really bad but you can go in the storm the White House and it'll be nothing less than a slap on the hand wow I should have been there to then and got my picture taken from the whole United States

WeAreChangeCT Hartford

WeAreChangeCT Hartford . 11 hours ago

i think this guy use to be jerry springer's bodyguard lol (joking i know it's not steve wilkos)

Toucan Gesture

Toucan Gesture . 12 hours ago

This jerk has command of battalion

Dat Guy Daer

Dat Guy Daer . 16 hours ago



Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! . 19 hours ago

Lots more charges to come for him!


DBTC. PRod . 19 hours ago

One year in prison tf

Antonio G.

Antonio G. . 20 hours ago

Ex-wife,Ex-President,Ex-freedom and a moron jijijiji


charcolew . 20 hours ago

And now his mom has been arrested too. Justice for all!

Willie Murphy

Willie Murphy . 21 hours ago

There are consequences for stupid actions. Home grown terrorists looking stupid for the world to see.


Kernelpickle . 21 hours ago

How is it NOT attempted kidnapping?! There is no valid civilian use for flex cuffs. If you are caught in para military gear, storming a government building that is occupied by Elected representatives, while carrying flex cuffs— there is only one conclusion. You were planning to kidnap people! Good on his ex-wife for turning this prick in, because if she had not I highly doubt anyone else would have recognized him— and that was clearly his plan, based on what he showed up wearing.

Charles van der Hoog

Charles van der Hoog . 23 hours ago

I find it curious that Fox reports on this while they themselves have created the mob with the endless mongering by their anchors like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, Tucker Carlson, and more who did nothing but further the lies of Donald Trump. Don't you understand that Trump ONLY wants to stay out of jail and extract money from people who voted for him and that Fox has been an instrument for his conmanship? Already, some Fox people start to propagate the lie that it was 'radical left' and not Trumpists. Well, the insurrectionists deny that themselves. They all said they were there on order of Trump.

Earthshine Rush

Earthshine Rush . 24 hours ago

White supremacy take a kick to the balls.

Ric Mo

Ric Mo . 1 day ago

Can't believe Mr Clean is now called Zip ties guy


Gray . 1 day ago

A lot of mullets and neck beards are getting shaved to change appearances. In China they take behind the industrial chemical barn.

billy hill

billy hill . 1 day ago

All the older ones have that ready to go off on the world look.

Jessie Sandoval

Jessie Sandoval . 1 day ago

What's really funny is if he was wearing a mask nobody would have known he was there lol

Jessie Sandoval

Jessie Sandoval . 1 day ago

Hahaha just remember you voted for him


iDontShareMyData . 1 day ago

Typical Faux News. Calling an Armed Insurrection a "riot".


Red894336643 . 1 day ago

If these idiots wore masks like Antifa or BLM they would have never been caught.


Red894336643 . 1 day ago

Strange I never head of any BLM or Antifa members being arrested. Have any them ever been arrested, it’s a real question.

Sylvi Sterling

Sylvi Sterling . 1 day ago

Good LORD! Is that a *urinal* on the shelf behind that guy?! Now I've seen everything!


RanTheeMan . 1 day ago

The court system is a sham, all of it! They have brainwashed citizens.

Joel Applegate

Joel Applegate . 1 day ago

Nice turn, guys.

Paul Mc Go

Paul Mc Go . 1 day ago

President Trump says , Thank you for your service on my behalf at my insurrection your all suckers and losers and even though you lost your jobs and your way to support your families now I'm sorry I can't give any of you pardons. Good luck doing your 10 to 20 years in federal prison. I have an 8 AM tee off time tomorrow


Seashorelineone . 1 day ago


Pamela Franklin

Pamela Franklin . 1 day ago

These people have all sorts of problems convict him

Mr Rodgers Political Playtime

Mr Rodgers Political Playtime . 2 days ago

toe face extremes


Lotus . 2 days ago

If he could see the truth: fear filled, impotent, child mind unable to cope with life.

Gary Brown

Gary Brown . 2 days ago


Grant West

Grant West . 2 days ago

The Mix of people that were at the Capitol & entered the building that day ranged from “Thrill Seeking Moms” to Straight up “Gangstas” it’s to Bad some people just wanted a selfie & others wanted Blood! It puts the BLM looting and Rally’s in perspective for me. I used to think that everyone that was at those BLM rally’s were people looking to loot or do bad but after seeing Normal law abiding Moms & Dads at the capitol that day just looking to be a part of Something & NOT committing crime but getting caught up in the moment, makes me rethink all the bad thoughts I had towards anyone that attended BLM rally’s. Not everyone at the protests are their to do harm or commit crime. It’s impossible to know or predict the Mobs intention. You could quickly get swept up in Something you want noting to do with. Thank You to all the peaceful protesters

Billy Jackson

Billy Jackson . 2 days ago

Lets demonize our military ya'll then expect them to protect us after we treat them like dogs.

Armando B. Castenelli

Armando B. Castenelli . 2 days ago

This is potentially very dangerous. If this seditious man is released, he may go after his ex-wife. Authorities need to be very aware of that and if anything happens to his ex-wife, they will be held responsible.


SPG . 2 days ago

Hi Chris whats up

Mr C aS

Mr C aS . 2 days ago

Lesson number one Don't tell the bitch a thing. Just nod and say yeah.



Geee, wonder why he's divorced.

nathan sunnaa

nathan sunnaa . 2 days ago

What a disgrace a Lieutenant colonel.

Joshua Prince

Joshua Prince . 2 days ago

Almost none of these people except maybe this guy were Trump supporters that went into the White house.

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