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Yoga at Your Desk
SNEAK IN SOME YOGA! Because you are worth it - and we know the tools of YOGA are powerful and sometimes quite simple. Yoga at your desk is perfect for...
7 years ago - 1,795,436 views
Yoga At Your Desk - 10 Min Office Yoga Stretches - Chair Yoga for Everyone - Yoga At Work
7 FREE FULL-LENGTH YOGA CLASSES: This is a short 10 minute yoga routine that you can do at your desk right in your offi...
5 years ago - 157,842 views
Office Break Yoga | 14 Min. Yoga Practice | Yoga With Adriene
No yoga mat or stretchy pants required for this 14 min Office Break Yoga! Carve out time for yourself to stretch it out, create space, connect with yo...
2 years ago - 1,158,159 views
Yoga at desk /stretches at your desk / chair yoga / full body stretches on chair
Yoga at desk / chair yoga / Asanas to stretch full body seated on chair ****Please subscribe to my channel**** For a longer and more effective session...
2 months ago - 1,895 views
Yoga at Your Desk | Yoga With Tim
Yoga for Office Workers is a great Yoga at Your Desk sequence. Visit to sign up to become a member of the community. Yoga at...
2 years ago - 11,834 views
5-Minute Break - Office Yoga
Take a 5-minute break at your office desk to open up your body and mind. Our bodies get so stiff and tense sitting in a chair all day long. We'll open...
4 years ago - 269,474 views
DESK YOGA STRETCH | YOGA FOR EVERYDAY | HMFYOGA This 10 min yoga practise is ideal for those who spend a lot of time at their desk. These yoga ...
2 years ago - 3,629 views
5 minute Desk Yoga for Neck & Shoulders | Sarah Beth Yoga
Try this short desk yoga for neck & shoulders routine to reduce tension from long hours at your desk. Part of the SarahBethYoga Desk Yoga Series: ...
5 years ago - 91,829 views
YOGA AT YOUR DESK | Full Sequence | REAL TIME | Shona Vertue
Stressed at Work? Sneak off into a meeting room and get your yoga on with me. This can be completed in even the most restrictive attire, so now there ...
4 years ago - 41,814 views
The Ultimate Mid Work Office Yoga Routine (At Your Desk!) | Breathe and Flow Yoga
This is the ultimate mid work office yoga routine from Breathe and Flow. You can do this routine in the morning or anytime during the workday right at...
7 months ago - 12,500 views
Simple Yoga For Office Workers | Office Yoga | Yoga At Desk | Yoga On The Go With AJ | Yoga At Work
Join AJ in this new series 'Yoga On The Go' on Mind Body Soul as she will focus on quick and easy to do simple yet effective exercises and stretches t...
3 years ago - 3,450 views
Chair Yoga: Yoga At Work
For more yoga poses you can do wherever you're working, please visit Can you exercise at work in your chair? According Yoga...
9 years ago - 23,979 views
5 MIN YOGA AT YOUR DESK - stretching exercises on your chair, at work, in the office or at home
Office Yoga part II. This short 5-minute yoga at your desk includes quick and easy daily stretching exercises on your chair and is great for beginners...
11 months ago - 243 views
Relieve Neck Pain & Tension at Your Desk - Daily Physio Routine
Relieve neck pain & ease muscle tension at your desk with this short Physio routine of guided upper shoulder and neck stretches with Michelle from ...
2 years ago - 324,885 views
Yoga at your desk (10 minutes)
A short and sweet yoga sequence you can do at your desk or on a chair at home. Produced by Paula Lay & Mischa Baka Edited by Candice Polglase Please ....
2 years ago - 9,595 views
Yoga at Desk | Chair Yoga |Office Yoga
Yoga at Desk | Chair Yoga |Office Yoga #yogaatdesk #ChairYoga #Officeyoga #Corporateyoga It is said that, you need to slow down to speed up. We have t...
12 months ago - 540 views
Chair Yoga: Improve Breathing | Yoga For Seniors, Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga
Chair Yoga Series: Improve Breathing | Increase Your Breathing Capacity with Arm Movement | Yoga for Seniors, Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga by Yogi ...
2 years ago - 614 views
Yoga at Your Desk or at Work - Sitting Yoga Poses & Breathing Exercises
05:23 - Need a pick-me-up? Follow this simple series of stretches to reduce tension in your back, neck and sho...
11 years ago - 54,410 views
Yoga For Your Lunch Break
Lunch Break Yoga! No excuses! You can take this all levels feel good yoga practice with you anywhere! Adriene also shares a lunchtime recipe from her ...
7 years ago - 514,598 views
Yoga At Your Office Desk – Yoga Stretches | Vlog 5 | Yoga With AJ
Know all the secrets and facts about Yoga, solve the basic doubts about Yoga only with AJ AJ is here with her Vlog series, in this episode she shows s...
6 years ago - 23,587 views
Quick Yoga at Your Desk | Seated Yoga | Chair Yoga to Stretch You Out (5 min)
Feel better in your body after 5 minutes of simple seated yoga at your desk. All levels. No yoga experience required. ♥ GET MY FREE VIDEO ON HOW TO ...
6 years ago - 30,997 views
Chair Yoga: Vertical Spine Stretching | Yoga For Seniors,Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga - Siddhi Yoga
Chair Yoga Series: Vertical Spine Stretching | Improve Your Posture, Strengthen Your Arm & Spine | Yoga For Seniors,Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga by Yo...
2 years ago - 325 views
Yoga at your Desk: 5 minute Seated Stretches
Yoga at your Desk: Take a 5 minute break from your computer to stretch out your shoulders, neck, hips and back. This sequence only takes 5 minutes and...
4 years ago - 4,193 views
Yoga At Your Desk - Chair Yoga for Everybody - Yoga At Work with Noko O
Get your FREE stress series videos: Instagram: Chair Yoga for Your Back is...
3 years ago - 2,189 views
OFFICE YOGA | yoga at your desk | yoga without mat
An office yoga practice that you can do right at your desk to encourage corporate wellness. This 10-minute chair yoga for office workers is perfect fo...
5 months ago - 294 views
Yoga At Your Desk| Neck and shoulder | Desktop Yoga | Yoga At Work| 10 min Office Yoga Stretches
Hi! I'm Archana and welcome to my YouTube channel.This is a 10 min yoga sequence which will help you in releasing stress at your work.You can do this ...
1 year ago - 614 views
Chair Yoga: Wrist Mobility Exercises | Yoga For Seniors, Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga
Chair Yoga: Wrist Mobility Exercises | Increases Flexibility & Help Lower the Risk of Injury | Yoga For Seniors, Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga by Yogi ...
2 years ago - 232 views
Chair Yoga: Lateral Stretch | Improve Breathing | Yoga For Seniors, Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga
Chair Yoga Series: Lateral Stretch| Release Tension from Sides of the Body | Improve Breathing| Yoga for Seniors, Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga by Yogi...
2 years ago - 432 views
Yoga at your Desk, Office Yoga
06:27 Another few yogic stretches you can do when you have a break at the office to target your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders an...
8 years ago - 51,421 views
Chair Yoga: Backward Bend | Energize Spine | Yoga For Seniors,Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga
Chair Yoga Series: Backward Bend | Energize Spine | Improve Posture & Breathing | Yoga for Seniors, Yoga at Desk, Corporate Yoga by Yogi Sandeep Solan...
2 years ago - 436 views

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