#IndoBuleTrials: Spiciest Indonesian Food (MIE ABANG ADEK!)

2017-12-10 17:16 1,265,084    15,744    393

Indonesians love their spice! So we asked foreigners to try some of Indonesia's spiciest stuff! Including the infamous Mie Abang Adek - PEDES MAMPUS, which is made with 100 chilies! Think you can handle it? Well, watch and see if you can stomach it! Featuring: Nina - @ninakozok Langston - @langstonhues Guillem - @Guillemselo Erica - @ericotasaraval Filipo - @khundrini Tanya - @tanyanoble08 Need a gift for Christmas? Get your #MothaFixer t-shirt at our website! www.fixproductions.co/shop MORE VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM: @FixProductions | www.fixproductions.co Fix Productions is an Indonesian-based production house that makes funny ass videos, just because they can. Say hello to us at hello@fixproductions.co! INSTAGRAM: @FixProductions FACEBOOK: www.fb.com/fixproductionsID WEBSITE: www.fixproductions.co

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