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How to Build a MODERN WOOD Desk For Under 100$ | Custom DIY Desk 🎮
Joel Fogelman

Joel Fogelman

Published on 1 year ago

Desk Legs.
Option A. https://amzn.to/36B1RV1 (Cheaper)
Option B. https://amzn.to/2Mr0LEC

This is how I built my own custom desk, which I use for work and a little bit of gaming. From the idea to the final product, It took me less than 4 days. I looked for a lot of tutorials on Youtube as I had never worked with wood before. You can use this video to build your own! It is pretty simple and rewarding.

Total cost without the tools is less than 100$ including the LED lights, prices may change depending on your location.

This desk was inspired by Jeremy Siers video on how he built his own DIY Desk. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZZoxczMLOYZQqNY0eyLheQ as he explained it very simply.

The only different procedure I took was, buying a fully made wood panel.
For my next project, I will probably go with thicker wood and make the top myself.

Anyways... hope you enjoy the video and GG!

Comments :

Marcos Tapia

Marcos Tapia . 9 months ago

you think you can link those desk legs? i really like the style and the bracket they have to install them to the table.

Stech Anfo

Stech Anfo . 2 months ago

3:36 dogo be like whats going on

Daniel Barrera

Daniel Barrera . 3 months ago

Where did you get the bauker grinder?? I'm from Chile and that brand is only sold by a company of my country.


Hume108 . 5 months ago

Where did you get the slab of wood for the desktop?

Jonathan Fuentes

Jonathan Fuentes . 6 months ago

is it stable or wobbly?


TheBanjo_ . 7 months ago

Great Desk, can I ask what the measurement of the top is/are?

esteban cortes palacios

esteban cortes palacios . 8 months ago

Buen video! Mi hermano donde compraste el tablero aca en colombia ?


stelephan . 9 months ago

really great job ! could you indicate which products you used to tint and protect the wood ? thank you

Daniel Brett

Daniel Brett . 9 months ago

You watched a YouTube video to figure out how a drill worked? For real?

Kpalott _

Kpalott _ . 9 months ago

What the name of the legs ??


FRNCO . 1 year ago

where did u buy those desk legs

Sergio Rodríguez

Sergio Rodríguez . 1 year ago

i wanna see the house

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