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Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Who Loves You (Official Music Video)


Published on 7 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - "Who Loves You" from the album 'Who Loves You' (1975). "Who Loves You" reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100

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Comments :

Ing Marco Prado

Ing Marco Prado . 1 day ago

Voice & great song.60s.

cerveza virus

cerveza virus . 2 days ago

I listen to this version once a week to remind myself that we live in the United States and we can do anything.

Lisa Knight

Lisa Knight . 2 days ago

If watch same song . ....the drummer is the true vocalist......sad.....real singer drummer...

mark reardon

mark reardon . 2 days ago



hardlines4 . 2 days ago

A time when we had REAL music!!!

Vassily Lucashenko

Vassily Lucashenko . 3 days ago

This sounds like it could've been a Beach Boys song.

Big Joe

Big Joe . 4 days ago

Frankie looking like Al Pacino in Scarface


METAL ANGEL . 5 days ago

Wow... all of a sudden I'm 7yrs old again! Thanks for the memories 😘❤

D 1974

D 1974 . 5 days ago

wow very good music here,i was 1 year by then

WindSong3 WONG

WindSong3 WONG . 5 days ago

I didn’t see this video when I was young. I just loved the song. 🍸🍸🍸

Shawn Stevens

Shawn Stevens . 5 days ago

My mom use to sing this song to me when I was a baby. Love this song. 1975 baby.

Ian Oliver

Ian Oliver . 6 days ago

For me, the 70s music has never, ever been equalled and never will!! And their great song, 'Oh What a Night' for me one of the greatest songs ever!!


ManiMani548 . 6 days ago

Ooooh, what a harmony, what a vocals!!!

Lissette Rivera

Lissette Rivera . 6 days ago

Listening to frankie valli. My mom loved him. Today is her 7th year anniversary of her death. I love to hear him. Brings joy even if I am crying


electricalron . 6 days ago

The mayor of munchkin land!

Davey Eddie

Davey Eddie . 6 days ago

TFS are brilliant in this, but when Frankie arrives, well, you just know!

Marcquale Benedict

Marcquale Benedict . 6 days ago


Maurice Jones

Maurice Jones . 1 week ago

No two million dollar video budget or tons of extra people just 5 guys jamming in the studio making music.


T . 1 week ago

Estava assistindo um filme deles outra dia! O nome do filme era alguma coisa em Jessy, eu acho.

Gertude Dragowski

Gertude Dragowski . 1 week ago

Always and forever! <3 cannot let the 70's go!


ConvairDart106 . 1 week ago

Makes me think of the most beautiful girl I attended 9th grade with. Cheryl Webb, St. John WA, 1975. Here's to you Cheryl, wherever you are........

brent Hooper

brent Hooper . 1 week ago

Valli is in the groove 3.07. great musicians and he obviously knows it.


EC . 1 week ago

In 1975 this song was released. The year of my first car date

John Patrick

John Patrick . 1 week ago

watch oh what a night

Alma Delia Farias Ayala

Alma Delia Farias Ayala . 1 week ago

I like it, remember when I was a girl


jamison8185 . 1 week ago

"Got High Hat?....hold my beer!

Best Hits Radio Gold

Best Hits Radio Gold . 1 week ago

love this song.... Top song.. TUUUUUUNE!!!


mrgval68 . 1 week ago

Thank you Frankie. You kicked ass!

deanna spencer

deanna spencer . 1 week ago


Adrian McGrath

Adrian McGrath . 1 week ago

Can anyone name the guys in this video please... I know Frankie of course... where are they now, are they still in the band?? Thanks, A.


GRILLBUOY101 . 1 week ago

excellent singing

Samuel Rivera

Samuel Rivera . 2 weeks ago

Really great musicians

Master Blaster

Master Blaster . 2 weeks ago

This is a Total bad ass song!! What sucks the person doing the video should of showed more of the Drums, on the drum part. But that's ok I will take it.. Way Cool!!!!!

Todd Vest

Todd Vest . 2 weeks ago

Awesome song my favorite

s p

s p . 2 weeks ago

Man,....this here feels like it is so ancient!,,....I must've been 6-7 yrs. old,.... mid 70s'.....memories.

Lee McDonald

Lee McDonald . 2 weeks ago

Franki valley has nothing. Most of his back up band sang.

Pam Cromer

Pam Cromer . 2 weeks ago

I love this!!


vikings844 . 2 weeks ago

Love this! Valli looks like a 70's porn star


Repunza . 2 weeks ago

I was very fortunate to see Frankie Valli 2 years ago and even in his 80s. He sounds just like the album...

marine drive

marine drive . 2 weeks ago

Haven't heard this song for ages; it's amazing how evocative songs like these are for anyone who grew up with them. I think I actually appreciate this music more now than I did back then.

Debora Scott

Debora Scott . 2 weeks ago

Damn, that voice ❤. His voice melted me back in the 70's and still does today. Such a handsome man with a gorgeous voice. 😍❤👩‍🦳🥴


nojimmyray . 2 weeks ago

Love this song but, couldn't help native the lip sync mistake at 1:12 - 1.16. I'm just saying

Hootyhoo 2018

Hootyhoo 2018 . 2 weeks ago

Yeah, I’m old, but I got to see the cool bands.

Jesse Clifford

Jesse Clifford . 2 weeks ago

Thumbs downers need to be slapped upside the head.

ricardo oscar ibañez perez

ricardo oscar ibañez perez . 2 weeks ago

Pure talent! Somenthing long gone...

cerveza virus

cerveza virus . 2 weeks ago

I freaking love this. I have no clue why. 🥰🤗

Jeff Bushnell

Jeff Bushnell . 2 weeks ago

The drummer sang lead on "December 1963". Awesome


cfg908 . 2 weeks ago

Four Seasons have such great music. This song is brilliant. The video is cool to, I love that we get to see all the members and the harmonizing is perfect!

bahram bassiri

bahram bassiri . 2 weeks ago

Four men for all seasons..


SONY . 2 weeks ago

I was fortunate to have met Valli. You still have IT my man!!!!

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