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Antique Furniture : About Victorian Desks
Victorian desks are often made of mahogany and contain leather interiors and a number of small cubbyholes. Learn about the history and construction of...
12 years ago - 4,521 views
Making a Slant Front Desk by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers
Slant Front Desk Building Process Video. This Slant Front Desk is Handmade of Solid Cherry with Shell Carved interior Drawers and Hand Cut Dovetail Jo...
6 years ago - 210,842 views
Pawn Stars: 19th Century Wooton Desk (Season 15) | History
A seller walks in with a prestige desk designed in the 19th century and Rick knocks on wood as he discerns its authenticity in this clip from "Pawned ...
4 years ago - 1,862,394 views
Installing Oilcloth for an Antique Desk - Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration
Tom Johnson of Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration in Gorham, Maine installs a fabric writing surface of oilcloth on this antique oaken desk.
4 years ago - 71,057 views
Lightner Museum The Desk
Sarah Bansemer interviews the curator of the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, Florida about a magnificent desk with hundreds of drawers that was buil...
8 years ago - 203,606 views
"BEFORE and AFTER" French Provincial Vanity Makeover! - Thrift Diving
I found this French Provincial vanity at the thrift store for under $10! It had some damage to the molding on the drawer and the top was scratched up....
3 years ago - 2,943,039 views
#RijksmuseumUnlocked: A Desk Full of Secrets
In the 18th century luxury desks had many hidden compartments. Normally these drawers remain hidden for museum visitors. For once our curators open th...
1 year ago - 88,000 views
The story of why the Resolute Desk was given by Queen Victoria to the President of the United States
I decided to make this video after looking at the brass plaque and researching the latitude and longitude of where the HMS Resolute was abandoned, and...
8 years ago - 67,628 views
The Presidential Desk Build
Chris and Joe here again with another build. Chris needed an appropriately styled desk for his library, and The Resolute Desk fit the bill. It needed ...
2 years ago - 14,337 views
The Roentgens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet
Discover the hidden features and intricate interior of this cabinet. One of the finest achievements of European furniture making, this cabinet is the ...
9 years ago - 14,909,908 views
725 Oak victorian desk
6 years ago - 44 views
Antique Victorian Carved Oak Green Man Pedestal Writing Desk New Leather Top
Antique Victorian Carved Oak Green Man Pedestal Writing Desk New Leather Top.
4 years ago - 166 views
Victorian Mahogany Desk Writing Table Antique Furniture Desks
01:18 Victorian Mahogany Desk Writing Table Antique Furniture Desks ...
10 years ago - 2,040 views
Antique Wooton Desk, Antique furniture from our antiques mall at Gannon's Antiques & Art
CLICK HERE for a 3D Virtual Tour This is a beautif...
9 years ago - 37,699 views
Antiquarian Traders' Fine American Victorian Furniture Auction Preview
Owner Mark Slotkin and the rest of the team at Antiquarian Traders have put together a great fall auction of Victorian furniture to be sold on October...
7 years ago - 828 views
Trash To Treasure | Desk Makeover
trashtotreasure #vintage #desk Welcome! Today's trash to treasure project cost me almost nothing at all! The desk was gifted to me from a friend, the ...
1 year ago - 250,503 views
ISHITANI - Making an Oak Desk - mitered dovetail joint -
A desk made from oak wood. It has room for hide cables in the back for using the laptop. The height of the desk is a little higher to match the high s...
2 years ago - 1,174,999 views
Antique Victorian Partners Desk in Mahogany
00:36 We carry a large range of partners desks Victorian desks, George II desks, Regency and the Res...
2 years ago - 62 views
Victorian desk #3
3 years ago - 9 views
Victorian walnut desk chair
Victorian walnut desk chair at Hingstons of Wilton antiques
8 years ago - 64 views
Edwardian Oak Desk Restoration - EP.1
The first video in a series showing the step-by-step restoration of an antique Edwardian oak writing desk by English antique furniture restorer Simon ...
2 years ago - 37,985 views
Mahogany Victorian Desk Writing Table Bureau Furniture
01:13 Mahogany Victorian Desk Writing Table ...
10 years ago - 723 views
Victorian Partners Desk Oval Mahogany Desks Writing Table Furniture
00:59 Victorian Partners Desk Oval Mahogany ....
10 years ago - 612 views
Victorian walnut Davenport desk
Victorian walnut Davenport desk at Hingstons of Wilton antiques
9 years ago - 1,629 views
Blended Secretary Desk Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint
Do you want an elegant piece of furniture? Do you want to learn to layer decor transfers? What about blending? Learn to blend chalk paint and get a cl...
1 year ago - 38,753 views
Victorian Desk
Christen Groves | 2015 Software Used: Maya Mari Houdini Maxwell Photoshop Illustrator.
6 years ago - 78 views
Antique Edwardian Desk Restoration EP. 3 (Completion)
Part 3 in our series following the complete restoration of an antique Edwardian period oak desk. In this episode Simon completely strips the old finis...
2 years ago - 29,652 views
Writing Desk Building Process by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers
Making a Custom Desk, This video shows the making of a Custom Writing Desk. This Writing Desk is handmade of solid cherry and tiger maple. Each specie...
8 years ago - 354,370 views
Antique Desk Restoration EP 1
A little something different for your enjoyment. We just acquired an antique renaissance revival library desk from the mid to late 1800s. We plan on r...
5 months ago - 42,056 views
‘What's in a Desk?’ An Exploration of Antique Desks and Accessories | Dollhouse Workshop | VDC
Virtual Doll Convention Program: 'What's in a Desk?' An exploration of the miniature desks and accessories in the dolls' houses of the 19th and 20th c...
2 years ago - 506 views

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